Posted on July 2nd, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

If the present Sri Lankan leaders are going to sing the same old song which was solely composed by India in 1987 for their own benefit, then the recent military victory would be a total loss and in vain. Our brave men and women of the valiant forces did not sacrifice their lives for the leaders to play with the country. They were marching for the complete freedom of the whole country and the nation and never for a particular region of the country let that be North and East or anywhere.

When 92% of Sri Lankans can speak and understand Sinhala, why this tiny country which has a population of 20 million should be divided according the regional languages? In other words 18.4 million of Sri Lankans can speak Sinhalese and just 1.6 million cannot speak this language. Nobody wants a favour to be given to Sinhalese but Sri Lanka is the only country in the world for the people called Sinhalese. When the Sinhalese were so generous and had their mind set up for helping others, Tamils who migrated from South India could settle without any problem whatsoever. When the Tamils have Tamilnadu as their place of origin, they can fulfill their aspirations conveniently in that state which is way larger than Sri Lanka geographically and the Indian government constitution protects their rights.

The Tamils living in other countries should adjust to the governing values of those individual countries or otherwise they better go back to their place of origin.

The Thirteenth Amendment is a destructive course for Sri Lanka which if implemented would be a foundation stone for a racist Ealam State. This most dangerous amendment shall be scraped for good and Sri Lankans shall never ever let that destructible constitutional change to take place.

Late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi could professionally pierce the nostrils of late Sri Lankan President J. R. Jayawardane and the result was a series of political catastrophes for Sri Lanka. Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord was by forcedly introduced to Sri Lanka by Rajiv and his administration and JRJ succumbed to the pressure.

JRJ era was the worst and the most dangerous period for Sri Lanka and the dignity of Sri Lanka was severely damaged by JRJ and the regime.

The first disastrous act of JRJ was the neglect of the report produced by NIB (National Investigation Bureau) to the president in 1978. In that report, NIB had produced ample amount of proof of Indian government training of terrorists to fight in Sri Lanka for a separate state in the North and the East. JRJ had completely omitted the report. When JRJ was releasing Kuttimany and many other smugglers and criminals from the prisons, again the NIB and opposition leader Sirima B. had objected. But the stubborn JRJ said he can solve any problem by his “ƒ”¹…”Just Society’. Later Kuttimany joined with Prabhakaran and other terrorists and robbed many banks to raise funds for terrorism.

Then letting the 1983 communal riots to spread uncontrollably in Sri Lanka was another major failure by JRJ. This was the foundation stone of Tamil Ealam Diasporas.

Had JRJ let the Vadamarachchi operation to be completed, Sri Lanka would have been the most successful country in the present world with a self sufficient economy.

Once again JRJ succumbed to the pressure by Rajiv and stopped the Vadamarachchi Operation just couple of hours before Prabhakaran was to be captured by late Brigadier Kobbekaduwa.

Rajiv forced JRJ to sign the Peace Accord threatening the country will be conquered otherwise and introduced the 13th Amendment which recognizes North and East of Sri Lanka as original birth places for Tamils. This amendment is a total contradictory to the real and true history of Sri Lanka where till the 17th century there was no Tamil living in the East of Sri Lanka. The English rulers settled Tamils in the East only after the 1818 revolutions and riots in Sri Lanka to teach a lesson to the Sinhalese who were continuously rioting against the invaders.

JRJ’s traitorous behavior to harm the sovereignty and the dignity of Sri Lanka is not a surprise at all as he had proposed Sri Lanka, then Ceylon to be a state under India in the late forties unsuccessfully.

Present Sri Lankan leaders should never consider implementing this disastrous Thirteenth Amendment ever if they genuinely consider an independent Sri Lanka for the future generation.

When Indira Gandhi, the mother of Rajiv had initiated the Tamil terrorism by funding the Tamils to fight against the legitimate Sri Lankan governments, how Sri Lanka should seek advice from them (India)? It is exactly like somebody is asking the thief how to retrieve the theft item. Sri Lanka was raped by India many times and Sri Lanka should have a dignity at least now to stand up by its own courage and power.

The saddest thing for Sri Lanka is its worst neighborhood. India never helped Sri Lanka genuinely but always had its profitable motivation behind every move or planted problems in Sri Lanka for a short term or long term.

Can somebody forget what happened when Sri Lanka requested Indian help to fight terrorism? They always bowed to Tamilnadu pressure and twisted the hands of Sri Lankan governments. Thankful to Pakistan, China, Middle East and few other countries Sri Lanka could wipe-out the terrorism completely.

If the Thirteenth Amendment is to going to be implemented, then it is like the Ealam the terrorists were fighting for is granted and presented and that will be a most traitorous act of all time!


  1. zuhryfayesz Says:

    It’s not necessary to highlight no need of implementing a amendment for the current constitution

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