Posted on November 8th, 2009

Ranjit Wickremeratne

My city My Country that is the country I was born and I like to live my whole life though I am working abroad at the moment and that country is none other than my beloved homeland SRI LANKA. We breathe

fresh air freely now after thirty years of bloody war with the most ruthless murderers in this planet. They are all now having nightmares in hell for masssacre thousands of innocent civillians in cold blood for three decades. Our thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our beloved leader and the current President of mother lanka His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, Defence secretary Hon.Gotabaya Rajapaksa, War Hero General Sarath Fonseka and the war heros from our armed forces who sacrificed their lives and fought day and night do or die battle with the terrorists to end this dirty war which was started by handful of thieves and murderers from the north.

 After clearing the war dust and allow our people to enjoy the freedom His Excellancy Mahinda Rajapaksa started to rebuild the country. To do that he needs money and he went around and found so many new friends among the nations in the world who appreciate and gave high marks for erradicating the menace of terrorism from our beloved homeland SRI LANKA. It’s not a problem for our country alone but for so many countries around the world. Innocent human beings were dying every day by this terrorism around the world.When good leaders were trying to give their peoples a peaceful enviroment without having bomb blasts here and there they get opposition from their own traitors in their own lands. For example see our country from the day we got our freedom and raise our LION flag from Dondra to Point Pedro our opposition traitors were trying every trick in the book to topple this Government who brought us real freedom by destroying all the terrorists and their bomb factories around the country. Instead of praising our leaders they go around the country and around the world telling lies and lies for the benefit of their white masters. If we had a good opposition leader then we would have been in a better place in the world stage instead we have a brainless joker who promise to give bracelets,chewing gum now free SMS to young people in our country. Actually what does he think of our young generation? Is our young generation so uneducated to vote for this gentleman for giving free SMS? Is he a nut? Our people one of the best in all fields in the world stage be Cricket,Studies,Music Drama Movies sports etc. and now the best forces in the world who stood up to most barbaric suisiders in the world. Shame on you Mr.funny face. When our leaders sacrifice their children to go to the front lines what did you offer Mr.SMS? You dont know anything about young generation in our country because you dont have a child on your own so dont try to fool our young population with your baby talks.

Now that you got another two brainless losers on your side Mr. Avamangala and jumping fish Hakeem you three can talk all these nonsence up till the next general elections only because both of your buddies will lose everything including their seats this time. Our citizens knows which way to go now with good leadership to show the way for a prosperous Lanka.

 These shameless traitors should be brough to justice same as the terrorists for aiding and abetting to topple a democratic government. They create confussion in the country by spreading false rumors and tell lies and lies to hoodwink the innocent mases of our country. Do not fall in to their prey my dear citizens.Enough is enough take responsibility to build our motherland and save it from terrorists as well as these shameless traitors.

Also the red shirted bankcrupt politicians and their cronies who unnecessarilly create confussion and damaging the country’s reputation as a peaceful country by unruly protests and damaging goverment properties etc in the capital colombo. Instaed of giving their cooperation to the government at this hour of need they try to destroy our beloved homeland and newly got freedom. In this up coming elections the mases will show them what is good and what is bad for our country so be ready you shamelss traitors of our Motherland.

 Dear Readers dont allow these shameless traitors who are the enemies of our country to come to power or to come even to the most sacred democratic institution our parliament. This is the time to build our country together and bring our motherland to those glorious days in the past. Be faithful and be true to our paradise isle of SRI LANKA. Together we build together we stand all faiths and religions may it be Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Burgurs,Malays or any other who loves and lives in our peaceful land of birth SRI LANKA.



Ranjit Wickremeratne

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