The Criminal Investigations of the Sri Lanka Police Force are hopelessly inadequate.
Posted on June 11th, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces of the Infantry, Air and Naval Forces have done an exceptionally commendable service to the Nation in the successful elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka

 But can we say the same of the Sri Lanka Police Force ?

 There are lot of murders, assassinations , assaults ,kidnapping of children and their murder, and kidnapping and assault of journalists that have not bee accounted for, the criminals are still free to continue their ferocious activities.

 This reflects badly on the Sri Lanka Police Force. This inactivity or mishandling of the investigations of criminal offences puts the government into embarrassment. The interfering pseudo humanitarians of the West awaiting to accuse Sri Lanka for what ever shortcoming, find material to discredit the government in the inefficient handling of criminal offences by the Sri Lanka Police Force.

 It is time that the Government puts in place a person like the Defence Secretary to accelerate criminal investigations more efficiently to find the criminals responsible for still unsolved assassinations and kidnappings.

 Three children had been kidnappedrecently and their bodies found . Only action with regard to these kidnappings of children and their murders, had been the shooting of the suspects. Shooting of a suspect is not the same as taking them into custody and being interrogated so that reasons for these acts and whether they were being monitored by others could be found out.

 Late Lasantha Wickramaratne’s assassination could have been solved if the police was more vigilant and quick in taking action. They could have taken witnesses for interrogation and checked on the type of motor cycles used, but there seems to be so much of dilly dallying that the public begins wonder whether the Police Criminal Investigation Department is really doing its job.

 It is the same with the infamous white van abductions, the public is not kept informed of the police investigations and where they are with regard to their inquiries. This too shows the inability of the police to make extensive investigations and arrest the criminals. There is an apparent lethargy of the Police Criminal investigation Forces, that has got to be immediately attended to by the higher authorities.

 The public has still to be informed as to where the police investigations are with regard to the assassination of Late Mr.Lakshman Kadirgamar. And it is the same with regard to other Criminal Offences. No Police investigations of any of the assassinations seem to have been completed and the perpetrators taken to custody.

 The Police Force has to be reorganised providing it with modern investigation equipment and the personnel trained to carryout successful criminal investigations. As it is the performance of the Sri Lanka Police Force with regard to criminal investigations is much to be expected.

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