Only a few people with illusions of grandeur are daft enough to entertain his wishes
Posted on December 26th, 2009

Henry. USA

A few days ago, I commented in a little observation I made about us Sri Lankans that we are literate, intelligent, rational and reasonable people, except for some politicians, who in additon to be devoid of any of the above qualities, are also just power-hungry and totally unreliable. Therefore we would neither be amenable, nor would it be necessary for us to have a military government, nor the kind of government the JVP showed us as their ideal in their  idiotic attempts to seize control over us in 1971, and again in 1988/89.
 Now, I would like toadd acomment about the Sri Lankan people-at east some of them. They sadly seem to have short memories-too short for their own good.
Consider what the JVP did on both of those sad episodes in the history of Sri Lanka. Their way of coming into power was based on pure and simple hatred and terror. They hated the armed forces and the police for doing their job. Like Stalins and PolPots they ordered the unadulterated terrorization of the entire country. Schools and universites had to be closed. Factories and services were prohibited from doing what they had to do. They were going to be the saviors of the people by subjecting them to pure terror through anarchy, murder and mayhem. They were the moralists of the time, and punished innocent people in the most gruesome ways possible. Civilization had to make a temporary halt while the marched -crawled in the night sounds better- into power. They knew everything to right the wrongs, and the injustces that prevailed. What BS!!! And then, when they failed, they turned themselves into a political party, dressed themselves in uniforms of their own-ridiculous- and now they are backing the UNP! For ####’s sake, who are these people? Nothing but murderers and killers of innocents. And now they are making an unholy aliiance with those they considerd the most unjust of them all, the UNP? 
First their great leader amassed a hge fortune of gold and silver and cash which theyrobbed from the poor innocent people, and was living a life of comfort until he was tracked down. Then come these other so-called leaders who have been telling the people-give us your freedom, and we will teach you how to live under our jackboot! And look at the liir lifestyle!! One guy spends three thosand bucks on a haircut. Others have not given up any of their creature comforts, which only the poor innocents must give up for the sake of their country. Reminds me of a megalomaniac who distributed cyanide capsules to the poor foot soldiers, the pawns.
In my mind, these and others like Ranil and his cohorts need to be told once and for all that they have forfetited their chances of gaining any positions of power. Their collective fear of the terrorist in the North, and their betrayal of the self-respect of the Sri Lankan nation should banish them forever from the Sri Lankan poitical arena. But hey, there are those who will back them nevertheless. Are our memories short or what?
As for SF, he’s incredible. He betrays the country after having played an important role in salvaging the country. (I did say an important role, one which he shared with all of the members of the armed forces) Now he falls into the group that is short on intelligence, for he should know you can’t first try to disgrace the country in the eyes of the world, and then ask to be given the reins. That is pretty daft, and a lot of people in Sri Lanka need to be daft to grant him his wish. As I said before, only a few people with illusions of grandeur are daft enough to entertain his wishes.

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  1. Kit Athul Says:

    At last some one is writing about what Indira Gandhi did with JVP and LTTE. Connection with JVP and UNP is complicated. If Pramadasa wanted to get rid of some one, then he either called JVP death squad or LTTE death squad. As the author states these type of people do not have a place in SL politics any more because avarage person now have their thourght process focused on development of the country as opposed to the ideologies.

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