Devolution, Federalism, 13th Amendment & Accords are History in Unitary Island
Posted on July 20th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

All the political cooks and crooks of all colours from Great Britain, India, Norway, have been donating their wisdom, with and without an agenda, to Ceylon / Sri Lanka since the independence.

Indian engagement led by Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 was selfishly political in favour of the Tamils and the LTTE. And the LTTE, in their true tradition, thanked Gandhi with a gift of love, in the form of a suicide bomber, which blew his brains out.

Its ironic that the entire world is craving to create a solution to safeguard the Tamils.  Any volunteers to safeguard the interests of the Sinhalese?

And safeguard the Tamils from what?

When the SunGod Prabhakaran held several thousand of his own Tamils as human shields, what did these “guardians” do to help the human shields?  In fact the “guardians” led by the Kingdom of Norway, were doing their utmost to save the skin of the criminal Prabhakaran.

After the terrorist suicide bombs which detonated within the hotels in Jakarta, both David Milliband of Britain and his counterparts in USA, Germany, France, and the UN made the usual appropriate noises which are expected of them.

However non of these politicos stressed the glory of the defeat of terrorism of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists the creators of the human suicide bomb,  by the Leadership in Sri Lanka.

Terrorism in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China are still alive, well and rising. 

The Parliamentary Democracy in Sri Lanka is also equally alive and maintaining the right chords.

The President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brotherly advisors and the General Sarath Fonseka have proved, beyond any doubt, that their qualities of leadership and judgment are better than most, compared with any other country with the UN.

Sri Lanka does not need any new Organ Grinders, Thank You!  The current leadership is fully capable of writing the music as well as Grinding the Organ.

Devolution, Federalism, 13th Amendment, & Accords were created by outsiders with hidden agendas and as of now, should be considered as history.

Sri Lanka, has a vibrant democracy, intelligent people, vast potential for development of industries, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, natural resources such as oil and gas.

Politics should be left alone in the hands of the population. If any country intends to assist, take an example from China.  Help to develop the infrastructure, logistics etc.

The strategic location of Sri Lanka is non-negotiable for “hit-and-run cowboys”.  It is in the interests of the East & the West to help Sri Lanka to maintain its independence and political stability and allow the Government of Sri Lanka to decide on her internal affairs.

If any country including the Tamil Diaspora wishes to help, contribute to the development of Sri Lanka, and the IDPs, there are many ways in which participation is welcome.

A humble word of advice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and the Office of the President…….Please select the appropriate professional candidates to promote Investment, Tourism, Foreign Policy in your Embassies and High Commissions in the world.  Pre-induction training in speech, behaviour, dress, etiquette are a must. The representative only get a few seconds to create the right First Impression.

The likes of Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, should be made to understand the as long as they represent the People of Sri Lanka, they as servants, must adhere to the Official Policy of the Government.  Personal opinions have no place when one represents the Government.

They, as such who pronounce Devolution, Federalism, 13th Amendment, & Accords, should be accorded to the dustbins of History.

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