Divided We Stand – United We Fall!
Posted on October 26th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Many opinions have expressed their concern on the current predicament of two Giants trying to fight for the spoils. Or it is just “spin” created by subtle planning?

One one hand we have President Mahinda Rajapaksa who demonstrated his leadership and diplomatic skills of a Statesman and on the other the General Sarath Foseka who led his armies to annihilate the most ruthless terrorist LTTE Tigers during two years.

Neither President Mahinda Rajapaksa nor General Sarath Fonseka could singly stand up and claim total credit. This was a team effort. A joint project. And both won for the country.

As one might read directly on-line (not in between), the LTTE Tiger Diaspora have not given up. The world was aware that the terrorists had both political and financial backers overseas, who supported the LTTE Terrorist activity in Sri Lanka.

First the Sri Lankan commandos who located and brought back KP from Malaysia/Thailand to Sri Lanka, which in itself was a highly commendable operation. KP is singing right now, an embarresment to the Diaspora, Rajaratnam, Erik Solheim and many more.

Within months billionaire Raj Rajaratnam found himself in deep water and the American authorities confirmed the extent to which Rajaratnam was involved in financially supporting the LTTE Terrorists. This is only the beginning. There is more to surface.

The Rajaratnam investigators also discovered the political manoeuvres which have gone all the way up to the White House. That explains the position of Hillary Clinton. Wonder who settled her Presidential bid debts? This should be subject to further scrutiny.

According to most recent analysis, both USA and India were giving tacit support to LTTE Terrorists to carve up Sri Lanka and empower LTTE to support USA/India by default against China, Russia and possibly Iran on the control of oil supply routes which Sri Lanka sits upon most comfortably.

Although, USA and EU have still following the same doctrine, despite one of the major financial players has suffered a public humiliation, politics have short memories.

There are other players yet to surface, in Italy, France, Scandinavia, Australia and indeed Canada.

Those who are currently afloat on boats trying to enter Australia and Canada are the next generation funded by the LTTE Diaspora, to the tune of US$ 75,000-; a piece for the boat ride, who and their kith and kin in Sri Lanka, would be indebted for life, to repay their debts with allegiance to the LTTE for future potential acts of terrorism.

In the meantime, the LTTE machinery with the tacit support of the political players are doing their utmost to disturb the potential stability which Rajapaksa-Fonseka have created.

What better way to create instability by creating conflict through selfish greed and power-hunger between two Great Giants, who might go down in history as a team who saved the Island of Sri Lanka by eradicating Terrorism or the two Giants who destroyed themselves in a quest for power?

We do hope that the two great minds are strong enough to resist temptation of power for the sake of personal gratification.

As a subscriber to LankaWeb expressed with accuracy, “Velupillai Prabhakaran would laugh in his grave that what he failed to achieve in his lifetime, was realized by his supporters after his demise!”

President Rajapaka, General Fonseka, should under no circumstances give this pleasure to the remnants of LTTE, its Diaspora and those who supported LTTE Terrorism in the governments of USA, EU and India.

Your team effort will be destroyed and history will tell of a sad story of how Divided We Stood and United We Fell!

No joy to the audience, Monkey without the Organ Grinder OR the Organ Grinder without the Monkey.

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  1. Ram2009 Says:

    The only thing missing from the racist tiger terrorist claim to the north and the east of the country, was the lack of a devine covenant. My information is that this deficit is being addressed now, and soon this too may be available.

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