A sad story of power politics
Posted on November 22nd, 2009

henry jayaweera

Recent goings on in Sri Lankan politics vividly exhibit what some people are prepered to do for that nasty word-POWER. After that momentous struggle, so admirably spearheaded by the Commander-in-Chief of the country, President Rajapakse, and determinedly and ably supported by the Armed Forces, as well as many other individuals and organizations, Sri Lanka was able to proudly raise its head, like the proverbial phoenix. And as she joyfully prepares to spread her wings and soar into the sky, we see the dark and evil forces that held it in thrall these last decades cast its villainous net in an attempt to hold her down-yet again.

 Poor Ranil W., terrorized, cowering under the jackboot of the supposedly invincibility of the ‘boys’ suddenly finds himself in a situation he never imagined possible, the leader of the opposition of a free country. And he thinks its ready for the pickings! How wonderful is that. So he and his cohorts get together and start hatching. Hey, let’s not forget the JVP, they are looking for some real power, too! They can certainly contribute to our cause.

 The plot, dear fools is bound to fail. Why? First, because it has too many losers in its ranks. Second, because it is playing the role of the hyenas and the jackals, waiting to divide among themselves the spoils of victory they had nothing to do with.

 The sad upshot of all of this is that General Sarath Fonseka, an admirable man who gave great leadership to his men, and unstinted support to the Comander-in-Chief in winning that great victory has been tragically dragged into an unsavory situation.

 Which brings me back to my first premise-that some politicians will do anything for power.


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