A Catch 22 Situation For The Administration Where Immediate Investigative Action Seems Mandatory.
Posted on November 23rd, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Nov.22nd 2009

Re- Item : Buckets of Worms from Cracks, Begin to Crawl!By Prof Hudsom Mclean Posted on November 22nd, 2009 the pointers highlighted need to be put into perspective perhaps towards  clarities which probably do not meet the common eye as the far thinking Professor seems to have hit on a few hometruths albeit speculatively, though they cannot be swept under the carpet at a time as crucial as this to the nations’s posterity and well being!
 The reference is to the Tillekeratne saga presented in the Asian Tribune and all the telling factors and individuals involved which suggests a huge conflict of interest to which the former Armey Commander Lieut.General Sarath Fonseka is alleged to have been a party to and puts him and all his consorts including the opposition alliance into a real bind as well as a tailspin in the bid to topple the Rajapaksha Administration at the next Presidential Poll now scheduled for Jan.23rd 2010.

The Asian Tribune’s Investigative Journalism item on the subject has indeed opened up a few New Dimensions into the President & the General saga not unlike similar sagas under  past political dynasties involving patronage and unfair advantage situations relative to fraud, corruption and a breach of protocols as well as perhaps even the laws governing the related anomalies listed as highly irregular which need to be linked to the details as cited by the wise Professsor.
Ironically now the name of the good General Fonseka becomes synonymously highlighted in similar vein and graphically portrayed  in an astounding dimension which suggests that the good General could have a rotten inner core which if proven true would present a clear cut case for him to ~ rather than ride out into the sunset graciously as was mentioned in a previous item, run gor his life ( obviously to the USA) and pave the way for an easy Rajapaksha Presidential victory in the next Presidential Polls despite all the huffing and puffing of the Opposition alliance led by the conniving  Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts of UNF, JVP, TNA repute smacking their chops at an imagined opportunity towards regaining administrative power!
Running away does not however mean absolution from liabilities as he could be extradited back to Sri Lanka towards any legal investigation and or trial whatever the case may be as there is no immunity for anyone regardless of high office or rank if the law has been broken
or military protocols breached which could probably even result in a court martial if necessary hypothetically speaking of course. 

Therefore,only if these accusations are independently confirmed,” they will (to quote the wise Professor again )put-a-nail into the political coffin of General (retd) Sarath Fonseka and he will very likely retire (dis)gracefully and in luxurious comfort in USA” with a constant ‘looking over the shoulder’ scenario towards discomfort rather than comfort wherever he chooses to be expatriated to!
However, before the sword of Damoclese is induced to fall on the General’s head there needs to be a veritable and legitimate think tank to ascertain whether  the current Tilakeratne saga which is the crux of the Prof. McLean advisory is provable. It demands more in-depth independent investigation  despite the distinct possibility that it certainly may not have escaped the information sources of the Defence Secretary and the Commander-in-Chief as the Professor suggests.They could be playing a cat and mouse game waiting for a greater faux pas  as well as more tangible proof which would truly prove their case against the General if this be the case.

And as the Professor HM further suggests “If such nefarious information did not get through to the ‘Top-of-the-Ladder’, then there is a serious Administrative intelligence lapse.” which would not only compromise the credibilities of the Administration which more often than not seems to know it all but it could cost them dearly at the Presidential Polls as the Nation would then be up in arms (figuratively speaking at least!) with raised eyebrows as to what the heck is going on and whether the Administration has been caught napping over corrupt goings on involving Retd. Lieut Gen.Sarath Fonseka?

A catch 22 situation for the Rajapaksha Administration indeed where immediate investigative action appears to be mandatory while also maintaining the decorums needed towards how best to approach the matter which involves someone whose contributions towards winning the war against the LTTE is considered a major factor and the person  currently enjoying national hero status which however could be shortlived given the wrong circumstances of an unfolding darker side to his image!

One Response to “A Catch 22 Situation For The Administration Where Immediate Investigative Action Seems Mandatory.”

  1. cassandra Says:

    cassandra Says:

    November 24th, 2009 at 6:09 am
    I must say I could not help feeling a trifle sorry for Sarath Fonseka and “all his consorts including the opposition alliance” if, as the writer says, they are now “into a real bind as well as a tailspin”. I have tried to imagine how it must be to be caught up simultaneously in these twin tortures – a real bind and a tailspin. I have a lively enough imagination but I seem unable to visualize the condition. All I can say is that I expect it must be painful in the extreme!

    But, never mind. I guess what the writer is trying to say is that some doubts have been raised about the squeaky clean image of Sarath Fonseka that we have been led to believe in and that the questions that are now being asked need to be properly investigated. That of course is only right and proper if as seems likely he is to challenge Mahinda Rajapakse at the next Presidential

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