Why Western assault on Sri Lanka?
Posted on September 18th, 2009

Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Sumith Silva, Asanka Haradasa, Ira Mediwake, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni (for expat Hela team).

Recent article by HLD Mahindapala prompted to ponder as to why the Western assault on Heladiva (SL). It is an open book to those who can see the American led West maintaining to dominate the world at any cost. Their subjective might of only physical power of money, armies and weapons are the fore-runner in this venture. The nature of masses can be dominated by sheer physical power, who will surrender on masse to power, makes decent thinking people who wish not to wilt by tyranny become helpless to challenge the evil power. So the wicked can carry on unperturbed, unchallenged, knowing well the en masse psyche of human kind paves them the onward march.

 The West are the self-appointed policeman of the world who can afford to do whatever and the rest have no jurisdiction to challenge them. They cover their uncouthness by resorting to multi-pronged installations through the mobilisation of a vast network of do-gooders profiles. They come in all sorts covering every nook and cranny of the world as democracy, globalisation, aid, loans, NGO’s, human rights, missionaries, poverty alleviation, charitable projects, health aid to name a few. They also have a working spy network installed throughout the planet engaged in manipulation, perks if not force to change governments who can toe the line with their nefarious agenda.

 They are the judge and jury probing, examining, monitoring trouble spots fully authorised by themselves. Colonialism of the past was blunt and visible now it is subtle and devious. Yet, when confronted they offer sweeteners and manage to push on. How long the decent humans will put up with this humanly degrading norm of the world?

 With the dawn of extreme materialism, mankind is mesmerised by sheer consumerism and they will live it as the goal of life to the end. Self inflicted insult to human pride, wonder what supposedly lowly other creatures are thinking! Man has stooped into the lowest in tolerating the norms of glorified evil. Servility and subservience as if the minds are iron-chained allowing to walk all over us.

 On the Western assault on Heladiva (SL) “”…” most of the momentum gathered by the Tamil diasporas of Tamil Nadu Tamil national origin is due to our gross negligence of using the unbeatable weapon of fact. The world sympathy primarily rests a lot still with Tamils is due to their clamour for Tamil national homeland “”…” a national struggle is always justifiable in the eyes of the world. But all our slogan is terror, at least not even “invasive Tamil terror”, ignore exposing Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) as the Tamil homeland, which can get most of the West off our back. Are we congenitally blind not to see it? as below:-


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