“Generalizing Tamil” – A Dialogue in LankaWeb Forum
Posted on June 25th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

An excerpt from the Dialogue…………

Lets us be more specific………Generalising “Tamils per se” is incorrect and should be stopped. Should be more directed at LTTE & VP and the potential agitators who are actually suicide cadres led by the Tamil Diaspora.

SLDF had to take well planned, incredibly well commanded military action and led by the President and his Secretary of Defence, and General Sarath Fonseka.

“Silenced the LTTE” ……..Here again, “silenced” is the wrong definition. “Still waters run deep”! Beneath the current “still water”, there is a possibility of “warm water currents” with potential dangers. The SLDF must be Ready & Alert to exercise a Rapid Response, without any reservations or restrictions, to react in the event of any disturbance and eventuality.

“How do we move forward?” ……Lets talk about that!……….This should receive priority, firstly from the Tamil Diaspora, an indication of direct non-negotiable support to help their own kith & kin. Renounce warfare, terrorism. Hand over KP to justice as a Sign of Good Faith.

Sri Lanka government is doing all they can, with limited financial resources and constrains to address the rehabilitation of the Tamil citizens. However if the Tamil Diaspora is still trying to “ignite a dying cinder”, the Tamil Diaspora is only trying to hinder the process of healing between the Tamil citizens and the rest of the population in Sri Lanka.

The thuggery exercized by the British Tamils in London after the Twenty 20 match goes to show that the vulgar behaviour of the Tamils in Britain.

Nobody wants the terrorism again! Especially the poor innocent Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka. Get this message to the Tamil Diaspora. These Tamil citizens have been through “sheer hell” under LTTE. Any agitation from the Tamil Diaspora, through the victims of LTTE, will be the Front Line.

Regarding the 50,000 SLDF soldiers guarding the camps …………This should be increased to 250,000 soldiers in order to ensure the safety of the Citizens in the North & North East. The additional costs are worth every penny, even if it saved one life. Yes, the LTTE leadership is gone but it does not mean that all LTTE sympathisers are gone too. As recent as June 10th, there were incidents perpetrated by such dissidents leftovers. This might continue for another few years and SLDF must be present to address any eventuality with Zero Tolerance.

As you say……..One might exercise one’s Right of Freedom to “Stay in Sri Lanka or Get Out”. The door is always open for Duplex Communications and Traffic.

As you say…….. “Wiping Out The Entire Tamil Community?” – Such a statement is totally unjustified, morally disgusting, politically distasteful and totally criminal. There was never a such option !!!!! Sri Lanka government never ever gave any consideration to such an eventuality, although Velupillai Prabhakaran and his LTTE Terrorists were the driving force to annihilate the Sinhala population, as a part and parcel of the LTTE General Agenda.

Political healing should start immediately. However, it takes Two to Tango!

Sri Lanka has always been a civilized Democratic State. More like a Bee-hive. Minding its own business. Peacefully gathering honey for its own needs and to create the next generation. But throw a stone at the hive, then one must expect and accept a Return Rapid Response.

A note to KP and Rudra…….Keep your $300 million and enjoy! Leave Sri Lanka alone.
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2 Responses to ““Generalizing Tamil” – A Dialogue in LankaWeb Forum”

  1. Chintha Says:

    Even though the Tamils in the North have always harassed , discriminated,killed and chased Sinhalese ,as far as I can remember, Sinhalese did not have any hatred towards general Tamils in the South. Some riots irrupted as a consequence of the decades of continues harasssment, discremination and killing of Sinhalese in the North and when the tolerence could not take it any more. The Tamils of North kept on moving to the South and settled because they were comfortable in the South and they had more oppertunities. But when I see the Frauds (Ealam , Genocide etc)Tamils are playing on SL and the unjust they do to my country it is hard to forgive them. See the following petition they have submitted to Obama
    http://www.tamilsforobama.com/sign/letter.html Everything in this pettition is false. It is time the genuine Tamils come forward and clear the mess these Tamil crooks created. It looks like some Tamils are prepared to do any damn FRAUD to achieve thier Ealam.
    Sinhalese should not take things lightly now the war is over. First all the Sinhalese should be aware what is going against them outside SL. We should address these Frauds nationally and give international publicity. We need a good international organization , leadership and patriotic volunteers to counter these frauds against Sri Lanka and Sinhalese. Then only we will be able to preserve what our brave soldiers achieved.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Prof McLean is wrong when he says nobody wants terrorism again. The Tamil diaspora wants it as most of them are political refuges and they want the country to be unstable to continue to live their lavish lives in those rich countries. If they really want the eelam why did’nt they go to Tamil Nadu and try to build their dream with their kith & kin there?

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