Fonseka, You Said You are a Traitor
Posted on December 14th, 2009

Dilrook Kannangara

A traitor would not wear a badge calling him a traitor. Even a sex worker would not call herself as such. It is own actions and words that classify someone. A person who agrees to provide sex on a commercial basis becomes a sex worker by whatever name she is called. Similarly a person who betrays another or the nation becomes a traitor. According to the dictionary meaning a traitor is a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust or a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country. Clearly Sarath Fonseka is a traitor by own admission.

Green Card betrayal four (4) years ago

Where do you get army commanders applying for the US Diversity Visa Lottery while holding the high office? This shows Sarath Fonseka’s complete lack of faith in Sri Lanka. There is no harm applying for the lottery after retiring. An army commander is supposed to be loyal to one country “”…” the country he has avowed to defend. How can an army commander defend national interests of both Sri Lanka and the USA at the same time?

Gotabhaya Rajapaksha applied for US visa after he resigned from the army following two decades of dedicated service. He made up his mind to serve Sri Lanka once again whole heartedly, not to be in the US and Sri Lanka at the same time.

(Evidence –

Betrayal of the Army “”…” 1

Sarath Fonseka betrayed the army on a number occasions. One instance is when he was allocated security. He demanded that persons he chose should be his guards. He also said that those allocated to him might kill him. This is an army commander who does not even trust his own army. He demonized the army by this statement.

(Evidence –

Betrayal of the Army “”…” 2

On December 13, 2009 in an interview with the Sunday Leader, Fonseka alleged that the Defence Secretary ordered to kill surrendered LTTE leaders and Brigadier Shavendra Silva carried out the order. Patriots lost all respect for Fonseka with this statement. Fonseka became the dirtiest traitor this nation has seen. He knowingly pandered to the LTTE attempts of levelling war crimes allegations against Sri Lankan war heroes. Within hours of his interview, the popular LTTE mouthpiece carried a news item quoting Fonseka that Sri Lankan war heroes must be punished for killing surrendered LTTE leaders.

Without stopping at this, Fonseka disputed this news item without correcting it. Such dastardly conduct! At least he should not contradict himself.

(Evidence –

Betrayal of the Army “”…” 3

Fonseka ran away from the country days before the final battle broke out; on May 11th to be precise. Apparently he was visiting China. What was the army commander doing when his men were fighting the last, decisive battle? He betrayed the army by deserting them at a crucial time of the battle. He also claimed that he came to know of the final stages of the battle from a journalist whereas he broke the news of Parabakaran’s death to journalists. It is strange how an army commander comes to know about the battlefield from a journalist!

(Evidence –

Betrayal of military victory to known traitors

Ranil, Mangala and Mano are known traitors. They have favoured the LTTE on many occasions. Fonseka has come forward to wash their sins, hide them behind him and covertly bring them back to power. If he is genuine he should pick his own team, reshuffle the UNP and the JVP to bring out patriots. Instead Fonseka is taking instructions and commands from them to ruin the nation. Voting public considers this too grave an offence and they are not likely to give Fonseka a mandate to rule. Now he is using his knowledge he gained while in the army for political advantage.

(Evidence –

It is crystal clear Fonseka is the biggest traitor this nation is cursed with. Curse the nation’s traitors with ill health, loss of loved ones and all round destruction.

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