An Independent Asian UNO to replace the Western dictated UNO?
Posted on September 27th, 2009

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS) 27.9.2009.

Going by how things are been currently manipulated at the UNO by the West and its allies and how shabbily and discriminately Asian countries like ours are treated, I fully endorse L. Jayasooriya’s proposition (Asian Tribune) that we must look for an alternative Asian  (or Afro-Asian) UNO in place of the present West dominated (“United Neo-colonial Outfit”) neocolonial exploiter gang dancing to the tune of USA in order to destabilize and pauperize the small countries who are trying to rise from the abysmal depths in to which these very colonial powers have driven us from the beginning of the 16th century. The main aim of these blood sucking exploiters is to keep these underdogs in eternal poverty entrenched in political disarray and ethnic wars so that they could sell their arms and all other industrial stuff and continue their neo- colonial exploitation in order to perpetuate their hegemony and prosperity.

However they little realize that their days of supremacy in all aspects, such as economic, military and intellectual are a thing of the past; at least the journey to that destination has already begun with the election of Obama as the President of the United States of America. As Samuel Huntington, the renowned Harvard professor, has very aptly pointed out in his “The Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of the World Order” (1997) the Euro-American face of Western affluence and political influence, universality of the western culture and the beliefs are no more tenable. Today it is false, immoral and dangerous to have such a view as he says. America today is a disparate nation, whereas countries like Sri Lanka are not. This is what unfortunately the west has failed to understand. They have become the victims of their affluence, a direct product of colonial exploitation. Rejection of the western creed and civilization as Huntington has argued means the end of the USA. It also means effectively the end of western civilization. Like all other world civilizations today the western civilization has entered in to the stage of internal decay and therefore it is marching towards the grand finale of its end in the same manner other past word civilizations like the Greek, Roman and Ottoman etc did. What is more is now it is universally accepted that tomorrow belongs to the East and not to the West any more.

In this backdrop it is high time that these western powers at least now renounce their assumed supremacy mentality and learn to treat all nations as equals, irrespective of their geographical size and economic power. I am making this comment especially in the context of the current attitude of the west towards my own country particularly after the Sri Lanka government has successfully defeated the LTTE terrorist outfit after 30 long years of suffering and destruction. The whole world knows how the western camp and even India were instrumental in training and arming the LTTE to destabilize this little Island, the Home of Theravada Buddhism and the Land of the Sinhala people for the past 1500 years. But thanks to the Present President and his able team led by the Secretary Defense and the Heads of the forces with Sarath Fonseka in command we were fortunately able to defeat all those diabolical conspiracies. By doing that I think Sri Lanka has achieved a historic victory. Both in its scale and military ramifications and also external involvements, this was the biggest and the most difficult war ever fought on Sri Lankan soils. What everybody thought unwinnable the Sri Lankan government has won and set an example to the whole world for which they have to be thankful to this little Island nation. Because it has set the modus operandi as to how terrorists should be eliminated. In the aftermath of the war it should be the duty and the obligation of the entire world in the name of world peace and humanity to help Sri Lanka to raise its head out of thirty years of destruction and devastation left by these terrorists and re-emerge as a politically and economically stable state. The whole world also should help Sri Lanka to trace the remaining remnants of LTTE instead of intimidating this little Island and help to complete the wonderful job the government has done in defeating the LTTE. The burden is more so, on the part of those western countries such as the United Kingdom who are directly as well as indirectly responsible for this unfortunate situation in countries like Sri Lanka. Although the LTTE has been physically defeated on Sri Lankan soils we have to remember that it’s widely spread tentacles both at home and over the globe are still not dead.

