Posted on June 20th, 2009



It has not other than the Raw which feels affectionate in brutalities. A lot of killings, a lot of blood shed, economic catastrophe, political unrest and whole social fabric in dole drum are objectives to be achieved by the RAW found in her neighbours. Small states have always been on her charter to get merged in India because those have no right to exist on this planet without being part of India. As was twisted SIKKIM despite the 1950 agreement existed between India & the tiny state of SIKKIM which permitted to have nominal independence. India through RAW, began creating factions to produce miscreants against Chogyal the dynastic head. When Chogyal married an American this provided a golden opportunity for India to exploit the peaceful situation in to a volcano thus pushing eventually the National Assembly of Sikkim to request India for merger of Sikkim in to Indian Union. This is very strange that when ever RAW ties down a country with tight shackles ultimately compelling the same country to request for a mercy to India for a rescue operation. It is just making a thief to guard a treasury.


Even Indian forces got bogged down in Sri Lanka. The RAW conducted an operation on 30th Nov,1988,in MALDIVES which sets a mile stone for the whole world the most civilized era, to witness law of the jungle prevailing. Machiavelli ruling Indian policies are creating hegemony to crush her neighbours. Small states can not breathe without permission and if so their governments will be toppled. Same thing happened with the tiny state of Maldives where the ludicrous drama was staged by RAW THE RASCAL.
Terrorists belonging to the RAW-funded Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) staged an attack on Male, which resorted to indiscriminate shooting and took high level government officials as hostages.
The situation forced the President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to shift to a safe place, coupled with Indian Naval Units escorted by fighter aircrafts to conduct the Operation Cactus which met success effortlessly.
The whole drama ended with in 24 hours. However, no one at home or abroad was deceived by this RAW engineered drama. What a comedian tragedy it is that India plays with the fate of small nations in the funniest and deceitful manner.


The operation was perpetrated by RAW to create an ugly situation and then force the victim state under the garb of help and support to seek solution which brings India to capture the government. RAW THE RASCAL has been frisking the fate of nations in this horrible manner but that day is too near when the RAW and its agents are made crippled and soon shall RAW will be declared a terrorist organization.



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