A Rapid Deployment Of Remedial Measures To Alleviate The Suffering In IDP Camps Is Imperative To Dissuade Any World Opinion To The Contrary!
Posted on September 10th, 2009

The Lankaweb Editorial

September10th. 2009
While the unprecedented victory  over Tamil Tiger Terrorism by the Rajapaksha Administration in conjunction with the Armed Forces and all the allies who provided logistical as well as armament support will undoubtedly go into the record books and make history, the greater liability on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka now is to prove to the world that Sri Lanka is indeed a very humane and compassionate country in keeping with the Buddhist principles of Ahimsa and confound all her international critics where some of them view the issue of the  most visible fallout from the terrorist conflict namely the Internally  Displaced Persons (IDP) being held in camps somewhat myopically as well as contentiously.
While the task of re-settling these  terribly inconvenienced and displaced persons mostly belonging to the Tamil Communities of the North and East of Sri Lanka whose sufferings have been described by many aid workers and eyewitnesses as almost inhumane and untold misery towards the accuracies by way of how deprived they are of the basic essentials of life and ” how they have been herded into secluded areas like cattle” these appear to be exaggerated towards the purpose of individuals who have not given up their ambits about a re-surgence of the LTTE.It also needs to be emphasized that despite the negative feed from these critics there is a huge ongoing effort by the Government to alleviate the sufferings of the internees where a large number of them have already been either re-settled or released towards their own pursuances of a normal life within reason and how they want to with assistance towards the need as an accompaniment.
However, what makes the task of the Administration more than daunting is the verifiable presenece a strong albeit residual LTTE element lurking within the camps of the IDP and it is the very isolation of these types from the innocents( not an easy task) which now need the highest priority as human suffering of the nature described by some eyewitnesses despite distortion must have roots in at least a semblance of reality and is the very essence of what the Government must now take rapid steps to correct and alleviate~ namely the sufferings of these poor victims of a wretched insurgency.They cannot be permitted to suffer anymore!
One cannot turn a blind eye on their needs while basking in the glory of victory over the terrorists as there are people with needs, men women and children who need to get back to leading normal lives and enjoy the comforts all free human beings enjoy as they have been victimised through the evils of terrorism and need to be redeemed by a very compassionate Rajapaksha Administration with a rapid deployment force insamuch as was used to defeat the terrorist enemy and their allies.
When some of the world agitates about their cause and pleads for their restitution it is not without reason although there remains those factions whose ulterior motives by way of demonstrations and lobbying against the Government of Sri Lanka on the world stage are very transparent and despite the catch 22 situation the GOSL faces relative to the undesirable element within the IDP camps, steps need to be taken as mentioned previously to dispell all the doubts and speculations that Sri Lanka is operating refugee camps of an undescribable nature of apathy and inconsideration towards human life as it could end up being a huge slur in the eyes of the world  regardless of accuracies and hence a top priority for the Rajapaksha Administration to clear.
Presently there are some foreign as well as local donor organizations who have pitched in their concerted efforts towards helping these internees  who after all have the same sensitivities and need of all of us who enjoy the liberties of an unencumbered life without the parameters of seclusion and restrictions towards amenities of sustenance and it would be gut wrenching to bear the thought even hypothetically that we as Sri Lankans in the euphoria of a tumultuous defeat over a scourge which  plagued the nation for over three decades have somehow neglected the dire needs of those displaced as a result of the effort to vanquish terrorism. 
That their upliftment and redemption from intense suffering might be neglected due to petty bureaucracies and a hesitancy on the part of the Government to address the issue forthwith and effectively seems totally distanced from the Rajapaksha pragmatism which encompasses all Sri Lankan where the expectations towards swift action to dismantle the IDP Camps and apprehend accurately any residual terrorist element within seems imperative and has to be rapidly forthcoming!!
Sri Lanka is a free and liberated Nation today, liberated from Tamil Tiger terrorism and all those liberated from the clutches of the once dreaded terrorists including the many innocents caught in the crossfire too need to be now liberated from the pitiful seclusion of the camps they are being held in where all paranoias about a resurgence of the LTTE need to be put to rest effectively through affirmative action where the freedoms of those suffering innocents within the IDP Camps must be restored to dissuade any world opinion to the contrary!

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