Posted on November 18th, 2009

Ranjit Wickremeratne

We all wish you from the bottom of our hearts very happy birthday to you on this great day.

 May Lord Buddha give you strength, wealth and good health to overcome all the evils facing you today.

 May you live long taking our country forward with happiness Love and Peace

 May God Bless you on your 64th birthday.

 Your Excellency as you rejoice this day with your loving family and the rest of our victorious population make a wish to have a peaceful country under your leadership with all to live in Peace irrespective of colour, Faith, or religion. One nation under one flag with Sinhalese,Muslims Tamils,Burghers,Malays and any other minorities to live as one family in jewel of a country called SRI LANKA.

 As you won the greatest fight of all battles against the most ruthless terror organization in the world you should win all the other evil battles the same way if you want to make our homeland peaceful and prosperous.

The other battles will be corruption, underworld,Aids, people smuggling, Narcotics, counterfiet etc.

We all look for your leadership to take out all these menace from the soil of our nation. We know only you can do this for us because all the others have failed in the past. Dont shiver,Dont bargain, keep your head up and take the correct decisions with the help of all mighty and we are there with you till you clean up the place and bring our country to the top among the nations.

 We wholeheartedly approve the way you are leading us dont let any power in the world to cross your path and to destroy our freedom. We have fought many battles in the past 2500 years with so many evil forces and come up victorious and it will be the same now and for ever. My homeland and yours will be peaceful,prosperous free SRI LANKA in the future under your leadership and should not allow any evil force to take our freedom again at any cost. Dont be afraid of elections. Your destiny lies ahead for many more years to come with the blessings of our peoples. All the forces ralling round the opposition has been wright off by the people four years ago and all those traitors will be vaporized to thin air after the coming elections with nowhere to go except to go and hide outside the country with their white masters like the former president

of our motherland. They can sign thousand of MOU’s with thousand of different parties if available in the country but your party alone will be the victorious party in the coming general or presidential elections without a doubt. Your way of moving forward and taking our country to the highest level in the world stage is commendable and courageous. May God show the path for a bright future to our beloved country.

 Your excellency keep your promises without let us down as we have lots of faith and trust on you SIR.

We all hope and pray and at the same time we can see from our own eyes how our paradise isle of SRI LANKA standing tall from the graveyard of terrorism to become a peaceful,beautiful country with good governece and a brigh future. When you take the power for the second time in the future you should not look back until you clean up our motherland from Corruption,Underworld,Aids,Narcotics etc. If you dont remove these bad elements from our society we wont be able to trust any leader or have a bright future for our future generation. So with all the blessings of our peoples and the blessing of Lord Buddha walk straight without looking back. We all SRI LANKANS need your valuable leadership to lead us to a peaceful world with a bright future same as your birthday today.




 May Lord Buddha protects our President and all his peoples and save our country from traitors and evils.

 Ranjit Wickremeratne

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