Posted on June 17th, 2009

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Times of London newspaper reacting to the new announcement that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) would reorganize itself as a provisional transnational government of Tamil Eeelam said it has not eschewed violence as a means of obtaining power.

Until it was crushed as a military group by the Sri Lankan Army the outfit was known as the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world.

It is yet to be known ,if violence is applied, how it would be applied in the international arena in the coming years.

Referring to the new leader of the terrorist outfit who has appointed himself to be in the shoes of the late Velupillai Prabhakaran , who was killed by the Sri Lanka Army with his other top military aids, the Times said, “Mr. Pathmanathan gave no indication that the group would renounce violence…”

The Tamil Tiger’s former head of International Relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan , better known as the outfit’s chief procurement officer for arms and ammunition , KP and was wanted by the Interpol or International Police for gun and drug running. He was also wanted for the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, together with Velupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman.

Pathmanathan alias KP said the struggle of Tamil Eelam has reached a new staged , apparently trying to operate with overseas LTTE groups to achieve a separate state for the Tamils.

Over the years, KP has been criss crossing the world in pursuit of the best weapons money could buy trouble spots of the world like Afganisthan or Cambodia. He has been staying in the best of hotels and meeting the cream of the people in the business of weapons. He is considered one of the best and valued clients of Al Queda. He is supposed to have sold the LTTE produced suicide jacket to Al Queda for a price and thousands of stolen Norwegian passports to the Middle Eastern terroist group.

The Times also said this “transnational government” would decide on its action on democratic principles. For over two decades the LTTE ran Sri Lanka’s Eastern and Northern provinces by a Fascist government. LTTE Supremo the Late Velupillai Prabhakaran ruled the two provinces by decree. According to his close associates seldom one dared to question the school drop out leader’s word as the law in his Fascist rule. The Tamil National Alliance, (TNA), a party created by the LTTE, had to toe the line of Prabhakaran in the Sri Lanka parliament, and those who questioned him were allegedly eliminated and blamed on the others. The MP’s of the party, according to international election observers, were elected through mass scale ballot stuffing, intimidation and blatant impersonations by the armed cadres of the LTTE, during the last general elections. Under Pathmanathan, what democratic changes would be done have not been announced.

The Sri Lanka government has taken measures to bring Pathmanathan , the only surviving member of the senior members of the LTTE, into custody for some time now. Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama recently told reporters, “I have carried personally the arrest warrants for KP and handed them over to my counterparts in several countries and I expect the earliest arrest of KP. He will stand trial in the judicial system in our country.”

It is believed that Pathmanathan’s huge fleet of LTTE merchant vessels are engaged in smuggling activities are transporting not only tons of weapons and armaments but also drugs for varied terrorist groups of the world with whom the outfit keeps solidarity for hard cash.

Pathmanathan is in control of billions of Dollars of llegally earned money , earned through smuggling , some legitimate business and some rackets like credit card scams all over the world and rogue charity organizations like the TRO and white Pigeon.

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