Defence Authorities Pooh-Pooh Concocted web stories and E-Mail Campaigns
Posted on October 25th, 2009

Courtesy: MCNS

It has been brought to the notice of the defence authorities that certain pro-LTTE and anti-Security Forces websites continue to burn midnight oil by way of publishing various concocted stories, replete with hypotheses and utterly false fabricated stories.

The latest were a series of purposely planted such stories and e-mails being published in a website called “Sri Lanka Guardian” in which a new version to the consequences that led to Prabhakaran’s death has been concocted, involving the reputation of senior officers who gave leadership to the final battles against Tiger terrorists in Wanni and Military Intelligence.

Similarly, one more orchestrated attempt by some interested elements has been launched on the same issue earlier appeared in the Sri Lanka Guardian website referring to another Major General and some undisclosed defence sources in the Ministry of Defence. Simultaneously, anti Sri Lanka elements with the sinister motive of trying to take the Security Forces to a War Crime tribunal and tarnishing the image, appear to be doing overtime resorting to reinvigorated “e-mail” propaganda gimmicks.

Defence authorities flatly reject contents of these fabricated stories and are planning prosecution against those publishers in accordance with legal provisions that have already been published. Attempts of this mean nature are deliberately pursued by politically-motivated people or by such organizations in order to bring the Sri Lankan Security Forces into ridicule with the ulterior motive of reaching the ‘international community’. Defence authorities once again condemn such attempts and urge interested parties not to engage in willful insult and humiliation to the heroic forces in the country.

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