Now let us see what some of these countries are doing instead and how they behave nakedly again to destabilize this Island Nation to fulfill their own agendas, completely ignoring the independence, sovereignty and the democratic right to manage our own affairs. The major issues they are gunning at are the question of IDPs, violation of human rights, excesses in the concluded war against LTTE terrorism, freedom of the press and a political solution to the so-called ethnic problem that exist only in their own minds.  See the blatant duplicity  of USA policy  compared with  what the “ƒ”¹…”Bush Doctrine stated in 2001 that it would not distinguish between terrorist organizations and nations or governments that harbor them”  The problem here is the tiny Sri Lankan government  has done in two and half years I know it is a shame on them as it was acknowledged even by the New York Times. They also must now be trying to take revenge for not conceding to their pressure to save Pirapahan and his lieutenants at the last moment.  When they did so, they little realized that they are interfering with our independence and the sovereignty and also with the mandated right of the government of Sri Lanka to conduct its internal governance according to the will of its own people. It is true that there are international conventions and treaties governing certain actions of individual nations but you can’t have one criterion for America and its allies and another for smaller countries like Sri Lanka. What the Sri Lankan government has done is it has put an end to an internal terrorist movement that was pestering its very existence for nearly 30 long years, internationalized and supported by these very forces now again trying to give a new lease of life to LTTE under different names like human rights and war crimes.

On the other hand what moral right do they have to advice us on matters like human rights and excesses of war etc when they are the real culprits who have done worst things in other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam? I am sure how suspects are treated in Guantanamo has no conceivable parallels Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan government is only trying to rehabilitate those victimized by the LTTE. Of cause in the process the legitimate government of the country also has to wed out the LTTE elements who take cover under the IDP flag with the intention regrouping and reorganizing in the future. According to New York Times/The Nation, US $ 800 billion have been spent on the Iraq war.  130,000 US troupes (in addition to other European carders and 75 US bases are involved; 14040 journalists and 600,000 civilians have been so far killed; there are 5 million IDPS suffering 70 % of whom do  not have even adequate water. The Iraq war began in March 2003. In Afghanistan they started the war in 2001 and an equal number if not more people have been killed. What right do they have severally and jointly to invade those countries and kill their people in tens of thousands. Are they not war crimes? Have they themselves not violated human rights in a global scale? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, though we cannot be categorized as a kettle for the simple reason that we have not violated any such human right, as we were only defending the country against an internationally manipulated terrorist outfit which has waged a brutal war to destroy this country? We also have not invaded someone else’s country as they have done. Was it not the USA who trained and financed Al-Queda against Russia in Afghanistan and finally got the retribution with enhanced interest when they attacked the World Trade Centre on 1.11.2001?

Similarly was it not the UK who provided a heaven for global terrorism by accommodating Al-Queda and LTTE Head Quarters in London even after they have been named and banned as terrorist organizations.

Shenali Waduge recently has lucidly exposed UKs involvement in global terrorist activities under “ƒ”¹…”Has Britain been sponsoring terror too?

(Wed, 2009-09-23) in the following words. I reproduce the whole thing here because it is so interesting to get a clear idea of their duplicity. I do so for the benefit of those who may have not read this in view of its importance as an invaluable source of information.

I quote,

“ƒ”¹…”It was in 2000, that the Editors of Executive Intelligence Review requested the then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to review the British Government’s role in supporting international terrorism “”…” this request came largely on the grounds of the British Government asking for the safe passage of Ahmed Omar Sheikh to Britain claiming that they would not prosecute him despite him being sentenced in India for 5 years in 1998.

If the US feels that Britain has been sponsoring international terrorism it has only to enforce the Congressional acts and it is interesting to know why Britain escapes investigation but then who said the US has a clean record where funding international terrorism remains a hot topic. When G8 nations account for over 90% of manufacture and sale of arms we need not look very far for the culprits and source for where terrorists get their arms and weapons from. Of course the funds used largely arise from drug trade and other illicit activity for which again these powerful states are in a position to dislodge, if they have the will to do so and relieve the world of all the scrooges that prevail.

Let’s take a few examples “”…” In 1996, the US military base in Saudi Arabia was bombed killing 19 US soldiers, M Massari, Head of London-based Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights promised more such strikes yet the British Government granted Massari “exceptional leave” (4 year refugee permit) to remain in Britain. Massari is closely attached to Osama bin Laden as well and would anyone be surprised that he continues to maintain a residence in wealthy Wembly and London, London also happens to be the head quarters of Bin Laden’s Advise and Reform Commission. Then, again the LTTE’s headquarters was also in the UK and LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham and wife were openly canvassing for the LTTE terror movement without any problems by the UK Government.

Also that same year, a former British M15 officer (David Shayler) admitted that British Security Services financed £100,000 to a London based Islamic terrorist group to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi.

