The British Times tabloid’s Tamil death claim is a shameful lie.
Posted on July 12th, 2009

Sri Lanka News

In reply to the wild allegation and the conspiratorial lie the British tabloid has shamefully orchestrated through their daily news paper in London, IDPs Health Care Director Dr. Hemantha Herath categorically denied any outbreak of water-borne diseases or diarrhoea at Manik Farm IDPs Camp, and further assured yesterday that Currently, only six to eight deaths occur per week due to natural causes like old age, according to the report compiled by the national news paper The Nation. Dr. Herath also said that the death rate has gradually decreased while the majority of people who had died had been aged either 75 years or more.

It is unfortunate that the British Times tabloid has sunk deeper in its swamp of lies by carrying misinformation stating that nearly 1400 IDPs are dying weekly.

According to “The Nation”, the Director also said that the IDPs of different age groups are leading a healthier and happier life than they did under the LTTE rule. We are proud to say that a very few cases of chickenpox and hepatitis are being reported now. Even the water supply and the sanitary facilities have improved in the welfare camps but amenities should be improved further,” he said.

Dr.Herath pointed out that nutrition levels of the IDPs have improved immensely. Many kids were suffering from malnutrition due their health being neglected for years due to war. He also said that there is a marked reduction in cases of water diarrhoea. “Currently the situation is under control and well managed and even the diseases are on the wane. At the outset there were as many as hundreds of chicken pox cases reported daily but currently there are only one or two chicken pox cases ,” he asserted.

Dr. Herath noted that the Health Bureau has organised several street dramas which will be performed by the IDPs. He emphasised that the IDPs are eagerly attending practice sessions.

“It is nice to see them active and even the children are happily and enthusiastically playing cricket, volleyball and other games. We have taken all possible measures to keep the IDPs healthy and happy. Even the medical staffs are attending on the IDPs on time,” he said.

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