The General and the President – Beware and take care, the ‘Portuguese’ are once again at the gates!
Posted on November 12th, 2009


The forces that lost out  defending the Tiger Terrorists are creeping back to rob the hard won victory of the patriotic forces who are now in disarray just 6 months after their historic victory. Is it just unadulterated lust for power and wealth, jealousy, hatred and revenge?

 It is  6 months since the end of the Tamil Terrorist adventure in Nanthi Kadaal in Mulaitivu “”…” Mookalan Duwa. It is time that Sri Lanka took stock of what happened and understand the real background that led to the elimination of the terrorist leadership and its local infrastructure. There is no doubt that it is the election of Mahinda Rajapakse that triggered the turn around of the Sri Lankan military machine to take up the terrorist juggernaut. Up until then the Sri Lankan military was used only to achieve limited military objectives in keeping with the political ambitions of the unpatriotic powers in Colombo.

 It is now abundantly clear that it is the Western  Powers together  who were behind the Tamil Tiger Terrorist movement. How much they are hurt from the exit of the terrorists from the war theatre is clearly indicated from the international cacophony and tirade against Sri Lanka.  These very same powers who are responsible for the most gruesome human rights violations in history, genocide and the infamous religious inquisitions are now positioning themselves to stand judge and jury over Sri Lanka.

 The incessant demonizing of Sri Lanka at International fora is a clear indication of their displeasure and that the attempts by these powers to subvert power in Sri Lanka are continuing at a different level. The elimination of Tamil Tiger Terrorists, their cat’s paw to destabilize Sri Lanka and India, is only a temporary set back for them. These powers have long term agendas, longer memories, and great patience to strike back when we drop our guard or stand divided. They are just biding their time and plotting to create disunity and dissension in our ranks. They are ably assisted in this task by the resident traitors and their running dogs. If we are not observant and mindful it will not take long for the unthinkable to happen. They will create dissension, disunity and mayhem to divide, quarter and destroy the forces that defeated their cat’s paw and prodigy “”…” the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Before soon the dead tiger movement may rise sphinx like from its ashes and metamorphose into another attempt to carve out Ealam!

 Let us understand these forces for what they are. The Western powers have controlled the world for the past two millennia. The world is changing fast and the signs are clear that the time is now ripe for the East Wind to prevail.  What is now manifest from Middle East, South Asia to South East Asia is the Hawking’s radiation of this aged and dying  black hole  . Once its influence is gone the Western Powers have only one leg to stand on “”…” just sheer crude power. However one thing is clear “”…” they will not go away in a hurry. Countries like Sri Lanka must be wise to handle these forces and if necessary use them for their benefit. No amount of crying foul can wish them away. What these powers are exercising is their current undeclared policy for the region. We must recognize this presence and act accordingly.

 It is important to clearly understand the climate in which President Rajapakse came into office. The tide of public opinion turned to one of saying “ƒ”¹…”enough is enough’ at the Soma Hamuduruwo’s funeral. The ordinary people of Sri Lanka understood that there are bigger forces behind what was happening in Sri Lanka and that they had to take a stand and they did. During the period of the war against terrorism, beginning with Mahaveli Oya  when the dead and casualties started mounting had the nation stood up in uproar it would not have been possible for the President and the Armed Forces to take the offensive to its conclusion. For this we must salute the families of the fallen war heroes.  The unflinching determination of the defense establishment led by President Mahinda Rajapakse , Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Sarath Fonseka, Wasantha Karannagoda, Romesh Gunathilaka and others provided  the final impetus that was necessary to put an end to the dreaded Tiger movement. President’s skillful diplomacy contained the external forces from stopping the war heroes in their path to victory.

 However the nation must not forget that unitary status and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka was a political football between contending political parties. Each party UNP and SLFP in their turn did their best to get political mileage out of the Mother Lanka’s miseries and to stay in power at any cost. Let nobody deny that it is the unflinching determination of the Sinhala Buddhist forces that finally put paid to the Tamil racist adventure and put them out of their misery. Otherwise Sri Lanka would still be wallowing in a quagmire of deceit and intrigue tailor made for us by the Western Powers.

