Posted on December 31st, 2009

L. Jayasooriya

There is a lot of talk about devolution these days but please let me say this. If any form of devolution is granted it means our country will no longer be a unitary state and the Tamil politicians in those areas will not permit any Sinhalese to settle down there and those who are already there will leave voluntarily when they are subjected to harassment.

In marked contrast the Sinhalese have never hated the Tamils or the Muslims or anybody else. When Tamils settled down among the Sinhalese there was not one word or deed or opposition from the Sinhalese. The Tamils cannot deny that though they will, everywhere they go and that is their nature. Even Lakshman Kadiragamar said at the UN that the Sinhalese are not communal minded. I thought Kumarathunge would sack him for that but it did not happen.

When the Sinhalese in the South come to know of the treatment that is being meted out to Sinhalese in the North and East those who are responsible for the initiation of this devolution will be fully responsible for the blood bath that will take place. That is exactly what the vast majority of the educated Tamils want, a blood bath of their own kind to achieve Eelam.

When the blood bath takes place it will then be too late and the UN forces aided by America and interested Western nations will land in our country in no time and partition the country which is exactly what America wants so that she could set up a base in the Trincomalee harbour area to counter China and to rule the Indian Ocean. What better location for a base for America! How many naval vessels can be accommodated and serviced in that harbour and how many nuclear submarines can she hide in it? India also wants the partitioned area so that she could get a foothold here with the intention of ultimately annexing our country made easier by the full military presence of America and also to rule the Indian Ocean but America will not permit that though she may allow India to land in order to annex the rest of the country and join it up with Tamil Nadu. It would be in the best interests of China, and Pakistan in particular that things will never come to such a pass.

There is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka except the virulent hate of the Tamil politicians against the Sinhalese and the display of that hate by some of the NGOs who are being tolerated by this government.
There is no solution to a problem that does not exist but if children of the various ethnic groups at school are given the facilities to play together the hatemongering Tamils will disappear in due course and that is what all those Tamils will do their best to avoid. It is they who want to liquidate the Sinhalese and not the innocent peasant Tamil farmers.

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