Sense of proportion and UN Malpractice
Posted on January 9th, 2010

Ben Silva

Mr  Philip Alston,
Open letter
UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings,

Dear Sir,

Sense of proportion and UN Malpractice

It is essential  to get the correct perspective and a sense of proportion related to issues in Sri Lanka. LTTE have carried out a large number of extrajudicial killings including the killings associated  with the  Kent and Dollar farm, where over 60 civilians were killed by LTTE..  Further, 600 Policemen  who surrendered were  killed  by LTTE, in June 1990 ,Wikipedia, Ref: <> . Massive list of killings carried out by LTTE is given in the reference above.

Were you unaware of LTTE’s atrocities toward innocent Sri Lankans, including bombings, killings, abducted children trained as killing machines, smashing of babies heads, ripping open the abdomen  of pregnant women etc.

Do I need to remind you of the deaths of civilians in Japan due to Nuclear Bombing, deaths of civilians due to fire bombing of  Dresden,. deaths of civilians in Yugoslavia due to NATO  bombing. More recently, forces  allied to USA,  is responsible for over  a million  civilian deaths in Iraq, due to invasion of Iraq, under the false pretext of WMD. These incidents should be investigated first, before a few alleged deaths of terrorists in Sri Lanka . Thousands of deaths in Afghanistan is  due to invasion of Afghanistan.  Why don’t you investigate regular civilian deaths due to firing and bombing by Drones in Afghanistan   and the extrajudicial killings carried out by invasion forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it because the terrorism in Sri Lanka was funded by the West  to destabilise the  Indian subcontinent? The world would soon realise what you really are: A tool of western imperialism.

Did you know that the British suppressed a rebellion in the  Uva province of Sri Lanka  by killing all adult males in the province and destroying the paddy fields  and water storage systems? Please bear in mind, when USA nuclear bombed Japan, no enemy troops were in USA. In the case of Sri Lanka, enemy troops, funded by  overseas terrorist supporters were  actually occupying part of Sri Lanka and terrorising the rest of Sri Lanka, posing a serious threat and ruining Sri Lanka, economically and socially. Therefore Sri Lanka had every right to defend itself and eradicate the threat of cancer of terrorism from Sri Lanka.. Sri Lanka has used for more humane methods than other countries I have mentioned previously, and no action has been taken against those coutries. There is clear precedence as to  how nations have reacted to defend their state and clearly other countries have used more violence in protecting their state.

Are you picking on Sri Lanka, because it is  a small country ? Did you wake up from a deep slumber or are you just a tool of imperialists.

What is needed is an investigation into:

a)      UN corruption  and wastage

Number of published incidents of corruption and most of UN budjet is spent on administration. 1.  Ref: <>

2. <>

b)      Why UN did nothing to curtail the fund raising by LTTE fronts in the West.

c)      Investigation is needed to determine the influence of apparent  Tamil  terrorist sympathisers   such as Ms Coomaraswamy and   Ms Pillay in UN. Those two being Tamil,  have they  acted in a manner sympathetic to the terrorists ?

d)      Incompetency of UN human rights officials, as they appear to do nothing to prevent deaths due to lack of clean drinking water

e)      Competency of UN itself as it appears to do very little to combat population explosion, global warming, poverty,  and growth of terrorism. UN appears to be spending more time on harassing Sri Lanka, that defeated terrorism.

Do you ignore big super powers that carry out Extrajudicial Killings and just pick on small nations to show the size of your weapon ? or is it  just  to show your self importance ?

With so much corruption in UN, with Tamil tigers loaded with money and having made  many attempts to bribe officials, how can we be sure that your ex-perts are not corrupt ?

Shame on you Philip and you call yourself civilised.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva

2 Responses to “Sense of proportion and UN Malpractice”

  1. Chintha Says:

    Are you picking on Sri Lanka, because it is a small country ?
    Nope, Becuase I am a very currupt UN official and I get tons of money from LTTE.
    Money talks and work very hard in this world. You don’t have to doubt that you can
    be 100% sure of that, I am an LTTE agent working on LTTE agenda.

  2. aravinda Says:

    UN has to be reorganised. The UN was designed for the politics of 1945. We live in a changed planet. Today some of these nations with veto powers have lost their importance. New veto powers should be included , ie India, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Iran, Australia and a country from Africa (South Africa or Nigeria).

    Sri Lanka won this vicious war thanks to China, which safeguarded Sri Lanka from USA, France and United Kingdom. If not forces of evil would still be active in Sri Lanka.

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