You and Sri Lanka – Ms. Navanetham Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ,
Posted on July 1st, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

Ms. Navanetham Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ,Wilson 52 rue des Paquis CH-1201 Geneva Switzerland

Dear Ms. Pillay:

Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror of June 29, 2009 reported that:

“Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said the newly appointed United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillai was making it difficult for Sri Lanka to engage in dialogue with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Her statements have not made it easier for us to gather the support of the people of this country to work closely with her office, which I want to do, or facilitate a visit to Sri Lanka.”

I see how you operate Ms. Pillay.  You seem to work on the premise that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Prior to your appointment Human Rights advocates wondered whether you will stand up to big powers when they violate human rights.  Their doubts were right.  You have left the US and Israel alone with their human rights violations in Afghanistan and the Gaza, but you have been driven to make yourself a ticker-tape UN Idol Star in defending Human Rights by getting on to the bully-pulpit and going after puny Sri Lanka, and singing out loud to the world, “Hallelujah! I got Sri Lanka”.

It is worthy of note that your office and you were brought down a peg or two for your position on Sri Lanka by India’s Permanent Representative, A. Gopinathan, who told members of the assembly of the UN Human Rights Council, pointing his finger directly at you, “It would be extremely unfortunate if inter-governmental decision adopted by the Human Rights Council were to be ignored or set aside, and the High Commissioner and/or her office were to misinterpret them or wilfully neglect them or supersede them”.  The context for this admonishing was because you were pursuing aggressively to have an independent investigation on War Crimes against Sri Lanka, when such a motion was already defeated by 29 to 12 votes during the UNHRC Special Session.  You obviously want to get even with the 29 countries that thumbed their noses at you.

But this writer sees the reasons differently.  Ms. Pillay, you have not been able to cut your umbilical cord from your Tamil tribe when you accepted this responsible assignment, and you seem to show your pain, emotions and anger that your tribe members in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tiger terrorists were whipped and wiped out by Sri Lankan Armed Forces on May 19, 2009. So you have decided to exercise your power of your office with a determined, “I will getcha you bastards for wiping out my tribe-people!”

You have exposed yourself to be a member of a party of pack-hunters like the blood-thirsty tiger-striped Hyenas that are associated with cruelty, treachery and greed that would devour flesh and bones of its kill. You seem to stalking Sri Lanka for the kill.

The fact remains that all the Tamil Tiger terrorists hierarchal inner council, Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman, Soosai, Nadesan, Charles Anthony and Thamil Chelvan who were killed were all Tamils, every one of them.  And so is Navanetham Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a Tamil.  All of you are from the same tribe “”…” Tamil, who have a singular blood which is your tribal-glue.  There is the rub.

But what you cannot ignore is that 469,007,944 people of the 29 countries that voted against the motion on Sri Lanka at the UNHRC Special Session will be watching every nasty move of yours on Sri Lanka.

It is up to you Ms. Pillay to either be smart and take a deep breath and get off the back of puny Sri Lanka and become a fair-minded  ticker-tape showered UN’s Human Rights Idol, or be a revengeful, and a haughty hussy and go after Sri Lanka relentlessly and watch 4.6 billion people thumb their noses and “boo” at you, and become the worst United Nations Commissioner of Human Rights in its history.  It is really up to you.

Then I understand your pride being a member of the Dravidian Tamil tribe.  They are a proud people, and that is the only reason why Prabhakaran did not want to surrender a month before the war ended when he knew that he couldn’t win the war anymore, which would have saved the lives of thousands of your Tamil people.  Such was how the cookie crumbled.

Pride certainly had a tough and a humiliating ending.  A lesson I hope you have learnt and stop blaming the Sri Lankan Government for this unnecessary war, and the unnecessary demise of  the people of your Tamil tribe during the latter stages of the war. I hope you will take your blinkers off and see the truth of the situation in Sri Lanka without harming your prestigious office with your petty, invective, revengeful and unprofessional silliness.

Sri Lanka had a reason to win this war.  Its army sacrificed the lives of 6,300 of its soldiers on the way to save the lives of 280,000 members of your Tamil tribe who were hold up as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers.   Whether the South African Tamil human rights lawyer Navanetham Pillay likes it or not, that will remain a historical fact ever more.

Yours sincerely,

Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Asoka
    No doubt this woman is infected with mad cow disease! Tamil racists including Navi Pillai are now tring to revange from Sri Lanka after Velu Pillai and other tiger terrorists send to hell. This Tamil woman thinks she is the law of this world. But reality her job is a temporary a contract got recommended by some sort of influence.This is the normal procedure of UN. She has many comments towards peaceful nations like Sri Lanka who faught for self defence also 300,000 Tamil civilians saved by Sri Lankan war heroes from Velu Pillai’s human shield.
    But this woman never utter a word about western invasion of Iraq which killed 100,000 Iraq civilians and 2,000,000 (two million) Iraq nationals IDP’s(Internal Displaced People)living abroad as refugees. Afganistan invasion is by US and European so called international community(Britain,France,Germany, Canada,Italy etc and their hench men and pupets nations Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan. Has this UN human right commissioner utter a word about it still.Seems she doesn’t know yet there are countries called Iraq and Afganistan or she cannot tell any thing against the Anglo Saxan masters who recommended her for this job. This is the nature of Tamils all over the world never go against the Anglo Euros.They don’t want to speak in Tamil language, There aren’t any aspiration when living in Europe,Never worried about discrimination,Never worried about Tamil medium education etc. Every thing is a issue when they are in Sri Lanka. Very keen slave mentality. That is how they get some bones from the masters so this Pillai too.
    If Pillai is truely interest about human rights please talk about Indegenous Nations of America, Canada, Australia,New Zealand, South Africa etc, US-Anglo European racism about migrants,Discrimination against black and brown skinny people in America,Europe, South Africa, Australia,NewZealand etc. Division of Korea in to two as south and north.American occupation in hawaii,Alaska, Puertico,Samoa etc. Removal of citizens of Diego Garcia islands to have a navel base in Indian Ocean by British and Americans. These are few topics of real human right issues. A challenge you Navi Pillai if you have some courage please take these issues in UN human right council. I bet you tics in UN cannot go against the master dogs.

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