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The Jain Commission Report for the Indian government has substantiated that the Indian Intelligence organization, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) has taken it as its moral enterprise to destabilize her neighbors and also has been responsible for creating circumstances leading to violence within the domestic domain of the South Asian countries. India’s dream of becoming super power over a night has blessed her insomnia to run in to the shoes of America without realizing, poverty stricken people, social injustices, economic crisis, casting of inferior subjects & minorities indiscrimination, with in her own country as well as trying her utmost to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan and other states, who are victims of her spineless acts to quote. As India has no moral strength to face all these countries matching eye ball to eye ball, hence tasks her intelligence agencies especially RAW to carry out this disgraceful act of doing business in contracting the disgruntle lot of people, purchasing their lust for money or the weaknesses to infuse sectarianism, provincialism, linguistic differences and then compel them to conduct heinous acts of killing to create terror in their countries. The range of this money demanding people is from common citizens to the parliamentarians who keep on dancing for an unlimited time for their petty gains, as and when RAW plays the music of violence. In South Asia, RAW & the LTTE are the two illegitimate sons of India, whose hands are coloured with blood of innocent people and where the peace is withering like an autumn leaves. It was the menace on the part of RAW THE CRICKET to stage a monstrous drama of terrorism in Lahore to shoot at Sri Lankan cricket team. This was purely a shameful act of India’s illegitimate son the Liberation Tigers of Eelam which was fully supported by the RAW, heavily funded and provided with most sophisticated weapons from machine guns to the rocket launchers aiming at the friendship existing between Pakistan & Sri Lanka but see how RAW proposes and God disposes.


There has been annually placement of funds beyond measure for the RAW. Discretionary grant is favoured with an estimation of 150 million dollars alone to influence operations on the foreign lands. The present boss of “RAW THE CRICKET” calls it a meager grant and hence has submitted a summary to the government suggesting to increase the graph of money touching at least 300 million dollars because of increase in the opening of more venues like Afghanistan, Balochistan for provisioning of arms, ammunition and money to strengthen Balochistan Liberation Army & in the Frontier province of Pakistan, animating Taliban with the help of CIA and MOSSAD. The operations conducted by Sri Lankan forces with the help of Pakistan have met with great success while mostly sweeping away top slot of the LTTE. Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonetilike of the Sri Lankan Air Force, while talking to the media men acknowledged that Pakistan was one of the few countries which backed Sri Lanka against the LTTE. This is an hour of perplexity for the RAW seeing her illegitimate brother in a state of wretchedness as the LTTE in Sri Lanka is in ravages. India gave birth to LTTE where as “RAW THE CRICKET” had groomed the bastard to play havoc in the neighbourhood that too for 30 years of long spell. In the past the RAW used to rumour at length that soon LTTE will take over Sri Lanka but it did not and now on the same lines same propaganda being repeated against Pakistan that Taliban are very close to Islamabad and that too will never happen. The line & length of RAW and its innumerable nefarious activities are difficult to assess except its fondness for living in a cemetery is a comical tragedy.


The Liberty Round About is a moon on earth which offers its services by signaling the traffic to ply on the road in a soft silken fashion with its beautiful natural curves. The fragrance of roses intoxicates minds and the grass in green charms the eyes. The fountain with marbling ecstasy in the centre fascinates architectural beauty of the Mughal art. The water falls on the lamp holdings create musical notes and dance with the whispering wind which veils the light in the evening like the bridegroom in her coverings. The gradual soft gradient is very hospitable to the lovelorn. In the second part of the night when the city of Lahore is in a state of somnolence the moon spreads its wings of light on the fountain which glows like a diamond in the ring. And then the silence prevailed all around as if compelling the atmosphere to wear coffin. The guest took a sip of coffee and a puff of cigarette blowing smoke in the air making rings like the Liberty round about and then his eyes dew with tears abused RAW who knows not the meaning of life and beauty. Who would like to stage a drama of killing and blood shed at such a beautiful place with enchanting beauty except RAW THE CRICKET!
On the cool morning of 3rd March 2009, the bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team was approaching with the police vans leading to the same Liberty Round About which ensures each vehicle to make its half or complete circle to get the requisite direction. While on the Round About making it turn to set its direction towards Gaddafi Stadium Lahore which was hardly few hundred yards away, surprisingly the volley of fire busted first on to the police van killing five men on the spot and two civilians as well, thus the police van making an obstacle for the bus to continue its journey. After few seconds a rocket launcher was fired to blow up the bus devastatingly which luckily missed the bus and instead hit the electric pole. But the bullets were sprayed continuously to jam the move and in the second phase to lob hand grenades but due to the presence of mind displayed by the bus driver, took a maneuver around the van and rushed to the stadium in the rain of fire. The technique of laying ambush and the operation itself spoke volumes of trained gun men belonging to the notorious group of LTTE lofted by RAW THE CRICKET to play a googly on to a Sri Lankan team but surely that was a cowardice act of a CRICKET to plague the liberty of Pakistan.


The plan to play a match was prepared by RAW THE CRICKET since January 2009 to use the LTTE members headed by its leader named Vellupillai Prabhakran. CNN, IBN and other media were rife with reports of absconding of the said awe-inspiring LTTE leader to India. It was witnessed on 19th January 2009, that Prabhakran was picked up by two Indian military helicopters when he was positioned in Jaffna. The matter was highlighted in a glimmering manner which India could never expect. Being caught red handedly now India changed its face and resorted playing double game saying that Indian helicopters were sent to help out Sri Lankan forces. Now on the home ground of India the conspiracy of blasting the Sri Lankan team when in Pakistan was planned to destroy the impregnable bond of friendship existing between the two countries. The ambush team was provided by the leader of the LTTE and later on RAW THE CRICKET took responsibility of training the ambush squad receiving full information of the site from the team players of national cricketers of India and also the Indian consulate was moved to take snaps of the site in question. In actual fact RAW THE CRICKET was trying its best to avenge the episode of Mumbai’s Mayhem with all the assurance given by Pakistan it could not stir its faith. More over India never liked Sri Lanka to have closer ties with Pakistan. A few weeks later it was traced out by the Sri Lankan intelligence agencies that that Prabhakran was once again in his old hide outs along the Sri Lankan coast. So without wasting any time Sri Lankan forces banged him to death. This came as an unforgettable day for Sri Lanka having killed a terrorist backed by India and nurtured by RAW THE CRICKET. But the game did not cease here as RAW was playing practice matches with the LTTE members before they were actually launched. Grenade throwing, small arms and rocket launcher firing was conducted on ranges. A mock up target was prepared exactly on the lines guided by the photographs provided by the Indian consulate as well as information collected from the new & old hags of cricket. On the fateful day of March when the bus entered in to the orbit of Liberty Round About the fire rained heavily to eliminate the team but Protector is always stronger than the killers. The match could not fetch any fruit to RAW THE CRICKET rather the tragic episode has strengthen more the friendship fastening between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.


Sri Lanka and Pakistan have come closer and have clearly identified their common enemy. Indian tricks and chicaneries are dawned and now well known to the countries in South Asia. Is there any country which has not been bitten by the Indian pig called RAW THE CRICKET? Is it fall in the ambit of any ethics that ambassadors of countries like cricket teams are attacked in such a ruthless manner like waging war against an enemy? The need of the time is to remain united, be steadfast and create dynamic versatile force to sort out the bastard India & her illegitimate son RAW THE CRICKET because their game is over.
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