Is Voting game – democracy?
Posted on January 23rd, 2010

Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Sumith de Silva, Ira Mediwake, Asanka Haradasa, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ranjith Wijetunge, Dhanapala Godagangdeni, Sam Samararatne (for expat Hela team).

Putting a cross on a piece of paper as the vote is for a responsible decision. There may be many reasons to take this decision. To select suitable people for governing a country “”…” suitability for majority citizens is a good economy. As economy is basic to survival it is a fair reason. Most countries are inherited with money economy like putting a cross to select suitable people for governing, is another gamble of the West to divide a nation into warring sides. Of this outcome the permanent winner is the West at our cost. Money economy hence is a complex gamble that most ordinary citizens cannot perceive.

 So the voting game is alien to our culture, during the voting period much propaganda is spewed out of the media obstructing the citizen from quiet thought in choosing the suitable person. As the mind is constantly fluctuating it can influence the voter to make the wrong decision. Some times, the vote is forced out by bribes and threats in violating the citizen’s democratic right.

 The Western block led by America is dominating and indirectly enslaving the world’s monetarily poor countries and they have the uncultured audacity to decide who? and How? to govern these countries. In fact, it is typical of today’s colonialism more precisely land robbing and terrorism practised in an indirect mode, far more nefarious than of the past. In this conspiracy, the ploy used is to float money economy, based on trade where the West is the beneficiary and the rest of the world is playing the second fiddle. Then the aid and debt offering ploy has made these countries to think as the fortunate beneficiaries that without the West there is no life. This unrefined inhuman modus operandi is camouflaged behind the noble slogans of democracy, human rights and globalisation.

 Heladiva (SL) freed from invasive terrorism by the present government is unpalatable to the West in their vested interest, ever wishing harm to the rest of the world. It stopped the opening for them to exploit our sovereign Island Country by our current leadership who never bent over backwards like the past rulers. In order to topple the government and leadership, the West, invasive Tamil terror gang and the local agents Ranilan, Chandrikamma and new member Fonseka are in collusion. Massive load of dollars are pumped into the country attempting to win presidential election hook or by crook resorting to utter corruption and terror. As usual the crimes they intend to commit and the blame will be targeted upon Mahinda Rajapakse. The most dangerous for the country will be the ballot box rigging by paying hefty bribes to government officials and police. Government needs to be extra vigilant and all citizens too should be alert.

 Now is the time for us to stop looking OUT for our true progress but to look INTO our inner potential. The very ancient Hela Concept has been so far underestimated can be rejuvenated, into a genuine guiding force to us, as well to offer the world a new way for greater democracy and living with nature.

 Currently, we have no escape from the Voting Game. And voting this time is uniquely important. Why? With the sacrifice of thousands of lives of our sons and daughters, today Heladiva(SL) is free of invasive terror to live without fear. Instead of defending the country for over 30 years, the past rulers gave into invasive Tamil terror, not for any other reason but primarily due to their anti-nationalism and loyalty to the enemy in kinship. Fortunately, the present national president arrived and mobilised the security forces, police, civil defence force and the nation with stalwart leadership to sweep away the invasive Tamil terror as well as the interfering West. This is the greatest national defensive exercise in our very long history. At the same time the vast development projects set in motion is clearly seen now.

 In order to enhance the freedom and security we gained as a nation, we must be single-mindedly grateful to Mahinda Rajapakse in giving him a huge vote as a matter of duty to fulfil his second promise of truly building the country.

 Anyone can contest for president but after saving the country from invasive Tamil terror “”…” Fonseka colluding with the enemies is to re-create the past. This traitorous move by Fonseka is the result of his insane ego to split the support for Mahinda Rajapakse and woo the SL-Tamils for the deficit. This is the dangerous game of dividing the nation into subordination as always played by the past rulers to offer extra privileges in return for votes to minorities against the nation. Fonseka will be the lowest traitor in history!

 Fonseka says his entry to presidential contest is to remove corruption. But it is revealed Fonseka is a captain of corruption. Fonseka had conducted a corrupt weapons business within his family while being the army commander. But when he was shifted to another post he could not carry on with this corrupt enterprise, made him revengeful against the president, which made him enter presidential contest. He managed to get the backing of American West made him swollen headed. Corruption is prevalent in every country but the question is to what degree! Country was freed from over 30 years of invasive Tamil terror, now Mahinda Rajapakse needs a massive vote to take radical decisions to banish corruption. It is our sublime duty now to decide for good to vote for our President for a second term – for us, for the defence of our country and to become an honourable example to the world. To be a traitor to the country is a far worse crime than corruption. This presidential election is not an ordinary one but will decide the survival of the nation and country “”…” hence, shed all shallow conflicts of party, class, caste, religion, race but only on behalf of us and country. Be single minded in voting our President, no matter what the media plays are. The greatest promise of freeing the country has been completed and to carry out the remaining tasks every single citizen voting Mahinda Rajapakse is fundamental. Voting any other can cause to lose our country and become slaves forever!

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