Is there management at “SRILANKAN” Flag Carrier & International Airport
Posted on August 1st, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Two of my friends flew SRILANKAN airline from Frankfurt-Colombo on Wednesday 22nd July 2009 and had a disappointing story to tell.

“There was no water in the plane, for coffee or in the toilet!”

The crew were not the best in their professional capacity, with little or no service on-board.

Upon arrival at Katunayake International Airport, it took more that two hours to clear passports at immigration because there were only three counters operational.

The air-condition had broken down and the pre-dawn heat was unbearably uncomfortable for those waiting in-line, foreigners and domestic alike.

Destroys the entire spirit of goodwill at the point of entry.

Looks like SRILANKAN is going backwards towards the days of AIR CEYLON, after the loss of Emirates management. Although it was incomprehensible that SRILANKAN under Emirates management refused to accommodate the Head of State, the SRILANKA airline was operating as a prestigious front-line carrier.

If after the destruction of the LTTE terrorism, the National Carrier SRILANKAN and the Entry Point act as an embarressing deterrent, the anticipated flow of investors and tourists would be affect the ambitions.

The Katunayake International Airport has never been upto any international standards.

Don’t these government goons who travel to Singapore, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong have their eyes and ears open to observe how these highly developed and professionally operated airports function?

Of course all the governmental VVIP’s never experience what we as simple ordinary travellers have to experience, due to their special facilities which allow them to by-pass the shoddy airport non-functions.

About time that the President got his Special Advisors to take a look and take some drastic immediate action.


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