Might should not be international law
Posted on September 1st, 2009

Afshain Afzal

US is continuously experimenting on the developing countries, trying to bring the fruits of democracy and capitalism at the grass root level. For doing this, no matter the US may have to slaughter the whole population of that country, it will go ahead to accomplish its set objectives. So far we have not witnessed even a single word for guilt and shame in committing international crimes against humanity. No one can have even the slightest idea that the country which had been projecting itself as the champion of human rights would not hesitate to carryout genocide of the all those people who oppose its policies and intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

It depends on the goodwill of US to open negotiations with criminals and terrorist and at the same time may refuse to even listen to the genuine grievances of the aggrieved groups. It also depends upon the US to brand anyone terrorist and next day negotiate with them declaring them as moderates. Being a student of International Relations, I thought that there is International Law, statues and agreements that governs the world but today I have found that there is no such thing as law and might is International Law. The clauses of the law are only there to convict the weak and favour aggressors. The world bodies like United Nations are acting like pet dogs in the hands of Western powers while they are always there to back the aggressions hailing from the West. Can any country of the world including US quote any authority under which they intruded an independent sovereign state like Afghanistan and Iraq and ousted legitimate governments? Did they have the resolution of United Nations Security Council passed in their favour to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq or carryout missile attacks inside Pakistani territories. The CIA and Intelligence agents from other countries linked with so called “war on terrorism” had been openly negotiating with their own declared terrorists. On the other hand, if any Muslim is found making a wrong number on cell number of declared terrorist or extremist, he is booked for links with terrorists and his life is ruined for good or at least he has to pass through a five to six year interrogation process. I wonder why US officials at Barghram Base and Afghan President Hamid Karzai have not been booked for links with terrorists when they held meetings and adjusted seats in elections with Talibans who have links with Al-Qaida. President Hamid Karzai in fact had floated an idea to invite Taliban and their leader Mullah Muhammad Omar to participate in the just concluded elections in Afghanistan but it did not work.

The Taliban of Afghanistan with their offshoots in Pakistan are not terrorist but their mere crime is that they want expulsion of all occupying foreign forces from their land and are reluctant to trust the power hungry foreign intruders. They feel that it is the people of Afghanistan to decide their own future and it has nothing to do with the US and western intruders. Had Taliban and the people of Pakistan living in border with Afghanistan been terrorist, US and its allies should have discovered dirty bombs and weapon of mass destruction from them. Ironically, it is now over eight years to US invasion of Afghanistan, but no one has questioned those who blame Taliban for involvement in terrorist activities, that how many dirty bombs and weapons of mass destruction they have been discovered from the Al Qaida and Talibans in Afghanistan or Pakistan. US intelligence had been fooling its government since 1998 about the intensions of Afghan religious groups and possession of dirty bombs and weapon of mass destruction. In the first few years of Afghan invasion, Taliban were not regarded as hostile force and were mere asked to handover members of Al Qaida but when later the myth of Al Qaida took its natural death, the blame was transferred on Taliban and they were graded as terrorists. When CIA failed to trace Taliban or locate any proof of their plans to carryout mass destruction against other countries, cleverly enough, they formed indigenous groups as Pakistani Taliban and associated them with terrorism. Today the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan is more than complex as powerful western propaganda has divided the people in their opinions but no one is certain about anything. In this grand conspiracy, sole decision power rests with US while all other actors in “war on terrorism” are pawns in the game.

One wonders, why US is so much interested in destabilizing Afghanistan and its borders regions. In fact Afghanistan is one of the very few countries where cent percent population is Muslims. In comparison with modern democratic Muslim countries, an overwhelming majority of the people of Afghanistan are diehard Muslims first then anything else. This can be judged from the fact that despite eight years of western occupation, west failed to pollute their orthodox Islamic ideology beyond the capital city of Kabul. In fact what west fails to understand is that even the weakest Afghan and Pakistani Muslim has regard for his religion. West-oriented critics are of the view that Afghanistan is geography without state or a part of land without having anything on it. Such views are also shared by western educated opportunists living in other countries, who propagate that Afghans are not nation so they are divided and require a charismatic leader to pool this ethnically divided people together. There is no doubt that the latest conspiracy of the anti Islamic forces is linked with dividing the Muslims on religo-ethnic lines so that they may not unite under one banner.

The CIA in partnership with Mossad, RAW and other western intelligence agencies have already sown the seeds of religo-ethnic division in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Yamen, Sudan, Somalia and other countries. US government is not sincere to the American citizens as it had been lying to them about weapons of mass destruction and dirty bombs when it went to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

American taxpayers who contributed billions of dollars for this war have been kept ignorant about the recoveries of weapons of mass destruction and dirty bombs they have found.The west want its adversaries especially South Asian countries to remain engaged in crushing insurgency in its own area so that peace cannot be restored and US presence is justified in the region. US has a past history that it showed no regard to International Law or human rights when it wiped-out entire legitimate population of America to confirm their own American nationalities.

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  1. Ram2009 Says:

    The American (and the British minions) presence is necessitated by the fact that Pipelinestan has to kept under its control in order to expropriate/swindle the oil in the areas to the north. A lot of time and taxpayer money has been spent on trying to achieve this aim, for the benefit of the big oil companies.

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