Tamil Terrorists are working hard to make Canada as their Political hub
Posted on November 8th, 2009

By Michle Walter in Canada

Reference to the article heading with “Tamil’s ship alleged to have trace of Explosive” appeared on 3rd November 2009 in National Post has confirmed that ship is belong to LTTE which was used for carrying illegal arm supply to LTTE when they were fighting against to Sri Lankan Government forces.

Mr.Lee Rankin “”…” a highly paid lawyer who representing some of these illegal immigrants was doing his job very well by denying all this fact as allegation. However the facts can’t hide as it was proofed by Border Services Agency with concrete evidence. Mr. Lee has said that only two men clothes were detected explosive residue, but didn’t say any comment on other items were found in that ship.

Mr. David Poobalapillai-Canadian Tamil Congress spoke person who came on TV interview on other day has claimed that two men were caught in war zone where Sri Lankan air force was dropping bombs that explosive residue in their clothes were explosive residue of drop bombs. As usual his idiotic explanation will not buy any of sensible intelligent viewers. It is possible these men would have in war field fighting against to Sri Lankan forces by handling explosives. It mean they are hard core LTTE cadres who now appealing Canadian authorities as an innocent displaced civilians.

Prof. Rohan Gunarathna is well reputed expert on terrorism and terror act studies who is monitoring LTTE every move last two decade. Mr. Lee Rankin may not accept the findings of Prof Rohan as he is a paid lawyer who wants to safeguard his clients. But Prof Rohan was right and with his experience and knowledge he can assume how LTTE will react after they fail to win this war.

As per news paper report, Mr. Lee Rankin has said that Explosive residue in clothes was irrelevant matter and look why these people left their country is relevant matter. Mr.Lee forgot to understand why these people selected Canada the best place to claim refugee which is thousand miles away from these illegal immigrant origin country why they didn’t go to Erithiria which was helping country to LTTE to buy arms using their “end user certificate” confirmed by K.P who is reveling more horror stories to Sri Lanka authorities in their custody. Mr.Lee may not aware that arranged Relations and Family members in Canada who claimed to support these illegal immigrants are well paid as like him to safeguard these illegal immigrants to get refuges status. He further said that allegations are laughable and accusing CBSA for putting his clients for negative light for claiming refuges status in Canada. We salute our brave CBSA staff and officers who are tirelessly working round the clock to keep our Canadian state for free form any terrorist group. People like Mr Lee for the sake of money should not underestemate our brave staff and officers’ hard work.

Tigers are working hard to make Canada as their Political hub for their international activities. They are using different front organizations to deal with the Canadian law makers to disband the LTTE in Canada. Ceylon Tamil Congress is very much influenced by Tigers and all their activities are promoting LTTE agenda. As RCMP chief said LTTE may not a direct threat to Canadian security but they may use Canada as their base to do terror activities in other part of world but sorry to say he is wrong on his prediction.

The argument to say he is wrong, in 1985’s India was allowed LTTE to use its soil as their base and never expected that LTTE will be a security threat to their nation and their leaders but things happened in later stage is a history. India was the first Country to ban LTTE before Sri Lanka. The truth is LTTE is ruthless terrorist organization and not freedom fighters. They don’t have any norms of social life and principals for their actions. They are the one thought the deadly “Human Bomb concept” the other terror organization. They will betrayed any one even who might help them in past for the sake of their survival.

It is no doubt that illegal immigrant were arrived in this ship are well trained hard core LTTE carders who are capable to handle firearms and explosive without any fear. Some of the Political leaders in Tamil Nadu State in India who had very close contacts with LTTE top leaders were saying that Eellam War -5 will continue soon or later.

 Illegal immigrants on boat to Canada and Australia are highly suspected hard core carders. They may re- group in foreign soil and waiting for their time to execute massive devastation

We Canadian should not allow this terror group uses our soil. We are multinational, multicultural and free thinking community under one flag and never allow any racial and apatite group to foot in our soil and devastate our rich and cultured society. We plead to our Conservative Government as well our Liberal party members to be strong enough to say NO to any terrorist groups and not to play politics on these issues.

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Michle Walter
    You have exposed the Tamil terrorists supporters very well. I salute to you.
    Those guys want none other than $, ₤, Euros, C$ etc. Those entire bogus allegations against Sri Lanka are to get (economic) refugee status from a developed country.
    If they really worried about the Tamil language and their heritage why not they go to Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu) in South India, which is just 24 Miles from Sri Lanka’s north. If they travel by boat it takes just an hours and by plane just 45 minutes from Colombo. There are 60 million Tamils live in Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu) and Tamils came to Sri Lanka from there. Since they have a separate Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu) what the hell they want to go to Europe, Canada, Australia and America. Very simple answer! Make more $, Euros, UKP, C$. If they go to Tamil Nadu maximum they get Indian Rupees 20. A day ($0.75 cents a day)
    Tamil terrorist mafia in narcotics trade, credit card frauds, Illegal weapon transportation, Train other terrorist groups, extortions, financial frauds and human smuggling are some of their activities. In future Tamil terrorists will do more damage to Canada, Europe and America. So Michele it is high time to stop these terrorists coming to your country.

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