  The political scum that has come to represent the nation at the highest levels, who were ready to pawn mother Lanka for a few pieces of Kahavanu, who didn’t leave their palaces without an army of body guards, who have never visited a battle front let alone see one, who were happy to sit and watch the war through TV and other media, are now on stage to proclaim “ƒ”¹…”their contribution’ and even up-stage the real war heroes. Since of late they have become even emboldened enough to take up even the mighty General Sarath Fonseka.  Should the great architect of the war President Rajapakse let this happen? The nation is watching with bated breath! We are a forgiving and caring nation but we have never allowed our heroes to be vilified!!!

 Time has come to remember the yeomen services rendered to the nation by Miguettuwatte Gunananda Thero, Anagarika Dharmapala,  Walisinghe Harischandra and in recent times the Most Ven Madihe Pannaseeha Maha Nayaka Thero, Palipane Chandananda Mahanayaka Thero, Gamini Iriyagolle, Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero, S L Gunasekara, Dr Nalin de Silva, Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara and  Ven. Soma Hamuduruwo, Ven Atureliye Ratana Thero , Ven Medhananda Nayaka Thero , Lt Gen (retd) Anil Amarasekara and others. Add to this the Patriotic Sri Lankan diapora too. Last but not least the services of Dr Rohan Gunaratne who exposed the doings of the terrorist outfit to the world at large  must be duly recognized. They took turns to carry the nation on their shoulders to well close to a century first to rid of the colonial yoke and then the neo colonial baggage. They constantly reminded the nation of its indivisibility and of its glorious past and greatness. Due recognition must be given to the Jathika Chinthanaya promulgated by Dr Nalin de Silva and Dr Gunadasa Amarasekara which was the precursor to Mahinda Chintanaya. We are a nation that gave up conquest of land by war 2300 years ago. We are also a nation that fought tooth and nail many times to preserve our freedom, independence and territorial integrity.

 There are no homelands exclusively for any ethnicity in Sri Lanka.  They came from everywhere settled down, assimilated and became Sri Lankans, just like the people from everywhere come to America assimilate and become Americans. Let the Tamil Racists who claim parts of Sri Lanka as their homeland show one bit work any antiquity to claim their 5000 year presence in Sri Lanka!

 Now that the battles are over the important task is for the consolidation of those victories. The real war is yet to be won. The war is not won until the traitors that lurk in the corridors of power are exposed and evicted. The war is not over till the pretenders are sent kicked out. The real victors must stay on to carry on this unfinished business. Initially the plan was to expand the Armed Forces and consolidate the hard won victories. We still haven’t finished unearthing the terrorist war chests. We haven’t still cleared all the anti-personnel mines. There is still no guarantee that we have unearthed the last Claymore mine from around populated areas. Suicide bombers and their handlers are still biding their time to corner their victims and release their hatred. Definitely now is not the time for one-upmanship. The victory of Sri Lanka over terrorism would not have eventuated in the absence of the heroic efforts of all the patriots put together. Now the challenge is up to the President  and his brothers to see that the rot doesn’t set and take root to destroy the hard won victories  from within! The unthinkable must not happen under his watch.  

 We are confident that they hold the nation uppermost in their minds. How history will judge them will depend on how they conduct themselves in the weeks and months ahead. Whether they will enrich themselves and their kith and kin and go into historical oblivion is in their hands. The nation has no qualms  if the Rajapakse dynasty stay in power for the foreseeable future provided their motives are good and are  for the good of the nation. If they want to emulate Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir Mohammed to just to name a few recent successes it is up to them. Otherwise they can join the hardly ever remembered  JR Jayawardene, R Premadasa, and C B Kumaranatunge.

