“Tying the ‘Thali’ without a neck” – Gen. Fonseka as Opposition Presidential Candidate but clueless without a party !
Posted on November 27th, 2009

Dr. P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

There had been ‘fireworks’ at the UNP working committee meeting on Thursday regarding fielding of a candidate for the Presidential elections. Even though Gen. Fonseka had been endorsed as nominee there had been pandemonium at the meeting because this is the first time in 60 years that the UNP had not contested an election to come to power. The UNP decision to support the General had not been unanimous. It was reported that 3 had voted against while two had absconded.
The main issue is that Gen. Fonseka had been endorsed by the opposition but still has no party status and operating in a ‘vacuum’. There was a report (Xinhua) that the General is forming a new party to lead the opposition under a new symbol. There is also news that he is coming from ‘Laliths  party’ which had been silent all these years.
Further, though the opposition talks of a common Front the dispute between the JVP and UNP had not been resolved. The JVP view is that it will not support the General if he has an agreement to appoint Ranil as PM of a caretaker government. Thus there are hazzles in the so called opposition Front.
The General who was ridiculed by the UNP during the war  became a ‘super hero’ to them after the war. Earlier he was looked down upon because Prabhakaran was Ranil’s ally. The creation of a super hero of Gen. Fonseka should be treated as a mythical concept. Because the war was not spearheaded by the army only but by the Air Force and the Navy as well.
So it is the joint effort of the 3 forces with the leadership of the President as Commander of the Forces which led to the success of the war. So it is unfair by the UNP to belittle the Airforce and the Navy and  elevate the former Army Commander as a ‘super hero’ to get a ‘piggy-back’ on his popularity.
After the war, the General had openly said that he does not want to dabble in politics because politics is unknown to him and also he has no political experience. But ofcourse, he  had been ambitious for reasons known to himself.  So the rag tag political parties and politicians in wilderness decided to use his popularity to get back on the saddle. The celebrated General fell hook, line and sink to the bankrupt politicians who posed as ‘king makers’. He had taken the Herculean task of leading the opposition parties now in shambles. They are already fighting among themselves for portfolios and positions. So how can one expect them to run the country, in case they win !

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