Posted on October 12th, 2009

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Now the people of the south also have spoken. They have spoken loudly for the whole world to hear if the world was not paying attention before or purposely ignorant of the reality. It is crystal clear that the majority of Sri Lankans are discovering their lost heritage of patriotism and the dignity which were stolen by the colonial rulers.

The people of the south have boldly rejected the enemies of Sri Lanka and slapped them hard on their face. For the eighteenth consecutive time United National Party under the infamous traitor Ranil Wickckramasinghe has lost an election. Thankful to the other infamous traitor Mangala Samaraweera who became partner with Ranil’s UNP and the club of traitors is making sure that no election shall be won by them for ever and the pill for the political suicide is surely swallowed by each and every member of their club. May their disastrous political ambitions with their political career be Rest In Peace!

In the meantime President Rajapaksha and UPFA shall also not try to fly in the sky with these sweeping victories. It shall not be forgotten how JRJ became an abnormal politician after the sweeping victory UNP received in the General Elections in 1977. With the unprecedented majority in the parliament JRJ said that what he cannot perform now is only making a man into a woman and a woman into a man and everything else is possible in Sri Lanka. JRJ was completely uncontrolled of himself with the magnitude of the massive victory of the election and afterwards most of the decisions and actions he promulgated as the executive president of Sri Lanka were extremely disastrous for the country. During his regime, murderous JVP regained power in most parts of Sri Lanka thus controlling day to day activities by a ‘chit’ (for open or close of business and other activities in areas) and paving way to Tiger terrorism which went completely out of control. Had JRJ used his executive powers to curb the insurgencies brought by the both JVP and LTTE, Sri Lanka would definitely be in a complete different place today. Virtually the whole country was burning with terrorism at the time JRJ handed over the powers to Premadasa and there after all the successors, except the current regime failed to tame the terrorism. Till the terrorists were beaten recently they could successfully launch their activities all around the world ultimately buying not only many international politicians, NGOs, Religion leaders but also presidents and prime ministers of states.

One shall not forget the past but thoroughly remember to learn lessons and to correct the present for a better future.

How President Rajapaksha led the whole country to the great victory over terrorism is unique. Undoubtedly no leader in the present world has earned the honour which Mr. Rajapaksha could achieve by his brave and patriotic decisions.

The people of Sri Lanka are overjoyed and they keep on voting for Mr. Rajapaksha and UPFA to stay in power. President Rajapaksha not only eradicated the terrorism, but also under took massive and unprecedented development programs all over the country.

The country has re-emerged into Great King Gemunu era and Sri Lankans are busy discovering their lost dignity and pride.

Under these circumstances, President Rajapaksha and UPFA shall be aware that any minor mistake that is committed by the UPFA government can discredit the massive victory and the pride Sri Lanka achieved yesterday.

Sri Lanka shall not be considered as anybody’s wealth to play with. Every citizen has the same right. The present regime shall not misuse political powers to favour some and to punish the others. While nominating the candidates for elections and positions, family connections and friendships shall not be considered at all. Giving political tickets to the actors and friends who are not qualified for the position will make the honourable name earned by the President ruin and shamble. These things fall into low low class categories and President Rajapaksha shall not fall into these weak traps, but maintain the honour and dignity of his office.

As stated by recently captured KP, even Prabhakaran the LTTE leader had also mentioned many times that the LTTE is no match to Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s war tactics and strategies and if some international pressure is not brought upon the Sri Lankan government, LTTE will be no more.

It was clearly visible to everybody that with the backing from the President, Secretary of defence and other commanders of the forces, Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s war plans defeated the LTTE successfully.

Is he given the proper and due recognition today?

President Rajapaksha shall intervene and see how the honourable General is treated and keep him where he actually belongs as the whole nation salutes him dearly and lovingly. The traitors and the enemies of the nation are looking forward for some opportunity to grab for their benefit. The President shall not just listen to the others but execute law and order according to his own conscience also.


  1. samn Says:

    While we all must be grateful to all those who worked with determination to remove the plague of LTTE terrorism from the country, we also need to be vocal about the failed politics and corruption in the country. As a country, Sri Lanka can progress forward only within a framework of progressive agenda. People voted for the current government as a show of gratitude for the achievement they made in regards to LTTE terrorism. But now, in order to make people do the same in the future, it must implement right economic agenda with a promise of properity to the country. It is rather unfortunate, that the government has not made a overall genuine effort to make that happen. It still continues with the corruption, family buiding and lawlessness that are detrimental to achieve any real progress. One can only be hopeful about erradicating all these negetive elements, but if the past is any indication, I do not see it is happening. The ruling government is busy planning to device methods to prolong its hold of power rather than spending energy to device methods to build the country and its people. I think many of us know what must be done. However there is a big question that whether it will be done. I do not think if the ruling government continue to misbahave without making real progress, people will support them forever for winning the war. Unless they win the harder war of resurrecting Sri Lankan economy so that people can have a decent living, the political death of many those who won the LTTE war is inevitable. They should not take the peoples gratitude for granted. People change, forget things faster than one can think. Ending the war with LTTE does not give a license to engage in bad governance nor it will keep peoples loyality forever. Time is not on the Presidents side if he does not change his and his governments overall approach for governance and development of the country. At least that is what my opinion is on this matter.

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