 Sri Lanka being an up and coming third world nation, its highest priorities are not human rights and democracy. These must be practiced at a level the nation can afford. People have far more important and immediate needs than high flaunting ideals which are not even practiced by those in the first world countries. Our nation needs strong, disciplined and honest leadership to lead Sri Lanka into the Developed World. That is the challenge that the Rajapakse Presidency has. We sincerely hope that President and his A-team (and not the Maha Rajanani – Aawadannos) will measure up to this need at these trying times.

 The traitors who equated Alimankada to Pamankada, Kilinochchiya to Medawachchiya and Thoppigala to an area of unimportant jungle and the Prince of Batalanda of the Red Lipped Brigade of the Sin City Colombo did all what they could to help the terrorists and lost. They are now waiting on the wings hoping for the rot and gangrene of dissension and  disunity to set-in.  The latest attempt to bring General Fonseka as the common opposition candidate is just the tip of this ominous iceberg waiting to bring disaster to all what has been done by the Sri Lankan patriots and by the Ranaviruwoes. All their efforts will come to naught if the traitors and their handlers in the West succeed.

 The failed Military Bigwigs of the past (retired)  are now doing their best to belittle the war heroes and to side-line them from any position of influence. These arm chair pundits and failed military  bigwigs were quick to quote, Sun Tzu, Prince Machiavelli, General Carl von Clausewitz and Che Guevara, pronounced the war as un-winnable and advocated appeasement with the terrorists.  The Honduran coup d’etat had been cited as an example to frighten the President. They are already busy trying to drive wedges between the President and his former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka. The hurry in which General Fonseka was kicked upstairs to a ceremonial position would not have happened by chance. How they plan to create dissension and disunity is clearly seen by their attempt to bring General Fonseka as the common opposition candidate. This way they are attempting to kill two birds with one stone. It is clear that they will use General Fonseka to break up the team that was instrumental in destroying the racist Tamil enterprise “”…” the LTTE Tiger Terrorists and in the process destroy the General too. It would be too naƒÆ’†’¯ve if the General forget the fate of Major General Janaka Perera.

The General’s own conduct is not entirely praiseworthy either. His belittling of the role played by the Navy and her commander Wasantha Karannagoda would have been honey in the ears of the nation’s traitors. The contribution made by Sri Lankan Navy must be recognized along side those made by the Army, the Police,Civil Defence Forces, the Intelligence Services and the Air Force. That definitely was a moment of weakness of  General Fonseka. Surely the supreme strategist will “see the woods in spite of the trees”, and give due recognition to the work of others in the Defense Establishment.

 The Sin City “”…” Colombo has the capacity to corrupt and destroy even the saintly. Her sons and daughters are now trying to net the President into their parlor. The President who prided himself as a man of the village and the hinterland should not fall victim to the wiles of the Colombo jet set or the “Champagne circuits” .  There is no depth to which they will not descend to achieve their  ignoble ends. The sons and daughters of Colombo and her imitators elsewhere in the country, who hardly saw the war other than through their TVs are now taking the stage to claim victory. The very suggestion that General Fonseka should become a minion under the Sports Ministry should bring such revulsion to the breasts of the patriots. President Rajapakse, if in fact he is the true architect of the victory over Tiger Terrorism, must be in a position to put the War Heroes led by General Fonseka to good use (without humiliating them)  to consolidate the hard won victory and see that Tamil Racist and their handlers  will not raise their heads in the foreseeable future. If the good General has any political ambitions he should wait out his time with his admirers and well wishers. Joining the traitorous and  UNP will not do any good to himself or to the hard won victory of the war heroes or to the nation. We know he is a good Buddhist who invoked the Blessings of the Triple Gems at all times and will not fall prey to the wily neo Portuguese in the  UNP.  This is no time to change horses in midstream to satisfy the ambition and greed of  individuals and traitors. The General and the President must cast aside their differences and work out to do things for the greater good of the nation. There is much they can do together for the Sri Lankan nation. In another 50 years the President and the General will both be gone, but the Sri Lankan Nation must go on, live and prosper!

