So you didn’t get a visa to go to Sri Lanka!
Posted on October 18th, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove  Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario, Canada

October 17, 2009

Mr. Patrick Brown, MP
Conservative MP for Barrie
House of Commons

Dear Patrick:

I just heard you on You Tube whining about the Sri Lankan Government refusing to give you and your Conservative colleague Paul Calandra (Oakridges Markham) visas to visit the IDP Camps in the North of Sri Lanka.  You were spitting Dragon breath all over the Sri Lankan Government.  Nasty! Nasty!!

The question that I would ask you is, “who the heck do you think are you Patrick, and why should the Sri Lankan Government issue you a visa anyway?”  After all you are not even projecting a clout saying that you are a Cabinet Minister, when the Canadian Government had already rejected visas for five Sri Lankan Cabinet Ministers.  I hope you heard the diplomatic jargon, which is part of their working manual lexicon – “reciprocity”.  The Government of Sri Lanka would be within their rights to say “TouchƒÆ’†’©” to you and Paul.

If you think that the Sri Lankan government is obliged to let in every MP around the world whose Tamil refugee constituent complaints that a relative is suffering in an IDP camp and open up the road leading to the IDP welfare village, like approach Highways to the busy Pearson Airport in Toronto, then you must be out of your mind.  Just cut out that insane demand, Patrick.  There is a capacity for the intake of VIPs going up North that the puny Sri Lanka can handle.

The reason why Canada denied the visa for the Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister, Tamil MP for Jaffna, Douglas Devananda, who the Tamil Tigers tried to assassinate 12 times, was purely because you all couldn’t trust the 30 thousand GTA Tamils to stay at home like good citizens taking care of their families and rock their babies to sleep singing “Rock-a-bye-Baby, on the Toddy- Palmyra tree top”.   You were all worried that they would march in droves with their sea of red Tamil Tiger flags and block the airport landing strip to stop the plane carrying Devananda to land.  You guys are scared of your Tamil constituents, aren’t you, as you are frightened that you might have a riot in front of your constituency office door step to deal with?  Or else you all would not have them demonstrate in early May in Toronto costing the tax payers over a million dollars and the Ottawa citizens over 900 thousand dollars for the clean up and the security staff overtime, et cetera.

We Canadians were not the only suckers to the May Tamil demonstration antics, as it cost Londoners in England 7-million grand of UK currency for their police to keep an eye on 27-year old Parameswaran Subaramaniam, the bogus  Fast-unto-death-Hunger striker lying inside a tent in Parliament Square in Westminster gobbling BigMacs at night to sustain himself.  These Tamils have taken the whole world for a ride and your constituents are no different and they are taking you skipping down the garden path singing “What a fool am I”, Patrick.  Trust me!

What got my goat listening to your whining is when you “ƒ”¹…”did a Karygiannis on Sri Lanka’.  Like Jim who wanted your Conservative Government to tell the Sri Lanka Government””¦that if Sri Lanka does not change its ways, it is going to be kicked out of the Commonwealth“, you said that we should pressure the Commonwealth to exclude Sri Lanka as a human rights violator at the next Commonwealth palaver.  I called Jim Karygiannis a “twit” for being so damn arrogant, and I have no problem to call you a “Twit” too for the same reason. You remember that Gong Show on February 4th evening when you guys turned the Chamber of the House of Commons into a Tamil Tiger Blarney Theatre, just to claw at the blood soaked Tamil votes, and the Tamils were sardine packed in the gallery pulling their puppet strings tied to you all.  That was a shameful slavish sight which I will never forget.

You said you wanted to meet the relations of your Tamil constituents in the IDP camps and hand them application forms to apply for visas to come over.   Surely you can do one better than that Patrick.  Try and convince Jason Kenny, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to open temporary Consular offices in the camps to process the applications to bring them over.  The President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa announced that he will let Canada open up such Consular offices.

Well, do it Patrick and siphon every Tamil out of the Northern IDP welfare villages and bring them over to Canada and provide them a strip of land in the periphery of Barrie, and let them call it their NewfoundEelam.

I could do one more favour for you to stop your whining Patrick.  I am prepared to fly over to Sri Lanka and help these Tamils pack their bags and even cart them over to the Colombo airport to take their flights to the Pearson Airport in Toronto where you can have the opportunity to meet them and as a true politician shake hands and say, “Welcome to Canada”.  And in case the planes find it difficult to take off because they are over crowded, I promise you that I will push each one of them down the runway to take off.

This might solve many problems for Sri Lanka and countries like Canada that seems over concerned about alleged human rights violations according to the Tamils, a ruse in search of sympathies to find greener pastures in the west bypassing their motherland, Tamil Nadu in South India, just 18 miles across the waters where 62 million of their kith and kin live.

Remember how the Liberal Terrible Five – Albina Guarneiri, Derek Lee, Robert Oliphant, Judy Sgro and Jim Karygiannis accused Sri Lanka of “Genocide” during the Gong Show on February 4th, while in reality, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces were laying down 6,200 of their lives to rescue 280,000 Tamils from the claws of the Tamil Tigers who herded them for almost two years from the West to the East of that island through land-mined terrain while being chased by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces to their extinction.  Here’s my problem, Patrick.

During that herding of human cattle by the Tamil Tiger Killer Cowboys for two long years, I didn’t hear the voice of Patrick Brown complaining about human rights violations by the Tamil Tigers, let alone Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other Human Rights NGOs. There certainly were no, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your cowboy Tamil Tiger dens down  if you don’t stop this violation“.  Where on earth were you then Patrick?  And the same question goes to your colleague Paul Calandra. “Where the hell were you Paul?

While still on the subject of denied visas, read today’s (Oct. 17) THE OTTAWA CITIZEN’s page A3 where there is an article “Poverty vow keeps monks out of country” by-lined by Jennifer Green.

Canada which proudly presents itself to the world as “the working laboratory of Multiculturalism” has been denying visas for Buddhist monks to come over from Sri Lanka to take up positions as our spiritual leaders in our ever growing Buddhist communities.  My Buddhist temple at 1481 Heron Road has been denied applications of two monks and we have no resident monk, and it is crippling our spiritual sensibilities.

Take a Sunday drive to the Westend Buddhist Vihara in Toronto and speak to its incumbent Bhante Amarawasa who will explain to you his frustration having five applications for monks denied of visas.  Drive over to the east-end Toronto Mahavihara and speak with the incumbent Bhante Ratanasiri and he might have a similar story.   And you whine because you did not get a visa to visit Sri Lanka.  Ha!

You know Patrick, Multiculturalism is a hollow concept when the multi-religious aspect of our diverse society is held back to thrive.  When Canada says that we are a “working laboratory of Multiculturalism”, I say, it is a bunch of baloney.   Think about it Patrick.

So stop being the champion for the Tamil cause, when you are dealing with a bunch of no good liars.  You are certainly no,

“John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave; while the sons of bondage weep all whom he ventured to save”¦ Hallelujah, as we go marching on!”


Asoka Weerasinghe
Conservative Party Member C11255047         

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