Posted on June 27th, 2009

Y. Gumperaliya

Now the NGOs and some of the Human Rights groups in the West cannot do enough for the IDPs. Even the Sri Lanka government is trying to offer land and other benefits to them. Each IDP is receiving 6 months worth of dry rations and goods and will receive 2-3 acres of land. How about the 23,000 soldiers who died over the last 30 years, who cares for them and their families? There many more who were disabled. Are they being cared for and looked after ?

I saw a news article that some of the IDPs had banked some Rs. 309 million in two days when they opened mobile banking centers in the camp area. Some of them are still drying the money from the “pottanis” ! Is any one investigating from where they got all that money? Did it come from the LTTE who had given it to them for safe keeping till they return? These are questions that should be asked without fear and answers sought and made public.

There is also the question about just how many of the IDPs are genuinely Sri Lankan.

How many of these people are illicit immigrants from Tamil Nadu ? Please weed out the non-Lankans and make public the results.

Now that the war is over with the LTTE, appeasement of the Tamils has begun. It has gone on from the period beginning 1948 when Sri Lanka gained Independence. Every political party in Sri Lanka has sought to appease the Tamils. The reason why it took so long to defeat the LTTE was because each succeeding GOSL was afraid to displease the Tamil leadership. When the JVP uprising happened it was put down brutally by Prime Minister Mrs. Bandaranaike and again by President Premadasa. No UNHRC voiced any concerns nor did any of the Colombo elites voice any concern when thousands of innocent Sinhala youth were killed out right. I heard stories from some of the drivers of the vehicles in our Corporation (vehicles were inducted by the Army for their work in the 1980’s), how the GoSL would go into Sinhala villages and round up all the innocent youth, get them to dig large pits then shoot them so that they fell into the graves they had dug. Even now at this late stage we as a nation should investigate and bring these matters to light. It is only then we can be healed.

The Sinhalese are a broken people due to 500 years of domination by foreigners followed by the brown sahibs who did their best to imitate their white masters. Even today if you walk into any of the big hotels you will see the Mercedes Benzes, BMWs lined up with the music and the food just like at the Hilton Paris or any other Western hotel in London, Paris or New York. The people who are able to spend the average of Rs 25,000 per night are the same kind of people who support morons like Ranil Wickremasinghe, who speak against the work done by Mahinda Rajapakse and who try to sabotage every thing Mahinda is trying to do to improve conditions for the ordinary people. It is no different from Obama in USA. All his efforts to bring in Universal health care, financial reform, etc., are blocked by the big business and the Republicans who are only interested in keeping the status quo going for the big boys.

I hope at least now the brown sahibs’ eyes will open and they begin to look at the welfare of the country and not only of their petty assets and money which has been hoarded. If the whole country prospers then they too will be well off.

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