 In this ominous situation there is a role for the Buddhist Clergy led by the Mahanayake Theros of all the Buddhist Chapters to perform and not just wait for things to happen. Sometimes it is pathetic to see the passive docile role they play in the affairs of the nation, much below their station in life. There is a much bigger role they can play in the Buddhist World which they seem to abscond. They must call on the President and the General and advice them accordingly. There is ample evidence in history to quote and show. JHU and other patriots too seem to dumbstruck and are not reacting proactively to mitigate the differences and put the protagonists in their place. All what the Buddhist patriots put in place to destroy the Terrorists and release the nation from the yoke of the  West will come to naught if they go to sleep in this instance.

 History repeats and those who forget are condemned to relive it. It is not often that history bestows such honor and glory on the shoulders of a single person to carry a nation to a new beginning. This position was idiotically squandered by many in the recent past. They include wily J R Jayawardene, deluded R Premadasa, lily livered D B Wijetunga and traitorous C B Kumaranatunga. It wouldn’t be long before their reigns will be relegated to those of Buvenaka Bahu VI, Don Juan Dharmapala , Dona Katarina , Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, and other ineffectual rulers of Sri Lanka’s rich and colorful history. President Rajapakse has the opportunity to join the ranks of  Dutu Gamunu, Walagamba, Wijaya Bahu, and Parakrama Bahu the Great. He also can join the ranks of Parakrama Bahu VI the last king in Sri Lankan  history to bring the nation under one umbrella. He  reigned over the Kotte’s Golden  Era  when Sri Lanka regained her greatness and was rich. That was an era when arts, crafts, literature and culture flourished and Sri Lanka was indeed the Pearl of the Indian Ocean!

 President Rajapakse  also has the opportunity to join the ranks of Sapumal Kumaraya  the  war hero who captured Jaffna from  rebel upstarts in the northern peninsula 500 years ago only to loose everything including his life to the wily Portuguese . Sapumal Kumaraya was later crowned King of Kotte –  Buveneka Bahu VI. This Great War hero in his old age became a miserable weakling and was assassinated by murderous and despicable Portuguese whom he entrusted to provide security.  He ended up being  responsible  for the permanent establishment of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka and its malodorous presence in the corridors of power in Sri Lanka ever since. History may repeat if the President forget his roots and support base.

 If President Rajapakse is wise enough he will take a lesson from history. He will wisely recognize his true friends, understand his historical responsibility and mission to the nation and lead the way to the dawn of another golden era for Sri Lanka. He will not betray or forsake the true war heroes who helped him defeat the enemies of the nation. He will continue to lead and get their help to defend the nation. It will do him a lot of good to remember that he is only the last link of an unbroken chain of patriots who held on and passed on their historical  inheritance intact. As the President himself once told “”…” “He is only the temporary custodian of that sacred trust entrusted to him by the nation and by the patriots  of the past and present”. It is his duty to pass that trust intact! If he is man enough for the job only time will tell!

 If the General is wise he will bide his time helping to consolidate the hard won victory and not end up a miserable pawn in the hands of the West! And then he can still be the next President of Sri Lanka!

 Let us as President Kennedy once said “forgive our enemies but remember their names”. Most of all let us remember our true friends! It would be foolish to allow history to repeat for the wrong reasons!

 Long live the victory of the patriots!

 May the Triple Gems Bless our Motherland!


 12 November  2009

4 Responses to “The General and the President – Beware and take care, the ‘Portuguese’ are once again at the gates!”


    Thank you very much!!

  2. babaloo Says:

    President Rajapakse will go down in history as the undisputed architect of the defeat of the LTTE and of ridding Sri Lanka from the scourge of Terrorism. However, it is the responsibility of all Sri Lankans to make sure that the country we love does not get transformed into a despotic regime where everybody and everything is done at the behest of the person governing the country. Despite lapses in the democractic process from time to time, Sri Lanka has a long history of democracy and the people of this country deserve the right to elect people who will have the people’s best interests at hand and not just line their own pockets and to run the country as a private company where everything is done for the entrenchment of their own private interests.

