Watch Out for Indian Involvement in Burma
Posted on October 19th, 2009

By Abid Bahar,

Lately Burma shows genuine confidence for a possible confrontation with Bangladesh. This could be due to Indian involvement in Burmese politics especially in the disputes over the maritime boundary. In this area India and Burma are working together against Bangladesh.

We also have reports about Indian presence in Arakan gas projects and in the Kaladan River transit for India to the Bay of Bengal. Lately, India is also actively helping the Burmese military to fight against the Burmese ethnic minorities. It appears that to help the military distract its present Burmese democracy movement by the ethnic minorities; the notorious Indian policy makers might even help Burma to start a war with Bangladesh. Indian army chief visits Burma. (WAI MOE, India’s Army Chief visits Burma( We don’t know what is in their mind.

Like the 1/11 show and the Pilkhana tragedy, we came to know only after it was all over. The devil is in Burma on the driver seat! Burma’s trope build-up and over confidence with Bangladesh means something. Arakanese supreme leader Aye Kyaw officially claims that Chittagong belongs to Burma and demands Burmese military’s help. If war takes place, it will involve superpowers and ultimately like the first British involvement in Burma, this time allows direct American involvement in Burma-Bangladesh politics.

We know that USA has some development/ (underdevelopment) projects in Southern Chittagong. The US army did detail mapping of the Bangladesh-Burma border region during the Moin U backed puppet Care taker govt. The consequence of such a bloody American handshake will be the displacement and death of both innocent Burmese and Bangladeshi people and the loss of democracy or the loss of the prospects of democracy in both countries. As we know, war brings superpower’s testing arms but for the victim the financial dependence and human suffering in countries already in debt. This could be the other fallout of the Bush era India- US alliance and an Indian proxy war against Bangladesh. Our research institutes and policy makers should watch out the devil in detail.


WAI MOE, India’s Army Chief visits Burma

Abid Bahar, Burma’s Missing Dots, 2008

News from Bangladesh,
Hundreds being tossed across Bangladesh-Myanmar border: Report…ort/662914.html

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