Hostage taking by the 5th Column
Posted on November 22nd, 2009

Lalin Fernando

“I’d read of our heroes, and wanted the same, To play the part of the patriot game” (Irish Ballad)

The 30 year war is over and despite the hydra headed manoeuvres of the 5th column, the terrorists were annihilated. The country is moving towards the acclaimed goals of peace. Velu’s successor KP has been taken in a sting operation worthy of the world’s best Secret Services. The people await his disclosures. Suddenly those who had slept with the enemy after deserting the ranks awoke to the cold reality of deadly exposure. Aware of the coming danger and still unmindful of the price in dead and wounded the nation paid for the victory, they surreptitiously shed their stripes. They began  inveigling  the very military they had shown contempt for, ridiculed, falsely and pointedly accused of war crimes but failed to suborn, to lead the charge allegedly to peace dividends. They then palavered with The Commander, held him hostage and made their demands.

 The Alliance

5th column lays down conditions for re enlistment

When a Presidential amnesty was announced the 5th column that had offered to make craven peace with the terrorists, flocked to rejoin. Their offences include conniving with the enemy, offering a flag of truce and betraying an ally in war by supplying the enemy with arms and ammunition. Brazenly they began putting up conditions for their re enlistment. With the ingenuous simplicity of Karu’s apologetic refrain of “so be it” labeled traitors, they are now willing to rejoin the colours they had abandoned when under siege. The conditions they put to the battle scarred old Commander who doesn’t know how to refuse a fight was for him to face “ƒ”¹…”the slings and arrows of outrageous’ politics on their behalf while they as before remain safely LOB (left out of battle).Once battle is over they will resurface unscratched to get their self confessed and confirmed nonentity appointed “ƒ”¹…”adjutant’ and accept the Commander’s orders for just 6 months. Thereafter the “ƒ”¹…”adjutant’ hopes to take over command and drum out the Commander. Their cheeks are swollen to bursting point but the old Commander who hasn’t spoken yet may teach them a thing or two, with both hands.


The scavenging collaborationists, who co- habited with the terrorists in the Wanni, escaped just retribution by slipping civilian clothes over their stripes. They first refused to deal with the old Commander saying they remembered what he had done to the carnivores but having found out that hanging was to be re introduced for much of their conduct which surely KP will expose, decided to surrender pitifully. The usurper “ƒ”¹…”adjutant’ to be wants the old Commander to make the collaborationists and even camp followers, general officers. Such are the delusions of the damned.

Camp followers

The camp followers include several who escaped being slaughtered en masse by the Alliance campaign in 1988/9. When the battle turns for the worse they will disappear. Universally despised, they yet believe they are indispensable mercenaries who must be enlisted for anyone to win “ƒ”¹…”battles’. They specialize in blackmail, murder threats, mayhem, sabotage, beatings especially of undergrads, mutiny and conspiracy. They await the end of fighting to mutilate the pacific. Their last foray (1987) was to protest Indian involvement in SL in its battle with the terrorists. They did not do so by taking on either the terrorists or the IPKF whom they avoided like swine flu but did so by murdering tens of thousands more innocent civilians than the LTTE. As their barbarism and atrocities will not be forgotten or forgiven, they are ever willing to surrender to their namesake, the devil.

 The myth of Indian Intervention

Scare stories were spread for 3 weeks about the Indian army being put on alert to intervene in SL. This rumour has been demolished by the Indian Foreign Minister Mukerjee. Obviously Indian paratroopers have better and wiser things to do when their country is under severe internal and external threat than to “ƒ”¹…”intervene’ in a friendly country. But it resuscitated dreams of a discredited 60 year old never will be president who did not object to the real “ƒ”¹…”intervention’ in 1987. He imagines the people can be manipulated like the CFA puppets he surrounded himself with. Without any progeny what does he really care about the future of the country when he has an absolute zero stake in its future? 

 Zimmerman telegram – SL “ƒ”¹…”suba’ style 

Zimmerman the German Ambassador in the USA in 1917 sent a telegram to the Mexican government that was intercepted. It forced the USA to declare war on Germany in WW1.The SL “ƒ”¹…”telegram’ nearly a hundred years later apparently started a mini diplomatic hoo-ha between the USA and SL. This “ƒ”¹…”telegram’ was dispatched by Suba lion in Washington, the conduit to the cub less lion back in Colombo. There was more entertainment in further  “ƒ”¹…”telegrams’ sent to the SL press about some craving of a US department for the vitals of SL’s state officials. Some unfortunately forgot Suba’s connections with anti SL activists and his many denunciations of SL, mainly its military leaders, over the years at the George Washington University forums. He also collaborates with NGO horse keepers who arrive in the USA desperately believing the race for the SL presidential stakes can be “ƒ”¹…”fixed’ by the US State department.

