Posted on June 30th, 2009


The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people; said Napoleon. Words are more important than actions. What we do comes latter than what we say. Actions can be forgotten but words are ever living. The most painful thing regarding the present day media men is that they sometimes pay least attention to the credibility of their words. Misreporting and disfigurement of the facts has become a professional requirement.

A few days back an article appeared on different internet websites written by a fictitious pen-name of Earthman, International Professor. The title of the article was “Secret behind Swat Cantonment?” In this article the writer has tried to paint a very horrible picture of Pakistan, of its people, of its rulers and its leaders. According to the writer the army, the politicians and even the religious leaders, no one in Pakistan is fair and sincere. First of all targeting the Pakistan Army the writer says, “Majority of current high ranking officers of Pak army are usually descendents of batmen’s, orderlies or low ranking soldiers, even father of Gen Kiyani was a foot soldier of British army.” Further more the writer turns his gun to the other segments of Pakistani society. He says, “Entire clergy of Pakistan is mum and waiting for final assault, whereas parts of major religious factions have been hired by foreign agencies like Brelvis, Sufis, Deobandis and Shias etc. So to fill the vacuum new Allamas and Mullahs have been emerged such as Allama Kiyani, Allama Zaradri, Allama Gaillani, Mullani Fauzia Wahab, Mullani Sheherbano alias Sherry, Allama Rao Qamar, Allama Altaf Husain and even some anchors and columnists have also adopted role of Allamas ; everyone is issuing decrees.” Concluding his article the writer says that the military action in Swat is just an attempt to grab the polo grounds of the local area. How stupid and childish approach the writer has reflected. Look at the language, so sardonic, so sarcastic and full of hatred, teeming with loath. The vocabulary chosen by the writer very obviously indicates that he is well aware of the terms belonging to the Pakistani and particularly Asian Islamic culture. The flowing under current of disgust is enough to prove that the writer belongs to nowhere but India because the use of such an abusive language and misguiding ideas against Pakistan and the Pakistani nation is a common trait of all Indian writers. Although the brain behind them is that of Raw yet they themselves also have an innate feeling of disliking for Pakistan. Is it really a sin to be son of a soldier and rise to the highest rank of an army? Should there be a caste system in an army? Is there any rule or regulation anywhere in the world which prevents the son of a soldier from becoming the army chief? Although Mr. Earthman has dreamed of degrading and insulting the Pakistan army yet in his heat and haste he did the otherwise. He has proved that in Pakistan army every promotion is based on merit. Unlike the Hindu society, Pakistan has nothing to do with the caste system, the painful story of touchables and untouchables. It is not the Indian society where ranks and posts are allotted on the basis of high breed and caste. After the assassination of Mrs. Indra Gandhi one of her personal maids wrote an article in which she pointed out that Mrs. Gandhi was very much conscious of the caste system. She used to wear transparent gloves, specially imported from France, whenever she had to shake hands with her party general secretary Mr. Jug Jeevan Ram because he belonged to a low caste. The maid also exposed that Mrs. Gandhi used to spend a very long time in taking bath after attending any meeting of her party in which Jug Jeevan Ram was supposed to sit beside her. Thank God, we the Pakistanis are not of that mean type. We believe in merit, ability and effort. Furthermore if our political and the religious leaders are “ƒ”¹…”issuing decrees “ƒ”¹…”, it means they are the people with brain not goofs .They have their own point of view based on their vision of life. They are not like those sitting perkily on the benches of the Indian parliament with a long list of criminal cases registered against them in different police stations of India. As far as the polo grounds of Swat are concerned, the Raw supported “ƒ”¹…”thinkers and philosophers’ must keep in mind the difference between the Indian army and the Pakistan army; the Army of Pakistan can never play a role as played by the Indian army in the Indian held Kashmir. Just look back at the Indian newspapers of the previous month of June. In Indian Occupied Kashmir, thousands of people had been holding forceful anti-India demonstrations in Shopian and other areas against the molestation and subsequent killing of two women in the locality. According to the reports the bodies of a 17-year old girl and her 22-year-old sister-in-law were found in a shallow stream south of Srinagar, the main city in Indian-held Kashmir. They were molested and killed by the troops on duty.
One of the martyred women was student of eleventh class .The authorities had to impose curfew in the town to prevent large-scale protests. Demonstrators told media men that the Indian troops are in a habit of using sexual harassment as a weapon against the helpless Kashmiris. The Pakistan army has a tradition of securing and protecting the lives and the honors of the People living in Pakistan. The army knows very well how to take care of its people by sacrificing its soldiers and officers. It is not a crowd of coward, greedy and lusty wolves and jackals as we find in abundance in the pathetic valleys of the Indian held Kashmir.

Unfortunately Earthman International Professor is not the only mouth piece of the Raw; there are so many others also. The Same loathsome approach was reflected by the well known Indian analyst Kappil Komireddi in his article “The Demise of Pakistan is Inevitable,” originally published in The Guardian UK on 14th June ,2009. “Within the next 20 years, Pakistan as we know it today will probably not exist. Built on the idea that differences between people must ultimately culminate in permanent division, Pakistan has become a victim of the very logic that created it: from Karachi in the south-east to Peshawar in the north-west, Jinnah’s children are carrying his divisive message to its logical extreme. The tragedy is that this is not an aberration, but the acme, of the idea of Pakistan. Its military establishment, hatred for India and history of injustice means Pakistan is a victim of the divisive logic that created it.”Mr. Kappil Komireddi has tried his utmost to prove that the only reason behind all problems in Pakistan is nothing but hatred for India. It would have been wiser if the writer had pondered over the elements that have given birth to this hatred.

Pakistan and India could be two fast friends if India had accepted the existence of Pakistan in 1947.The Hindus of un-partitioned India had been dreaming of ruling over the Indian Muslims since long before the partition; simply to take revenge of thousand years era of the Muslim rule over India. Unluckily for the Hindus and luckily for the Muslims; this dream could not be realized as reality. Under the command of Mr.Jinnah, the Muslims of India succeeded in getting a homeland of their own. The Hindus could never digest this achievement and that is why they are continuously howling and growling since long. But what to do of the Indian Chief of the army Staff General Deepak Kapoor who says that India has never tried to put Pakistan’s existence in danger, India wants Pakistan to fight terror and it has no intentions of hurting its neighbor. The government of Pakistan must send to the respected General Deepak Kapoor some sample ammunition bearing the stamp of Indian manufacturers, recovered from the miscreants in Swat with a bi-note, “ƒ”¹…”Take care of your words.”


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