Would it not be correct to assume that it was because the British Government had funded terrorist activity that in 1997 a Tory MP, Nigel Waterson felt the need to introduce legislation (Conspiracy and Incitement bill) to ban foreign terrorists from operating on British soil? This bill came soon after the scandal over Britain providing safe haven for Massari. However, Labor MR George Galloway blocked the bill by claiming that “the Bill will change political asylum in this country in a profound and dangerous way. It will change a state of affairs that has existed since Napoleon’s time”¦.We are all in favor of controlling terrorism in Britain. Surely not a single honorable Member has any truck with terrorism here, but we are talking about terrorism in other countries”¦the bill will criminalize such people, even though they have not broken any law in Britain or caused any harm to the Queen’s peace in her realm”.


A year later, we can recall the massacre of tourists in Egypt where 62 died perpetrated by Gamaa al-Islamiya whose leaders have been provided political asylum in Britain and calls for extradition by Egyptian authorities even summoning the British Ambassador and demanding that Britain “stop providing safe haven to terrorists””¦even going so far as to say that Egypt “identified Britain as the main center for radical plotting assassinations”. Egypt did not stop there”¦they even opened a State Information Service (Call to Combat Terrorism) on the country’s official website & listed some of the wasted masterminds of terrorism “who are currently enjoying secure and convenient asylum in some world capitals”.

Of the 14 listed “wanted” men linked to the Luxor massacre the top 7 were domiciled in London. What about the US terror list released in 1996 with 30 Foreign Terrorist Organizations banned from operating on US soil also finds 6 groups all headquartered in London including Sri Lanka’s LTTE “”…” the others include Al-Jihad (Egypt), Hamas, Armed Islamic Group, Kurdish Workers Party & the Islamic Group. The UK was to go a step further in 1997 by granting permission to Abel Abdel Majid and Adel Tawfiq al-Sirri of the Islamic Group to open fund raising & media offices in London under International Bureau for the Defense of the Egyptian People.

This was despite Majid being implicated in the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. The Algerian Armed Islamic Group responsible for the assassination of Algerian President Mohamed Boudiaf in 1992 not surprisingly also has its head quarters in London. The US FBI identifies the LTTE as the world’s most deadliest terrorist organization but it too has been holding its international secretariat in London since 1984 openly canvassing its cause as well as illicitly raising funds and smear campaigns against a democratic Government. Most of the orders for assassinations are delivered via London. So when London-based terrorist groups plans and launches operations to destabilize countries we should not be in the least surprised.

This happened to Yemen in 1998 but the Yemeni authorities were faulted when several of the kidnapped foreigners got killed in the rescue operation. The Yemeni authorities were however immediate in their response by sending back British Scotland Yard officials who had been called to investigate and even went so far as to withdraw its application for British Commonwealth membership.

The connection to Britain by internationally established terror groups is when locating its international bases which all happen to be in London. Egypt, Israel (UK response to accusation of Hamas involvement in several attacks on Israeli’s “”…””We have seen no proof to support allegations that funds raised by the Hamas, in the UK are used directly in support of terrorist acts elsewhere”), France (Armed Islamic Group’s ordered a terror war against France), Algeria, Peru (demanded extradition of Adolfo Hector Olaechea but refused by British authorities), Turkey, Germany (following PKK leader Apo Ocalan calling for the assassination of German Chancellor Kohl) and India following the hijacking of Indian Airlines in 1999.

The accusations against Britain from foreign Governments finally got media attention with the Daily Telegraph in 1999 claiming “Britain is now an international center for Islamic militancy on a huge scale”¦and the capital is the home to a bewildering variety of radical Islamic fundamentalist movements, many of which make no secret of their commitments to violence and terrorism”.

Thus, we can safely conclude that terrorists from Britain emerge in every hotbed of terrorist extremism around the world and therefore should we also conclude that the terror taking place in these countries is perhaps by no accident? This then implies that fundamentalist extremism in the case of the Islamic terrorists and the separatist agenda in the case of LTTE is part and parcel of British policy linked with “charities” that raise and fund terror campaigns. These accusations against Britain has been documented by a British think tank called Policy Exchange where it cites how the Labor Party and the Foreign Service have promoted radical Islamic terrorism even ensuring that extremist literature is subverting mosques in the UK. Yet, the Muslim community in Britain comprises Muslims from Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India and not so much from Saudi Arabia. So why does the British legal system protect the Anglo-Saudi financing of terror and why would Britis intelligence collaborate with terrorists and their recruiters?

