Abduction of Two Suckling Elephant Calves from their Mothers at Pinnawala Orphanage.
Posted on August 2nd, 2009

– Human –

It is also Breast feeding week sans the subject two Elephant calves!

 Buddhist moral conduct is “built on the vast conception of universal love and compassion for all living beings” . Buddhism inherited ahimƒÆ’…’£saƒÆ’…'”…¾ from its land of birth, India, and added some uniquely Buddhist expressions of this universal moral ideal, such as mettaƒÆ’…'”…¾ (loving-kindness) and karunƒÆ’…’£aƒÆ’…'”…¾ (compassion). Compassion toward non-human animals has a high profile in the ancient and foundational Buddhist PaƒÆ’…'”…¾li Canon, as well as in extracanonical writings.

In the Buddhist teachings, animals are not lesser or “other.” This ethic is consistent with Buddhist philosophies of karma and oneness. For a Buddhist practitioner, harm done to others is harm done to oneself, for we are all one, and we are bound by karma.

Let us now take the case of Abduction of Two Suckling Elephant Calves from their Mothers at Pinnawala Orphanage, whether Mahanayakas, Diyawadanan Nilame or Minister covers up their sin, its is committed and induced. They are trying to cover up their nude with transparent clothes. Thugs and Cowards cannot fool the intelligent public any more.

Much acclaimed Buddhist country, preaching all the time, with the new Monarchial type leader with his Hitler type cabinet has committed the sin and has broken two precepts very clearly.

– Adinna Dhana (Abduction and robbery from mother)

– Musawaada (Justifying the wrong doing in public)

 Unlike in other teachings, once committed there is no revocation of Kharma whether good or bad.

 It is only NBF Samitha Thero that came forward to express boldly and oppose the crime, but no other saffron robed monk,  all so powerful, spoke a word about it thinking of their benefits from politicians, because they have many benefits to loose if they speak justice and against this horrendous crime.

Part of the govt. the JHU so critical of Buddhist rights and culture and all that rubbish, is keeping a mum mysteriously. Most lauded Champika Ranawaka is also deaf and dumb in front of this crime.

Buddhism teaches followers to exhibit “an unlimited self-giving compassion flowing freely toward all creatures that live” “Indeed, Buddhists see this orientation to the suffering of others as a sine qua non of ethical life” The virtue of compassion is “one of the indispensable conditions for deliverance” ; the Dali Lama has often stated that loving-kindness is his religion.  One who is cruel will not attain to nirvaƒÆ’…'”…¾nƒÆ’…’£a; only those who “hurt no living being” will reach nirvaƒÆ’…'”…¾nƒÆ’…’£a . A truly great person is not one who succeeds in worldly matters, but one who “hurts not any living being”.  Buddhists are to vow: “With all am I a friend, comrade to all/And to all creatures kind and merciful” The Buddhist Sutta-NipaƒÆ’…'”…¾ta includes the following beautiful contribution to spiritual literature encouraging compassion in humankind:

Blessing by The Buddha

May every creature abound in well-being and peace.

May every living being, weak or strong, the long and the small

The short and the medium-sized, the mean and the great.

May every living being, seen or unseen, those dwelling far off,

Those near by, those already born, those waiting to be born,

May all attain inward peace.

Let no one deceive another, Let no one despise another in any situation,

Let no one, from antipathy or hatred, wish evil to anyone at all.

Just as a mother, with her own life, protects her only son from hurt,

So within yourself foster a limitless concern for every living creature.

Display a heart of boundless love for all the world,

In all its height and depth and broad extent,

Love unrestrained, without hate or enmity.

Then as you stand or walk, sit or lie, until overcome by drowsiness,

Devote your mind entirely to this, it is known as living here life divine.

Buddhist scriptures encourage universal compassion. Buddhist teachings are overwhelmingly friendly toward non-human animals.

Compassion is expected of monks, saints, and all Buddhists, “ahimƒÆ’…’£saƒÆ’…'”…¾, or non-injury, is an ethical goal” for every Buddhist.  Those who successfully travel the Buddhist path will be filled with mercy, living a life that is “compassionate and kind to all creatures”

Abduction of suckling elephant babies, depriving them mothers warmth, torturing the infants is a kharma that will have to be paid over samsaara for those who committed. Perhaps we will see sooner or later in this life too.

We are sad that the president who preaches so much of humanity, equality, and justice keep a mum and not ordering immediate return of the two calves to their mothers and what is his executive power for ?

 Now its is a question whether President, Maha Na Yakaas or Diyawanana Nilame and Minister is ruling and handling the law in this country.

Are we hearing Wedi Bana?

 Shame on president and executive powers !

President’s head is now swollen too much by his over emphatically power and popularity, which is also impermanent. The decline has begun now, which he does not know. When the power is centered too much on one man and a clan, it had always been the case in Sri Lanka as well as in any part of the world it will tend to decline automatically attributed to their own foolish hegemonic act. They do not know where they are leading to until they are kicked out. It is a shame he now surrounded by murderers, Kassippu kings, and thugs.

 Today their only cover to justify this crime is they have no enough elephants to the Kandy perahera, tomorrow it will be your son and daughter because then they will justify as not enough Monks.

 Get up and be aware now, we are heading towards a hegemonic dictatorship rule. Tomorrow will be too late.

 Have a nice Brest feeding week depriving two little calves of their mothers milk. This is a nice Buddhist country!

 – Human –

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  1. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Loving Kindness, “Cultivate unhindered, without anger, without malice, loving thought towards all the world,-and a boundless heart, above, and below, and all around: May all beings be happy! May all beings be free from hatred! May all beings be free from disease! May all beings be free from grief! May every being live happily!” (Lord Budha)

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