Posted on September 19th, 2009

Piyal Samarakone

Rober O’Blake’s new office has become an open ground bunker for toothless, perhaps US understands the toothless can be useful to gain their lost objectives if they can become a Saber Tooth to lead the failed wrong course.

The void which left open since the closure of Subic and Clark bases in Philippines and failing to find a another Marcos in South Asia worrying US for long time although Diego Garcia is only a base not a allied regime to America. Their dream of bagging Afghanistan too getting very remote and today it has become a nightmare for US led NATO. “How can you do if we cannot” that is the shameless motto which directed to Sri Lanka as its victory against terror has become an unbearable bitter truth to them.

Growing Chinese presence in the region and trying hard to find a reliable ground to utilize for future interests US got no time to waste. Craving for Trincomalee Harbor for decades shows how significant is the location for the Americans and its obvious that US not prepared to see that it will fall into Chinese hands at least for commercial purposes.

When JRJ kept faith on America during the early stages of the conflict they were more concerned not to hurt our big brother than giving a helping hand to Sri Lanka. During the Cold War India clearly enjoyed being dwelled in the east bloc not west, but the wake of Soviet disintegration US started wooing India in a rapid pace and turned blind eye when India pampering world deadliest cubs at that time. That was a bitter lesson for shrewd JRJ who worshiped President Reagan as a reliable Super brother and its worth to mention that since then we have not fall into that mess once more.

Now trying all the tricks in the book and by gathering all those disheartened toothless tigers by playing Saber Tooth tiger’s role America need us to listen to them and trying to dictate terms, the terms which has no frank motives but plenty of sinister ones.

By keeping present momentum of developing the war torn North and East alive and moving forward with rapid resettlement of IDPs with sustainable peaceful atmosphere even the Saber Tooth cannot make a tangible impact with all its mighty efforts. Nevertheless if we don’t organize the house in order without a delay the roar of the toothless would be deadlier than a saber tooth’s bite as saber tooth find another would-be-prey somewhere else better than the found one but not the toothless.

This volatile region already have been dragged into never ending two major conflicts, the Pakistan Taliban has not yet shown that they are ready to creep back to their original caves and taking one of the intended advantages in the meantime the US experiments their latest weapon the Drones, and killing dozens of innocents just to eliminate one militant. Probably US Asst. Secretary got no time to study the events taking place in Afghanistan or in SWAT valley, to work towards in improving the situation by channeling the real ground situation to State Department, or to pay little attention to the people being displaced at a alarming rate in the conflict zones or Drones taking innocent lives at will.

The history cannot be altered, from Hiroshima to Ho Chin Min City and Baghdad to Kabul along with scores of other a direct and indirect atrocities committed by US to innocent unarmed civilians during the period of wars as they were reminded in an unacceptable fashion in 9/11 still not learnt its lessons. For big guns in Sri Lanka getting ready to defeat the Saber Tooth Tiger is urgent and need of the hour.

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