‘Request for Pope to visit Welfare Camps in Sri Lanka’ – “Catholic Leader” – Brisbane
Posted on November 18th, 2009

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

 It was reported in the 22nd Nov. issue of the Catholic Leader – Brisbane, that Dr. Brian Seneviratne (Catholic married to a Tamil) and Fr. Pan Jordan (Tamil), presently in Brisbane, beleive that the Pope must visit welfare camps in Sri Lanka to see for himself the mistreatment of the 280,000 IDP’S. In fact, the current number is about half of this. Both had referred to the appalling conditions in the welfare camps.

 They have made this observation in response to Pope Benedict’s recent call to free displaced civilians from internment camps. However, it was also reported that the Pope had noted with ‘satisfaction’ the efforts of the Sri Lankan government. Despite this Brian and Fr. Jordan had said, “…The only thing that will work is for the pope to visit Sri Lanka and to insist in going and seeing his flock of sheep in the camps…”

 The two devoted Catholics have also added that ‘thousands’ of Catholics and more than a dozen Catholic clergy had been slaughtered. Therefore, because of this persecution they have said that Tamils are fleeing by boat loads as refugees. This had been supported by Ragu Ragavan, Chairman, Australasian Federation, which is funded by the LTTE Front. However, it has now become obvious that bogus asylum seekers are involved in a racket where ‘human smuggling’ for greener pastures is a big business.

 The bogus asylum seekers are supported with funds by the LTTE Front, Human Rights organisations, various religious institutions and so on. Further, they are also encouraged due to the relaxation of border controls in Australia.

 In contrast to what Dr. Brian S. and Fr. Jordan has said, Mr. N. Sri Kantha, Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian who led a six member (Dr. T. William, R.N.Imam, P.Ariyanthiran, S.Adaikalananthan, S.Kishor and Vino Noharathalingam) Parliamentary delegation to the welfare centres this week said, “…There is solid ground for satisfaction at the progress in resettling the IDP’s…”

 They have added that the basic amenities are there and the IDP’s did not complain. The people are in an ‘upbeat mood’ and getting Rs. 25,000 cash relief each, to upgrade their houses. With regard to the officials at the camp’s, he had said that they were down to earth, cooperative and understanding.

 Further, the Resettlement and Disaster Relief Service Minister Rishard Bathiudeen referring to the welfare centres today (18th Nov,) said that the government spend over Rs. 10 million a day to supply food and drinks to the IDP’s. This is in addition to spending about Rs.500,000 daily for other amenities.

 It is common knowledge that Dr. Brian Seneviratne had been an ardent supporter of the LTTE in the past. So Brian and Fr. Jordan are nothing but propagandists to the now defunct LTTE.

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