Abu Qatada, a notorious Al-Qaeda operative in London was granted asylum in 1994 “”…” the Times of London exposed Qatada as being a M15 double agent in 2004- these dealings obviously to ensure that while terror may be unleashed in other quarters Britain remains untouched or undamaged”¦then what happened in 2005? Britain may have wanted terrorists not to bite the hand that fed them but what if they come home to roost? The irony in the aftermath of the attacks on Britain was that while the entire British police were out chasing for the culprits the British Secret Service was all out to hide them! This obviously equates to mean that despite the anti-terror hype and the counter-terror collaborations the Brits have an ugly habit of providing safe havens for terrorists in Britain.

Therefore, it would be no exaggeration when we say that the world’s most feared terrorists are all creations of the intelligence services of Governments who have directed their emergence into society as toys to instill terror. The CIA created Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda, the CIA and German intelligence (BND) trained the Kosovo Liberation Army (supported by Al Qaeda) in the 1990s (Balkans) to support NATO’s war effort against Yugoslavia. A Report published in 1999 by the US defense intelligence agency (DIA) that MI6 was asked to arrange training for the KLA “”…” this training was sub-contracted to 2 British private security firms who began trained from bases in Northern Albania. So much so for these passionate and patriotic calls to end terrorism.

So if we are alarmed to hear that virtuous Britain has been creating and harboring terrorists we should not be surprised to hear Britains complicity in torture. The surprise is meritorious in the light of these very officials demanding Sri Lanka to be investigated for war crimes, human rights violations, denied concessions while these very nations are deeply involved in rendition of suspects to unknown destinations and countries to be tortured and abused with no care for their human rights and has the UN Secretary General been the least “concerned” about these goings on or has the UN Special Rappateur Prof. Alston ever picked up US, UK and its allies for their HR abuses? What have they done about the British territory of Diego Garcia being used for rendition of suspected terrorists? The British however continue to deny these allegations even though former SAS officers like Ben Griffin (2006) revealed that Iraqi’s and Afghans had been captured by British and US special forces and rendered to prisons where they faced torture. “We are unaware of any individuals originally detained by UK authorities and subsequently rendited by the USA” – Kim Howells, December 2005 (response to parliamentary question)

However David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary admitted that 2 CIA aircrafts transporting abducted prisoners landed in UK in 2002 for refueling en route to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The admission also recalls Lord Gilbert’s comments (of UK role in Kosovo) in the House of Commons that the Rambouillet terms offered to the Yugoslav delegation had been “absolutely intolerable” and designed to provoke war.

The 1994 public inquiry presided by Lord Justice Scott revealed the illegal British arms sales to Iraq “”…” this could not have taken place without the explicit approvals of top political figures, very senior civil servants from the Foreign Office, Ministry of Defense and the Dept of Trade and Industry “”…” in sum the top echelons of the British Government.

Going back to 1965-66 if we recall the blood bath that brought Gen Suharto to power in Indonesia, the scale of British complicity will emerge. The Labor Government under Harold Wilson supplied, logistics and intelligence, warships to support Suharto and close upon a million perished as a result of Britain. Documents are to also reveal how Britain acted to ensure that millions perished in Rwanda and ensured through its diplomatic weight that the UN did not use words like “genocide”. Therefore, “Genocide” and other rants attributed to UN emissaries are obviously with the explicit nods by powerful nations.

The UN too has a Consolidated List – the list includes many for plotting to blow up passenger airlines, bomb US embassies, assassinate foreign dignitaries and they are all British citizens residing in different parts of the UK. David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth and a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “It’s quite outrageous for these people to carry on living here, many of them on benefits. The Home Secretary should have the right to either lock them up or throw them out of the country, but for that to happen requires a change in the Human Rights Act.”

With the release of the Lockerbie bomber Abdel al-Megrahi by British authorities’ fresh allegations against the British Govt surfaced. The US Govt was outraged by the manner Megrahi was welcomed in Libya by Muammar Gaddafi.

Therefore, we can assume that the US and UK do not see eye to eye all the time and it is extremely clear that the British Governments have been applying secret services for their own benefits. With at small terrorist listing it is no surprise that London is the home to most of the world’s deadliest terrorists and London is also the base for the offices of these terror groups.

