Terrorist Funds to ‘Ranaviru’ Development
Posted on June 26th, 2009

Dissanayake, Australia

It is reported that Sri Lanka Army has recovered Rs. 250 million worth of gold and Rs. 6.4 million worth of cash in the final battle zone.

The government is expecting the courts to decide the fate of these terrorist funds. We can certainly take a lesson from the US government in this situation where the courts recently ruled that the 70 year old retired couple who are alleged to had spied for the government of Cuba will loose all their wealth earned through legitimate government salaries.

The reason was that they had worked against the US while being government servants.

If this is the case, we should look into the roles of many professionals such as government administrators and certain clergy appointed to top University administration in Sri Lanka being working against the government of Sri Lanka.

 Not only that, those MPs who side with the terrorists and those who advocate foreign powers to harm the interests of Sri Lanka should end up in jail and their propertied confiscated.

More than 2000 merchants who engaged in business activities in with the LTTE in Colombo should be made to pay compensation for the welfare of the soldiers who were killed and maimed through their direct actions.

So it is most fitting that Sri Lankan courts find it appropriate to donate these funds and other terror funds held by certain NGOs, INGOs and TRO to “ƒ”¹…”Api Wenuven Api’ so that some of the old wounds can be healed when those 8000 terrorists in detention are freed one day

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