Why our motherland is betrayed by so called economic refugees?
Posted on October 19th, 2009

By James Jayalath from Melbourne

I have read comments in several DM articles relate to the refugee issue, and would like to say the following: As human beings we are all like to live in better conditions and have a good life.

That’s why people migrate to other countries through proper channel based on their skills and qualifications. Thousands of hard working parents (majority Sinhalese) from Sri Lanka send their children to study in countries like Australia, UK & USA because their kids have an opportunity to apply for migration after they completed their studies if they are wished to do so.

People who claim bogus asylum are burden to any country and need to be looked after by tax payers. They betrayed the country of birth and some after obtaining free education and tell fibs to the authority because they wanted to spend a good quality life in a Western Country, and do not give a damn whether they destroy the image of our beautiful country Sri Lanka.

So people in previous DM articles who tried to justify their arguments, that those people who held up in Indonesia and now in Canada are genuine refugees, in reality it is a load of nonsense.

3 Responses to “Why our motherland is betrayed by so called economic refugees?”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    People from Tamil Nadu have been BOATING & WALKING into Sri Lanka for eons ! They use the Mannar or Jaffna route to get in.
    After about 1.5 Million Tamil people were imported from by the Brits & the Dutch as indentured labor, poor Tamils
    (Dalits mainly) have found Lanka a good place to live, with free education, free medical care, and free food for the very poor.
    Would you classify the Tamils who came into Lanka ILLEGALLY in the last 50 yrs or so, as “bogus asylum seekers who are burden to Lanka’s taxpayers” ? Please also tell us why it is that Lanka has allowed ILLEGAL migration from Tamil Nadu to
    go on for such a long time.

  2. jljay1 Says:

    Fran, Appreciate your comments. Looks like you have misunderstood my point. As a migrant I do not mind whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils or any other race migrate to any country through the proper channel. I have nothing against my Tamil brothers and sisters but I hate people betrayed our motherland and try to gain sympathy from Western countries. It is true that some Sinhalese thugs destroy Tamil properties and killed Tamils in 1983, since then our country has suffered enormously due to this cruel VP & thugs. During 1983 riots majority of the peace loving Sri Lankans helped to protect Tamil properties, their valuables (including my mother who was a single parent) and their lives, but very few Tamils who left Sri Lanka and lives in Western countries openly appreciate this because most of them let down our country and became economic refugees. That doesn’t mean we have Saints in our country (especially Politian’s), but majority of the Sri Lankans are very hospitable and tolerant that’s why people waited patiently when they were getting slaughtered by LTTE thugs (suicide bombers) until our hero’s wiped them out in May2009. Like Sinhalese, Tamils have contributed to our economy and still holding high position all over Sri Lanka.
    Hope you understand where I am coming from because I never ever thought of people who came from Tamil Nadu as refugees until you brought up this issue because majority of them still living in South without any problem whatsoever with Sinhalese, and I sincerely hope that everybody can live in peace and harmony for the rest of their lives.
    James Jayalath

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    I appreciate JJ responding to Fran’s comments and would appreciate if other writers do the same as we may have a better understanding of their thinking, instead of treating like comments made by no bodies. In fact, comments may be coming from individuals who may be much better in that respect. Since the content refers to both Sinhala and Tamil ethnicities, I thought to write this one. These days, we use ethnic labels, especially, Sinhala, to identify anybody and everybody for some unknown reasons. I like to challenge that there are NO Sinhala migrants as I am yet to find such persons. According to my search, Sinhala people could be the only humans who survived the transition from wild to the modern life in the same place and they lack the key elements to attach any migrant label.

    Obviously Tamils have a different culture and they have become the source of all the evil in the world these days. It is a result of their culture and its consequences. Their way of ownership such as user/lease holder is owner, ownership transferred by using force and plunderer becomes owner, is making many among their community to destitute living conditions. Once they have reached that level they become the scum of the earth as proven by their presence in Sinhale’. They are very good at crying loud as THE MOST DISCRIMINATED HAPLESS MINORITY. But have they changed a bit from the time humans lived in the wild by their deeds? This is the core issue contributing to their disgraceful conduct. Why do we have to accommodate them?

    With my own experience, I can tell that the notion of humans seeking better conditions, good life, migration and sending children to study in countries like Australia, UK & USA are a result of hyped up self-serving propaganda by the English who have mastered the art of deception and barbarity to the extreme. Most of those who become subjects of this scam are bloody idiots with traitorous or naive roots who live like parasites (They have done nothing to Sinhala people) in their own countries. I left Sinhale’ in disgust following the behaviour of social elite in Sinhale’ (Those I found later as Local English community servile to Englism), seeking the same heavenly comforts in the rump English empire and have lived there for nearly two decades. In my case, I did not take more than the first three months to understand that I left the morally bankrupt partner to live with the partner’s parent of opposite sex, the origin of immorality. When I realised how painful it was to leave and live outside Sinhale’ and the kind of people that led to my departure, I cannot believe that any Sinhala person would be happy to live anywhere else, except Sinhale’. Let us make it clear. Anyone seeking English way of life is an English subject. Shall we leave Sinhala people out of this equation?

    I hope you had read a comment made by me about 1983 some time ago at this web site and there is nothing to regret, but accept it as a logical and more amenable outcome in response to well-coordinated Tamil conduct over many millennia. Instead, we should learn from English to institutionalise mechanisms to ensure ethnic independence and survival from such migrant attacks.

    It is true that we all had a very long history of living like the natural beings in the wild and chose to be who we are today thanks to our earlier generations. Unless you feel, practice, take ownership of and make the next generations to do the same, there is no truth in attaching ourselves to any ethnic identity. I see the migrant character as very similar to that we find in flies. They contribute to carry things of value from one group to another. But they may be good for English but very bad for Sinhala just like the flies that do a great service by helping to decay of dead. But the diseases carried by flies are a curse to living.

    Can someone tell me, how could we call ourselves Sinhala when we take the side of English, the worst enemy of Sinhala people, who committed horrendous crimes to Sinhala people including forced settlement of Tamils? Let me finish this comment by saying that English have mastered the art of turning the prey to come begging to see the carnivores with all their worth demanding to be consumed at their pleasure. Please sort out the meaning yourselves.

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