We were told that there is a “war on terror” “”…” unfortunately, we do not know against whom. Is it because nations like the UK and US prefer to have an almost “invisible” enemy giving them a carte blanche to descend upon nations. What these powerful western nations call terrorism may be an inevitable response to this injustice & certainly not when the maxim followed is “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.

Virtuous Britain will be smothered with embarrassment when the lists of its links to terror, assassination bids of heads of states, establishing of puppet leaders for pro-Western Governments emerges and well aware of the “crimes” “injustices” ” human rights” violations Britain has been committing over the years Miliband or any other Britisher should dare not point fingers without getting their act in order first.

Virtuous UN and its mighty officials would well do to start investigating these allegations against the powerful nations who control the weapons manufacture and sale and are able to provide training for terror before they go bullying smaller nations who are really the victims”


Again look at the behavior of UN officials like Phillip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial summary or arbitrary executions who said that Sri Lanka is guilty of crimes against humanity just looking at the fictitious channel 4  news item, which now has been proved a naked fake, and officers of the Centre of Strategic and International studies (CSIS) like Teresita Shaffer and Robert Blake, Assistant Secretary South Asian Affairs. From the way they are involved in the Sri Lankan issue it appears that they have nothing else to do other than interfering and meddling with Sri Lankan governance when they have much more important issues both at home and elsewhere. It is a tragedy that Obama doesn’t realize that these are the very people who will dig the political grave for him before long and also bring about the downfall of United States of America.

This exposure want be complete it I fail to mention here the deplorable attitude adopted by the Indian government in this matter. This of cause should not be taken as a denial of the good things she does. But unfortunately her hidden agenda appears to overshadow all the good things they do. For example it had been recently reported that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had told the Sri Lankan Government “in no uncertain terms” that “immediate measures” should be taken to resettle the displaced people. It further says that Indian National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan had sent a “strong letter on the issue to President Rajapaksa”ƒ”¹…”s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga. My question is what right India has on earth to threaten another independent and sovereign country like that? Manmohan Singh is only Prime Minister of India and so is M.K.Narayanan.  They can issue such “Proclamations “to one of their States. But what legitimate or at least moral right  they have to do so in respect of another sovereign state/

India also never seems to learn from its past blunders. It also have a penchant to finger in to the internal affairs of all its neighbours, as if it has a god given right to do so. Now and then they forget what the LTTE did to Rajiv, their mentor and the man who provided training, gave them not only arms and money but also his own bullet proof Jacket to Pirapaharan to kill Sri Lankans. Another report says “Sri Lankan Tamils are natural allies of the Indian people and the government.” How can the citizens of one country be the natural allies of another against their own country? Isn’t this political hypocrisy just dabbling with to woo the Tmilnadu votes. If they are so concerned about the Tamils in Sri Lanka why can’t they take the whole lot and settle them there permanently so that they can look after them better and also then we will be relieved of this eternal headache?

At the same time look at how they treat the Tamils who are already there. I quote from one of their, own reports.

Sri Lankan Tamils suffer silently in refugee camps (India)

Shastry V. Mallady

MADURAI: Sri Lankan Tamils living in a refugee camp at Koodal Nagar here seem to be silently suffering because of lack of basic amenities. The height of their woes is their dilemma of whether they could demand those facilities or not.

Though living in a condition that calls for immediate intervention of district administration, the families seem to be afraid of coming out in the open to ask the authorities for providing the amenities. At the same time, they express hardships they face every day with no other choice.

A visit to the camp on Monday revealed that the 200-odd families there have a common request: “We want daily supply of drinking water and proper sanitation in the locality.” By going around the camp, it is noticed that the refugees are living in unhygienic conditions because of water stagnation and no free flow of drainage.

“We are buying drinking water and each family spends nearly Rs.8 a day for buying water from a private supplier,” says a refugee. Around 700 refugees are staying in the camp.

