99.8 percent say yes to Tamil Eelam in Canada referendum
Posted on December 21st, 2009

Jay Pathbey – USA

It is quite interesting to note Tamilnet’s claim that 99.8 percent in Canada say yes to Tamil Eelam.

What it states is that of all the people who voted for the so called referendum, in Canada 99.8 percent said yes to Tamil Eeelam. In a similar story last week 99 percent of those voted in Paris, France for a similar referendum voted yes to Tamil Eelam.

 The irony is that in the case of Canada out of 265,00 tamils eligible to vote in Toronto only 48,583 turned out to vote and in the case of France, out of a total of 189,000 tamils eligible to vote in Paris and suburbs, only 31,148 turned out to vote. The irony of it is that Tamilnet as usual prints what LTTE supporters want to hear. How I read this is as is very obvious to the reader only 18.33% turned out to vote in Toronto, and in the case of Paris only 16.50% turned out to vote.

 What a JOKE? Where the heck were the rest of the Tamil population. They did not want to bother with a silly “Pie in the Sky” LTTE made referendum that was a stupid waste of time that the Tamils both in Toronto and Paris could spend the saturday more profitably and usefully by doing less complicated things. Things such as visiting friends, attending to household chores, attending to children’s needs etc., etc.

 When will Tamilnet stop misrepresenting ground realities. The Tamilnet readers can be classified into two groups of people. Those who read nothing else but the Tamilnet, just like a catholic reads the bible and believes that there is nothing else in the world worth reading but the bible, or just like a fundamentalist  moslem who believes that there is nothing in the world worth reading than the Koran. And the others who read it for fun.Tamilnet is a rag for the LTTE. Most of the stories start like this. A political expert in Colombo observes blah! blah!! blah!!!, or an expert in the Capital states —— and so forth. Always an expert. Who are these experts.

 One also reads about two states in Sri Lanka, according to Tamilnet. The state of Sri Lanka and an imaginary state called Eelam. The so called referendums were conducted to give legitimacy for this “Pie in the Sky” parallel state of Eelam. Just because throughout history vultures, thieves and convicts from the neighbouring Tamilnadu invaded Sri Lanka – the land of the Sinhalese due to its kind and nice welcoming people, as wel as its greener pastures, it certainly does not give these greedy, strange looking people with a very ugly sounding horrible language to even dream an imaginary state in Sri Lanka – The Land of the Sinhalese.

 As far as the referendums are concerned the hard-working Tamils in both Paris and Toronto went about their business and the idlers, 18% in Toronto and 16.5% in Paris turned out for this hoax of a referendum. Well I am positive you all know the saying “a barking dog cannot bring down a mountain”. All the LTTE’s left over trash can bark for an Eelam but as I stated before it will be only a “PIE IN THE SKY”. Where the heck were the other about 80% of the tamils eligibile to vote. They all are much wiser. They all know that LTTE is done. No point wasting time chasing a shadow.

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