President Obama will not consult Iranian Expats to make demands from Iranian President-then why should O’Blake consult Sri Lanka Tamil Expats to make demands from Sri Lankan President ?
Posted on August 31st, 2009

By Charles.S.Perera

As the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake was already a sympathiser of the terrorists in Sri Lanka, along with  Chilcot the  Ambassodor of UK and Eric Solheim of Norway. 

 When Robert O’Blake was promoted from his position of the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka to Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, he also seem to have got promoted from his status of  a sympathiser of the terrorists in Sri Lanka , to being the spokesman for the pro-terrorist Sri Lanka Tamil expatriates in America.  For which of the two promotions he is better adopted , or  for which he should be recognised  only the time will tell.

 Blake is not upholding President Barack Obama’s  Foreign Policies. He is still in the days of the Bush era.  During the period he was the Ambassador he had been telling the government of Sri Lanka at regular intervals  that the only solution to the terrorism in Sri Lanka is a political solution, and that  it cannot be solved through a military option.  He got all  local pro- terrorists elements recognised by the American State Department proposing  people like Mano Ganeshan for an American award for defending human rights .   They were strangely given visas to enter  America, the paradox of it is seen now after elimination of  terrorism.

 The International Community led by America, and UK  vowed  to fight terrorism where ever it exists.  And they refused any negotiations with terrorists.   But, despite that being hoisted as their principal modus operandi  in the face of terrorism,  they inexplicably went soft towards the terrorists in Sri Lanka and were all out to save them at any cost, even seeking to enter into the area when the most ruthless of all terrorists Praphakaran and his  cohorts were cornered in  Mulaitivu.

 That was a real change of attitude of the International community that had vowed to fight terrorists where ever they are.  Further more even now when the Government Forces have successfully eliminated terrorism, they are deliberately taking revenge from the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces, for this praise worthy military operations to eliminate the terrorism, by accusing them for violation of human rights, war crimes, and now for imprisoning  the IDP’s in  camps. 

 We now see the West as they really are bereft of  their well publicised Christian justice and  fair play.  The paradox of their  vowed anti terrorist principle is that the  American Embassy in Sri Lanka it appears,  may not issue visas for the members of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to visit USA on the ground of their part in the  “violation of human rights”.  Is America a Democracy ?  One really begins to wonder.

 Blake now an Assistant Secretary of State  for South and Central Asian Affairs with his own agenda different from that of President Barrack Obama’s foreign policies, is having a dialog with the terrorist sympathisers among the expatriate Tamils.  Blake has shamelessly met with them in the State Department, in Wahsington,  assuring them that they  will not be allowed to be prosecuted by the Government of Sri Lanka for the part they played in aiding and abetting the terrorists in Sri Lanka, by providing the terrorists with Financial Aid, and carrying out  pro-terrorist and anti Sri Lanka manifestations in foreign countries. In doing so he has become the spokesman for the pro terrorist  Tamil expatriates in America, and their protector.

 Blake’s departure from President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is in his collaboration with the expatriate Tamils in America, who openly aided and abetted the terrorists in Sri Lanka, to make demands from the Government of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka on behalf of them -the Tamil expats for an early reconciliation with the Tamils. 

 The question to be asked in this circumstance is whether President Obama in trying to find a solution to have a dialogue with the political leadership in Iran , will call the expatriate Iranians  in America to find out their point of view before  he meets with Iranian leaders ?

 I am sure he will not , and the President Barack Obama is a intelligent and a forthright statesman and he will rather enter into a direct contact with the political leaders  of  Iran and not cultivate a doubtful relationships with the expatriate Iranians who are opposed to the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  But surprisingly this is not what Robert  Blake is doing behind  the President Obama’s back with regard to Sri Lanka..

 Of course there is no point in bring it to the notice of the State Department as the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton is hand in glove with Milliband, Carl Bildt,  Bernard Kouchner, Eric Solheim  and the crowd.  Perhaps the President Barack Obama has not paid attention to what is going on in the  State Department and a stranger to the manipulations of Robert Blake to break up Sri Lanka ethnically, and if possible territorially.

 What does Robert Blake  take himself for, to tell the President of Sri Lanka when he should begin a national reconciliation in Sri Lanka.  It is purely a matter for the President of Sri Lanka to decide.   The expatriate  Tamils  were contributing to break up Sri Lanka,  and never for any reconciliation, and Blake becomes their unofficial spokesman, and takes up the cause of the Expatriate Tamils.  In doing so he interferes in to  the affairs of a  democratically elected Government of  a Sovereign State, which he should not do in his present capacity of an Assistant Secretary of the State Department of USA.

 Ever since he was the Ambassador of Sri Lanka ,  he began to find ways and means to break up Sri Lanka and bring discredit to the Sri Lanka Government. He prophesied that the military option will not be successful.  But he was proved wrong.  The only solution against terrorism is a military solution and that was proved to the world by  Sri Lanka Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, and his brave Armed Forces.  

 And Robert Blake now dares make another prophesy that if the government does not move  to find a   political reconciliation before January 2010,the  people will become disaffected and that will give new impetus to terrorism.  It is time that he stops making his prophecies, to please  certain quarters, as he is proving himself to be a hoax and  a false prophet.

 He merely repeats the demands of the Tamil expatriates, who are strangers to Sri Lankan Tamils .  They living in their cosy  comfort in their foreign homes  do not understand what the Tamil people had to go through being under a ruthless group of terrorists for the last 25 years. And they are people with fires of hatred within and cannot bring about much needed Communal Unity in Sri Lanka. 

 The  pro-terrorist expatriate Tamils stand for dissention, hatred, and disunity.  Sri Lanka has nothing to do with them as long as they do not come directly to the Government of Sri Lanka to discuss what role they would like to play in the development Sri Lanka as a Nation.  Their going in search of people like Blake to be their spokesman shows their dishonesty and their  continued effort to discredit Sri Lanka and if possible finance another terrorist group.  Does Robert O’Blake wants that to happen ?

 Robert O’Blake is now the Assistant Secretary of State.  His office demands that he should forget his past affiliations in  living up to the call of his new Office.   He should not mingle with terrorists, rabble-rousers,  disrupters, and nincompoops, when he has to deal with another Sovereign State.  He should consult the leaders of those countries directly without sullying his hands dealing with non-state elements of doubtful origin .

 What Blake never seem to have understood is that the Government of Sri Lanka which removed a 30 year old cancer of terrorism, without causing death and injury to the civil population, and rescued over 200,000 Tamil Civilians from the grip of the terrorists who had  kept them as a human shield,  has not got to learn any lesson from Blakes, Bildts, Millibands, Solheims or Kouchners, in dealing with the IDPs , removing obstacles to security, and finally settling them in their  homes.

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  1. Chintha Says:

    Why is Rober Blake and the like supporting terrorists. I think the answer is very simple. Read through the lies and misinformation these terrorists feeding these people , you can go through websites like Tamils for Obama, etc. Ofcourse other factor is MONEY. Every politician has websites ,and they have the “Donate Now” Button. Simple as that, blinded by money and misinformation.

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