The houses present a pathetic picture. Most of them are in a dilapidated condition. The refugees say that no attention is given to do repairs or construct new houses. Accumulated sewage in the refugee camp looks like a pandemic is imminent. “During rainy season and around Deepavali time, water enters our homes and our children are the worst hit,” a refugee says. This is how the Tamilnadu politicians treat Tamils in south India but at the same time they lament over the situation in Sri Lanka beating their communal drum for which they are also responsible as they were the people who bred and hatched the Tigers against Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile it has been reported in the press that a group of cabinet ministers and MPs from Tamil Nadu Tuesday has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi to send a team to Sri Lanka where they said the military was ‘mistreating’ Tamils displaced by the war and interned in camps.


Indians, especially the Tamilnadu politicians, seem to suffer from a chronic penchant for fingering in to the internal affairs of Sri Lanka while the centre also seems to suffer from the same syndrome regarding all its neighbours. They will never learn a lesson from history until the Tamilnadu Tamils declare the ELLAM on Indian soil one day fulfilling the fourth step in their World EELAM Federation dream which is supposed to include Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Andaman Islands, Malaysia and Fiji Islands, as conceptualized by Appadorei in 1947.




The following news item under the caption “ƒ”¹…”Prabhakaran’s ghost haunts India’ supports my above contention



“Indian Prime Minister’s defense advisor M.K. Narayanan had declared at the Indian DGP “”…” IGP Police conference last week that there are signs that the Tamil Tigers are re-grouping themselves. He said, “Chances are yet for the Tamil Tigers to regroup and rearm.’ He went on to add,”ƒ”¹…””¦the funding lines of the LTTE are still intact, and there is always a possibility that disgruntled elements in the Tamil Diaspora across the Globe could get together to help the terror outfit , re- group and re arm. With the Tamil Diaspora which was the main source of funding for LTTE spread far and wide, the threat of the outfit raising its head once again could not be ruled out “¦”

Narayanan could have made these enunciations on the basis of the information he has received. He is a Senior Official having experience and specialized knowledge about Tamil Tigers. Hence, his statements cannot be simply dismissed.

Less than two days after he made this declaration , at the 130th Birth anniversary celebrations of E.V. Ramasamy , who founded the “ƒ”¹…”Dravida Kazhagam’- a campaign for the creation of a separate Tamil State  in India. Those Congress party leaders who went near the statue of Ramasamy noticed a huge banner of Prabhakaran with his photograph in close proximity to the Statue. When the Congress leaders questioned as to how Prabhakaran’s banner and photograph came in there, they were told , it was the work of Tamil Tiger party supporters in the Tamil Nadu. Later however, the Congress leaders have garlanded the statue after withdrawing the banner of Prabhakaran.

A few days prior to this incident , Shashikala  a friend of Jayalalitha, invited American Human Rights Organization  representative Dr. Ellyn Sue Shander to India to talk on the SL human rights violations. Her visa application to visit India was rejected by the Indian High Commission in New York. In India she was to meet pro Tamil Tiger supporter Vaiko, and address several mammoth rallies with him in Madras against human rights violations in SL.

Similarly, Vaiko openly declared recently that his party will be uniting with the Tamil Diaspora to carry forward the Tamils’ struggle; and for this, he will be enlisting the strength of the Tamil Diaspora. If Narayanan’s warning is seen vis-a-vis the several incidents, in the event of the Tamil Tigers rearing their heads again, it will be more a threat to India than SL. Narayanan’s apprehensions about the Tamil Diaspora are clearly brought forth in this scenario. From Narayanan’s enunciations, it is evident that he has discerned the bitter rancour and resentment of the Tamil Diaspora against the present Indian Government and its bureaucracy which formulate policies pertaining to SL.

There are views expressed that after the death of Prabhakaran and the conclusion of the war, ostensibly under the name of democracy, if the Tamil Tigers’  struggle is surfacing , chances are that it can begin in Tamil Nadu targeting SL. This is the result of the deep seated detestation the Tamil Diaspora has against the policies India followed regarding the SL war. This abhorrence was clearly manifested via the Tamil Diaspora’s media.

A lethal revival of the Tamil armed struggle can spell doom. The revival of it in SL can be most lethal. The Tamil Diaspora must be looking out for a venue to start this struggle. The only place they are searching for and which comes within their gaze is Tamil Nadu, for they have no need to start their struggle afresh. All that is needed is just some “ƒ”¹…”maturing’ “”…” the seeds sown are already there. There is a possibility that this struggle can commence under the guise of democracy , and later metamorphose into an armed struggle. The survival of this struggle will depend on the methods and measures adopted by the Indian Government. to control this armed struggle emerging from the Democratic image.