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Rathnapala, I can understand that your conscience is clear, intentions are genuine and that you based your article on what you come to know. However, your claim “There are no homelands exclusively for any ethnicity in Sri Lanka. They came from everywhere settled down, assimilated and became Sri Lankans, just like the people from everywhere come to America assimilate and become Americans. Let the Tamil Racists who claim parts of Sri Lanka as their homeland show one bit work any antiquity to claim their 5000 year presence in Sri Lanka!” is not exactly right and may even be an enormous injustice to Sinhala community. By letting the visitors who wish to take shelter in your home, we cannot deduce that your home is owned by those who overstayed as visitors since they have their own homes somewhere else, and also that you do not own your own house because there are others. We have made ourselves a mockery by asking the question that why we do not behave like other animals, which have not changed a bit for a long time. To explain a bit further, we asked ourselves why do we wear clothes, cook food, eat three times, add spices, seek medicines for our ills and that why we are not doing things that other animals take for granted, etc. According to what we found, Sinhala people are the only group that fits every possible criteria to find the humans who lived as animals in the same place before becoming what we are today. I am ready to answer any such criteria initiated by you, as we are more interested in finding the truth than creating myths or denying natural justice. Our modelling found a lot more than we bargained for and led to a well defined pattern of human evolution that can be identified and explained in a manner acceptable to every sense of our thinking, which we would consider what we called “absolute truth category” that remains valid when crosschecked under every possible scenario. As well, those who overstayed longer have disappeared and took away most of the Sinhala people who associated with them by marriage and sharing their values and beliefs. As a matter of fact, people like you and I, now spending our last generations in other countries do have a very clear resemblance to those who disappeared after coming into contact with those visited us as friend, missionaries, traders and occupiers. Any way, I must admit that every event is reversible, re-creatable, avoidable etc. according to our thinking.

    Though our country look likes a multi-cultural hotchpotch, there are cleansing processes very active to get rid of the same kind of individuals even now as happened during our long history, where time is a crucial factor that should be considered as a period, not an instant. As an example, we had a lot of Sinhala people in the north that had mixed up with those who came after Vijay Kumar (A Tamil according to our view) and Buddhist missionaries/workers that disappeared into thin air over time. I mentioned in an earlier comment what we mean by the type identified as Sinhala Buddhist sometime back. If you properly analyse, Buddhism almost destroyed every aspect of that ancient civilisation, but not completely, as we are here talking of rebuilding ours. For that to happen, we see that alien religious and political influences must be eliminated and especially Buddhist and English influences must be removed to change our course for the better while holding other devils at bay.

    Ref. babaloo’s comments, we have spent a lot of time to find the origin of the system of governance that revolves around a single person chosen by the people that has come to the final stage of its use called English democracy where 50%+1 of the voting group picks a thief/an incompetent nincompoop under all shorts of circumstances to ruin the country and pillage its wealth if we look from a realistic perspective of all leaders over recent times in every country around the globe. I hope you would not be surprised that they are all linked to the value system in somehow or the other with that came with the selection of Manu Raja by Maha Sammatha (by consent of all), who ruled from Mannarama – Manu+Na (yaka)+arama, circa thirty thousand years back. This Na+(yaka) is the same as ma (ha)+ya+ka, at a time the word yaka (someone who can do great things) was a highly respectable word. As I see, it is time to find a replacement to this dysfunction system of governance. As I understand, it is already found and the same people will introduce the new system shortly. What you see as democracy is about to end its natural death in the land of its birth giving way to a new child who may go a much longer distance, probably to the eternity. Let us adopt wait and see approach and ignore the drama played by the dieing that should have been dead a long time ago. Beware that America you know will be a land devoid of humanity in a few generations like the north of Lanka due to certain natural reasons that I can not reveal though you have the wits to deduce.

  4. Ram2009 Says:

    What the Tamil terrorists could not win by violence should not be given to them on a plate in the aftermath. Tamils must not be allowed to be a privileged group in Sri Lanka ever again, or for Sri Lanka to become a Fiji.

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