An Open Letter to General Fonseka
Posted on December 12th, 2009

Dr Anura Weereratne, Barrister Australia , Advocate Sri Lanka, Ex Secretary Ministry of Industries, Ex Secretary Ministry of Fisheries, Former Chairman Ceylon Ceramics, Founder Chairman Noritake Sri Lanka, Founder Chairman Lank Wall Tiles, Ex Chairman Fisheries Corporation and the Sri Lankan Industrial Development board.

Dear General

 We from overseas have followed the progress of the war against the Tamil Terrorists.

 We congratulate our armed forces from the three services in addition, members of the Si Lankan Police force for this victory. His Excellency the President ably guided the forces with his able Secretary of Defence.

 The Sri Lankan army was very ably led by you and you had the unstinted support of your able field commanders. However, General, the Sri Lankan Navy too ably led by Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda and the Air Force led by Air Commodore Gunatillake played no mean task in this victory.

 We all know how the Navy intercepted LTTE operating ships that were ferrying arms into the country. The navy destroyed several armoires in various places up to 3000 kilometres from Sri Lanka. We all know that the LTTE warehouses containing nearly 10,000 tonnes of munitions, and military equipment, including three aircraft in ready to assemble condition, torpedos, and underwater propulsion vehicles were destroyed. We understand that this was a severe loss to the LTTE.

 The support given by the air force to your ground troops was tremendous. If Sri Lanka did not have a President of the calibre of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa you would not have got the unstinted political support in your ground victories.

 It was because of the President’s and his Secretary’s doggedness and sincerity of purpose and the support that countries like China, Pakistan, Iran and India gave him that helped Sri Lanka in its hour of need. This victory was achieved in spite of traditional friends like UK deserting us.

 So General, you cannot solely claim the credit for this victory as you have reported to have done. Gone are the days where newspapers reported purchasing of substandard military equipment or corruption in defence purchases.

 A good General is not necessarily a good politician. What credentials do you have in astute political leadership? His Excellency the President has been in politics for 40 years and had an unblemished record of supporting the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

 We have read with awe your recent utterances of increasing salaries all round by Rs 10,000 a month. Were you serious? Have you considered the adverse economic impact of inflation that a salary revision of that magnitude would make to our economy. Will our exports be competitive?

 So General, you are no doubt an able General. However, you are not a politician. Even at this late stage, please consider this advice given by a fellow Ambalangoda man and do not enter politics.



Dr Anura Weereratne
Barrister Australia Advocate Sri Lanka Ex Secretary Ministry of Industries Ex Secretary Ministry of Fisheries Former Chairman Ceylon Ceramics Founder Chairman Noritake Sri Lanka Founder Chairman Lank Wall Tiles Chairman Fisheries Corporation and the Sri Lankan Industrial Development board.




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  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    Yes, indeed it was the combined effort of all the three armed forces and the decision of the government led by the president that made it possible for the defeat of the evil forces of the LTTE. It is so sad that the forces that defeated the enemy after so many years of destruction of the country are now devided for whatevwer the reason, at the time when the good forces of the county should stand united. I have no doubt that the same international forces that tried to stop the defeat of the LTTE are behind this supprted by the disgruntled politicians who held power before and wanted to give the country to the enemy.
    General Foseka, it is still not too late for you to to give up this misguided idea and unite. Just remember what made it possible for the british to defeat the ipprenetable Kandyan Kindom.
    Dingiri Bandara USA

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