“ƒ”¹…”Suba’ weapons for the US Coast guard cutter

People may remember the scandal about the special weapons for the US Coast Guard Cutter that was offered free to the SL Navy on a Government to Government basis. It was Suba who insisted that a particular set of weapons costing several million dollars even though they were obsolete and unsuited for the Cutter had to be purchased to seal the deal. Fortunately his bluff was called. The US denied that such conditions were made. Suba’s pockets remained empty. He is now on the vengeance trail to re coup.

The Homeland Security “ƒ”¹…”suba’ inside story

Three “ƒ”¹…”lions’ ran a rollicking Sunday story about red notices popping up on the computers of US airport immigration control. There was something also about some one being invited for an interview which Moonricka Banders who just happened to be there witnessed, and having nothing else to do as usual, observed it took exactly one hour.

 War crimes allegations

As soon as the war was over, the endless war crimes allegations supported insidiously by 5th column cadres began. They included the alleged killing of patients in hospitals, school children and white flag supplicants. It targeted the military commanders but not the terrorist leaders. When even the notorious Channel 4 doctored video tape did not make any headway, a local (embedded) TV camera man was quoted as a eye witness by the 5th column alliance that now wants the old Commander to lead them to glory.

 IDPs-The other side of the picture

But the 280,000 IDP issue stole the thunder. It should have but not for the reasons spelled out by certain well paid and padded Diaspora funded NGOs. UN representatives, Indian including South Indian government delegations, Diaspora Tamils from Australia and Malaysia called their bluff pointing out that much good had been done and suggested improvements. They clearly stated the effort was commendable overall and the living conditions were much better than in such camps in other countries. They were followed by statements issued by his Holiness the Pope, TNA MPs, the French Minister for HR and on 17th November by the UN HR chief Sir John Holmes who said he was pleased with the release of half the IDPs. The US Congress voted 421 to one for resolution 711 that stated that “the SL government should speedily resettle the Tamil refugees (IDPs) but significantly recognized the positive initiative of the SL government regarding re settlement”. Daya Gamage (Asian Tribune) also says “There was no mention of ill treatment or living conditions of the IDPs inferring that reasonable care was being taken” (of them). These issues may be taken up at any time by anyone for any purpose to whip the government but it is no longer a HR issue especially now that the remaining IDPs are scheduled to be re settled by end December/beginning of January and movement on the A9 is unrestricted.

 Search for the elusive crown

Meanwhile it is clear that the fast becoming irrelevant, cub less leader of the Diyawanna Alliance (that built its reputation on how at any cost it could bug out of the battlefield) who had been searching for the elusive crown since 1991, is hoping to find it abandoned, put it on his head and declare himself not executive president but King, al la Henry VII on the field of Bosworth. Except that Henry VII was a warrior. The looters, torch bearers, plunderers and saboteurs and own troops rivals will soon realize that wearing the crown was the aim of the sordid game. But the crown will not be found in the abandoned battlefields or thorn bushes. It will be found in the hearts of men and women who remember that for the past 30 years the country suffered devastating and incessant torment at the hands of the terrorists until on 19 May 2009 it was liberated. They will also remember who gave them that victory and not forget those who collaborated and also tried to appease the enemy at any cost. They await the day of reckoning.

 What the victory was truly

The victory of the forces not only delivered SL from the 30 year “ƒ”¹…”undefeatable’ scourge of the terrorists as we knew it but also from multifarious harm that was in the terrorist pipe line including biological, chemical and nuclear releases, water and food poisoning, bacteria and gas attacks in cities and attacks on ports (air and sea). It could have led to the break up of SL. The last would have been hastened by the treachery of  the 5th column that continues to  struggle to prevent SL getting IMF loans and GSP + concessions so that SL’s poor will remain destitute and the state become a vassal of the West.

 This is what the deserters, collaborators and camp followers still aim to do. Commanders who won great success in war and wore their country’s uniform with pride and served with selfless dedication should not let anyone take them hostage. KP should also be given maximum security so his lusty songs about the war criminals and abettors will be heard loud and clear.   

 “But the past is just the same “”…” and war is just a game

Have you forgotten yet?

Look down and swear by the slain of the War that you’ll never forget”

(Siegfried Sassoon- Aftermath)

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