This development is most likely, after the leaderships of Chief Minister Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu cease. After Karunanidhi and Jayalalaithaa’s exit, there is room for profound changes in Tamil Nadu politics. The Tamil Diaspora is aware of this.

Their resentment and rancour against India is much bitterer today than before. They reckon India as the first cause, and not SL as most responsible for the annihilation of their armed struggle. They do not harbour so much hatred against China and Pakistan who helped SL to crush the Tamil Tigers. It is their perception that this war, which was instigated   by India to achieve its designs by arming their brothers and sisters, and used them, finally destroyed them. They also claim that India was the cause of their losing their children, families, and lands. India after using them has via the war taken over the Trincomalee Harbour and their lands. After accomplishing its designs, it betrayed them, they charge.

It is unfathomable in what form and on what day, this deep inveterate hatred of the Tamil Diaspora will rear its head and explode against India. Right now, their gaze is not fixed on SL. They are fully aware that there are no leaders in SL to carry forward their struggle. Their focus is on Tamil Nadu and Leaders, Nedumaran and Vaiko  who are Tamil Tiger supporters. The Tamil Diaspora did not accept K.P. as leader because the latter was preparing to carry forward the struggle along with India. The Tamil net website while accusing K.P. as subservient to India,  indirectly described him as a foreign spy. The Tamil Diaspora acknowledged this. This is why the Tamil Diaspora was unperturbed when K.P. was taken into custody.

A month after K.P. was arrested, Narayanan had stated the LTTE funding line is still intact. In other words, the LTTE funding line could not be disrupted or dismantled by K.P.’s arrest. This also implies that, after Prabahakaran’s death the LTTE administration was not in the hands of K.P.

In that case, in whose hands is the LTTE administration? No matter who he is ; who  can say for sure that this deep rooted hatred of his and the Tamil Diaspora against the Indian Govt. cannot be exploited by another foreign country.

Recently, a columnist who contributes articles to the Tamil net website had asked a very intriguing question. What would have been the result, if the Tamil population during the final phase of the war gone after China and Pakistan instead of depending on India? India must seriously ponder this question. May be Narayanan’s inordinate fear of Tamil Tiger revival stems from this. India is haunted by Prabhakaran’s ghost is clear going by Narayanan’s fear”.


So in this backdrop, once again I warn Indian leaders of their own nemesis, just as I did to Rajiv in 1989, in an open letter, which, he failed to take note of and finally paid the price in 1991.


Resettling nearly 300,000 refugees cannot be done overnight. After all this is their own creation. When all these people were kept as hostages by the LTTE for years, no human right activist or Tamilnadu politician, talked about them. At that they were all both blind and deaf.  As another writer has aptly pointed out it should be obvious to anyone that no government wishes to be burdened indefinitely with feeding and providing shelter and health care to hundreds of thousands of displaced persons if there is a quick and humane way out of it. No one denies the need to expedite resettlement as early as possible which is what the government is trying its utmost to do. But the way the Sri Lankan authorities are being criticized and condemned on this issue gives the world the impression that the Rajapaksa regime is willfully keeping the IDPs in a restricted area to “ƒ”¹…”punish’ them and enjoy their suffering.

Trying to resettle civilians in areas which have not been fully cleared of land mines and anti-personnel mines and have no proper infrastructure is to surely invite trouble. The motive behind pressuring the GOSL to expedite resettlement under the circumstances is to push the island into another crisis. Either way it is Sri Lanka that the international bullies are trying to penalize on the pretext of upholding human rights.

Removing mines from a land that bore the brunt of war for nearly 30 years of armed conflict is no easy task. In Cambodia over two decades after the end of the war there undetected mines were claiming the lives of civilians or maiming them. Five decades following the end of World War II, Allied bombs dropped from the air were still being discovered in Germany. Even USA is still struggling to re-settle the few families affected by Hurricane Rita 2005 and H/cane Ike 2008.

What these critics should do therefore is twofold. First they should listen to and believe the legitimate government of Sri Lanka an d second assist Sri Lankan government firstly to maintain these IDP and then to demine and develop the infrastructure of the areas identified by the government where these people are going to be settled without running to the Tamil diaspora (the virtual shadow of the LTTE) for advice.

