Regarding The Contentious Attack On One Of Sri Lanka’s Proudest Sons, Dayan Jayatilleka, By A Fellow Sinhalese Expatriate ‘Compatriot’!
Posted on July 20th, 2009

Sunimal Perera Journalistes Sans Frontieres ( Local Chapter)

July 20th 2009
It is somewhat disheartening to read Mr C Jayawickrema ~ expatriate armchair critic extraordinaire’s indiscriminate attack on Sri Lanka’s UN Ambassador in Switzerland Mr.Dayan Jayatilleka one of Sri Lanka’s proudest sons and esteemed intellectuals as well as an apointee of President Rajapaksha to the Diplomatic Corps based on capabilities and proven track record who saw him fit to carry the office he was appointed to, and by which contention the argument about the credibilities of Jayawickrema’s diatribe against Ambassador Jayatilleka needs to be trashed with no compunctions.

Perhaps it is the influence of such items which has prompted the deposing of Mr.Dayan Jayatilleka from his contract as Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland.It will be interesting to see who his replacement will be and there are speculations already that it is a former woman diplomat previously deposed from her own position overseas who lobbied against him in quest of his assignment while she herself had little to offer in the way of her own credibilities and is also said to have been involved in the skullduggery which resulted in the sacking of Mr Jayatilleka albeit perhaps conjecture at this stage!

 While Mr.Jayawickrema seems to have taken on the mantle of the saviour of the Sri Lankan Nation along with a few other misguided individuals with no real entitlement to the privilege he does this rather obnoxiously from the comfort of a western domicile like and spews his rhetoric in gay abandon neither daring to immerse himself in the centre of Sri Lanka’s recovery programme personally nor realising the some of his assertions are not only questionable as well as contentious eg.Dayan Jayathilake and his 13th Amendment Band Wagon “”…” Is this above the Presidential Authority?where the insinuation even ridicules Presidential authority which is something Mr. Jayatilleka would be far removed from getting involved with by way of the decorum and class he always carries! but also the furthest from the truth as the only salient truth about this whole mish mash of the 13th Amendment is that it is a comedy of errors courtesy of the late myopic President J.R Jayawardena albeit with well meaning clauses to further complicate it which could easily have misled the President as well as Mr Jayatilleka to beleive in its attributes and promote its advantages towards Nation re-building after the destructive decades of LTTE terror and no unpardonable sin by any stretch of the imagination.

 While there are some credible realities in the 13th Amendment which could be favourable to the present climate of Sri Lanka as envisioned by both the President and Mr Jayatilleka there may be a felt need towards re-structuring it to accommodate all the needs and compensations of a Nation almost torn apart by ethnic strife so as not to provide a platform for regrouping of the undesirable terrorist element ever! and very prudently it must be said that the opinions of these two very acceptable gentlemen of the Sri Lankan Administrative Infrastructure aren’t vague or irresponsible as Mr Jayawickrema attempts to portray by pouring Brimstone and Hellfire on Mr Jayatilleka through his contentious rhetoric and puny synonyms and notably it has been done with reprehensible analogies to decadent historical as well as deposed individuals with a tainted political background which is totally unacceptable, classless and completely lacking in decorum on the part of Mr. Jayawickrema who in a sense should watch his adjectives regardless of the flowery languaged repartee he offers as a counter claim towards the implementation of the 13th Amendment which also involves slander, character assasination and worst of all questioning the ethnic ancestry of Mr Jayatilleka’s mother who was a classy Sinhalese lady from wonderful stock!

 In a completely shameful manner Mr. Jayawickrema has questioned this noble lady’s heritage which for the record is irrelevant whether it be Sinhalese or Tamil and in the most insidious and ignorant manner has attached a clause to it relative to Mr Jayatillaka assuming the last name of Jayatilleka the name of his grandfather whose parents’ family name was different but what relevance does it have to the issue at hand one is inclined to think in amazement beyond it being a cheap shot by Jayawickrema which points to some personal affront which has nothing to do with the 13th Amendment! Has he forgotten or overlooked the fact that there have been countless examples of people from all walks of life whether high profile or not assuming family names other than that of their fathers for various reasons and perfectly acceptable in so doing?

 And it also needs to be emphasized in order that it sinks into all the numbskulls who try to brand Mr.Jayatilleka’s stance on the 13th Amendment as unilateral that it has indeed been one in collusion with Presidential assent where the input of messers Senaratna and Vitharna alone bear testimony to the fact and all other interpretations a matter of apathetic interpretation alone!

 As far as the final gong on Mr Jayatilleka’s Ambassadorial duties, it has almost uncannily in comentator’s curse fashion relative to the rhetoric of Jayawickrema has come to pass where Mr Jayawickrema is not the only one attempting to deliver this perhaps on personal animosities rather than any patriotic concerns about the 13th Amendment where he personally has not failed to muffle his voice engine towards the effort, some of which distinctly sounds inflammatory as well as libellous and appears to be the voicings of a somewhat disoriented and disgruntled anti patriot immersed in his own miscalcilated deductions in the garb of a dedicated one despite his failure to show rationality and decorum!

Mr.Jayawickrema should truly be ashamed of his epistle which is not only tainted, biased and pathetically cheap but vbery persona with some of the analogies and examples cited are concocted and pure blarney in an attempt to discredit Mr.Dayan Jayatilleka it is this very type of diatribe which seems to have a sinister effect on high profile individuals where sometime the price to pay is very high in the heated albeit unstable political climate of Sri lanka today where some have even paid the ultimate price.

For the personal nature of his attack outlined below as well as some of his souped up fairy tales which sound realistic only if metaphors translated into reality and the gullible became Fleet Street Analysts in their own minds Mr.Jayawickrema should hang his head in shame while Mr Jayatilleka should hold his head up high for the dignified manner he has absorbed all this and the diaparity in class between the two individuals ~ the attacker and the attacked shows vividly!!

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