Sri Lanka:” consider sanctions”, you said
Posted on October 26th, 2009

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

October 25, 2009

Senator Bob Brown
Leader of the Green Party Australia.

 Dear Bob Brown:

“The Leader of Australia’s Green Party has urged the government to consider sanctions against Sri Lanka amid concerns about the treatment of the country’s Tamil population.”  This statement by you was reported in the local paper.

Senator Bob that indeed is a strong statement wanting to cripple Sri Lanka. While you seem to present yourself as a humanist with a bleeding heart crying for the Tamils I was expecting you to bleed a crimson red, but hey!, when I mixed the colours green and brown in my palette, what I got was a tar black.  Hmmmm”¦Does Senator Bob bleed a Tar-black rather than a crimson red,  showing the ugly side of his humanism I wondered!

I am slightly confused with your statement “”…” “”¦concerns about the treatment of the country’s Tamil population.”  I wish you explained more.  Here’s my confusion:

  1.  The 3.9% Tamil population (World Watch 2009 stats) can own any square inch of land in any part of Sri Lanka, but the majority Sinhalese population (74%) cannot own even half of one square inch of land in the Jaffna peninsula in the north of Sri Lanka, according to the existing Law.  Hmmm”¦what is your concern here Bob?  The Tamils have got it all.  They have absolutely nothing to gripe about.
  2. Of the population of the capital Colombo, 40% are Tamils, and that too is out of the island’s total population of 3.9% of Tamils.  Well”¦did you expect all of the population of the capital Colombo to be Tamils? Don’t you think they are doing well in Sri Lanka’s capital.  I am beginning to see your tar-black humanism working against the 74% of the Sinhalese population.  Are you being a Godfather to the Tamils bought by the Tamil Tiger International billion dollar cartel?  Come on Bob, spit out the truth.
  3.  When in 1880 you all from Down Under hanged in Melbourne your legendary outlaw Edward “Ned” Kelly for killing three policemen,  yet in Sri Lanka Karuna, the breakaway Tamil Tiger terrorist who was responsible for shooting to death at point blank range 700 Sinhalese policemen who had surrendered when promised that they would be sent South without being harmed,  was not hanged by the Sri Lankan Government but was appointed to the Cabinet as the Minister responsible for National Integration and  Reconciliation.    So what’s your beef, Bob? So how come you are still concerned about the treatment of the country’s Tamil population?  My suspicion that you have accepted the role of being the Tamil’s Godfather Down Under is beginning to gel.  Hmmmm”¦.When did that monetary transaction take place, Bob?  Come on, spit out the truth.!
  4. Bob, as peace returned to the once Tamil Tiger bullet and bomb pocked Northern Jaffna theatre, its Tamil population is witnessing development projects hitherto never ever seen by their parents or grandparents since independence in February 1948.  The Uthuru Wasanthaya programmes launched after May 18, when the Tamil Tigers went down to the count of  a wrestling Crocodile Dundee’s “One, Two, Three” into oblivion, the Government of Sri Lanka has embarked upon providing all basic needs for their legitimate aspirations.

The Educationists in Jaffna have welcomed the Government’s upgrading of their schools providing all facilities for their Tamil students.  The farming communities in Jaffna from the agricultural sector have been jubilant over the efforts by the Government to help them restart cultivation that came to a complete stop during the two decade of Tamil Tiger terrorism as they planted landmines like mushrooms all over the land rather than rice in paddies.

So what are your “concerns”, Bob.  So what is your beef wanting to cripple Sri Lanka?   It certainly does show that your heart bleeds the Green+Brown back tar of hate for the Sri Lankan majority Sinhalese.

Perhaps, you may want to explain more of your concerns about the country’s (Sri Lanka) treatment of the Tamil population, the way you have been brainwashed by the Australian-Tamils because I just don’t get it.

When your Queensland’s aboriginal poet Margaret Armstrong wrote with a certain pain,

“You came over to our land and took it/ Devastation to our people you knew it/ You thought that putting us away/ We should be here to obey”,

I see your white-colonial attitude that you are projecting toward the dark-skinned Sri Lankans. I tell you Senator Bob Brown, just cut it.    You have noticed that Sri Lanka has survived all the western international bashings, and she would quite easily bear another neo-colonial punch from Australia, and you won’t get anywhere. 

My hunch is that President Mahinda Rajapaksa will tell Australia’s Green Party Leader Bob Brown- “Why don’t you pick up the most beautiful  Australian refugee-Tamil Lechchimi and keep waltzing into the sunset to the strains of “ƒ”¹…”Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda, You come a-waltzing Matilda with me’, and keep your hands off Sri Lanka.”


Asoka Weerasinghe (Canada)

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