Sri Lanka’s other problem is the thousands of hardcore LTTE cadres who “”…” during the last stages of the war in the North- mingled with the civilians escaping to areas that the Security Forces had recaptured. The LTTE is still alive both within Sri Lanka and abroad. It is not yet fully dead. As such it’s the bounden duty of everybody who wants peace, including the international community, India and the local activists who have a pinch of love for this country to support the government to ensure that all elements of LTTE are traced and wiped out so that they will never raise their ugly head in this world.

Instead of that look at what they are doing.

The Sri Lankan government is brought under immense international pressure to do away with anti-terror laws and extraordinary security arrangements in the post-war period. At the same time, the peace lobby also claims the LTTE threat is not yet over and devolution is the only way to bring about a lasting solution. Peace activists and the international community must understand that they cannot have it both ways: They cannot cite LTTE threats in justification of their call for devolution by way of a solution and in the same breadth advocate that the war is over and there is no need for anti-terror measures. They must be rational and pragmatic.

The need for extreme surveillance also becomes all the more important in the following context.

The Sept. 20 Sunday edition of the Sinhala Daily Divaina reported that the Criminal Investigation Department is interrogating 13,000 suspected Tigers arrested in Vavuniya’s welfare villages. They are now detained at 11 camps for screening. All data on them is being collected and they are individually photographed. The CID believes that among them are a number of Tiger leaders who have to be identified. Needless to say letting this scum go free in the rush to resettle ordinary civilians is to jeopardize national security.

According to the same Divaina issue the paper’s London Correspondent Sujeewa Nivunhella, reports that India’s DMK General Secretary, the notorious Tamil Jingoist. V. Gopalaswamy alias Vaiko had presided over secret meeting of Tigers in London on September 9 where they had passed a resolution calling for the revival of the LTTE terrorist campaign in Sri Lanka. For this purpose they had decided to re-start collecting funds from the Tamil Diaspora in the West to purchase weapons.

It was a couple of months ago that a new LTTE poster was found in an IDP camp. According to press reports it carried the message (in Tamil) “We shall build a statue of Prabhakaran with Sinhala blood.” No further explanation is necessary for the presence of Tigers in the welfare villages and what they would do if given any breathing space’.

The Western block must understand that the their hegemony and dominance are not eternal and they are also undergoing drastic changes as any other phenomena as it has been aptly demonstrated over the recent past with increasing financial crises, unprecedented unemployment, deficit budgets and falling economic growth etc. As such the dominance of the present core state in the west and their allies both in the world economy and the political arena is now in the decline. No one can stop this trend as it is only the natural repetition of the evolutionary process. Therefore as Huntington has warned the present “ƒ”¹…”Core States” should at least now face this reality and abstain from intervention in internal conflicts in other civilizations. They should also get rid of their dominant mentality and admit that the world is multinational and multicultural and renounce universalism. They also should realize that all nations, irrespective of their geographical size, as much as the individual do in modern society where there are no slaves and masters, have equal status. The other thing is today the world is so interdependent and so small no country, can, however big it may be, can behave like a Trojan horse or a bull in a china shop. No one should be surprised if the next war would be a one between this world and another? Therefore these so-called present day core states should adopt a rational and pragmatic attitude regarding the independence and the right to manage their own matters without bullying the smaller nations like us and blatantly interfering with their internal matters.

Finally this is the final message I would like to give to all western countries and their allies in the south eastern corner of the globe and India who are unnecessarily interfering with the internal matters of Sri Lanka. If this nuisance is not going to stop forthwith we have only one option that is to get in to an Afro””…”Asian UNO, a new alliance with China and Russia block, as Professor L. Jayasooriya has pointed out.

2 Responses to “An Independent Asian UNO to replace the Western dictated UNO?”

  1. Raj Says:

    You are absolutely right Sudath. I think more people should call for this cause. I hope our leaders in the East will take note of this sooner rather than later.

  2. hela puwath Says:

    An Independent Asian UNO to replace the Western dictated UNO?

    The time sure has come. Sri Lanka should promote Non Alligned Movement (NAM) as an alternative to NATO based Western UNO. NAM should establish a permenant headquater in the East where poor nations can afford to maintain such a HQ. Neutral Sri Lanka would be an ideal location.
    by Hela Puwath

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