Posted on January 24th, 2010


Hardly not a year has passed since we crushed the most ruthless gang of murderers from our beloved soil. We as a nation suffered thirty years of bloody war which started by Tamil terrorists helped by foreign elements. They killed by thousands and destroyed our properties in millions and took our land inch by inch and no one was dare to stop them until this great man came to power.

It was in 2005 and he promised the nation that he will end this misery before he leaves office after six years. Like a miracle he did it with the help of all peace loving citizens and by the help of Lord Buddha. Our country was visited by the lord Buddha three times and he is there for us every time we face such danger to the country and to it’s peoples.

Portughese,Dutch,English and every invader was chased out by the Sinhala nation in the past and the last one was the most historical victory for all of us. We as a nation must live as the President have said on his victory speech that “NO MORE MINORITIES WE ALL ARE SRI LANKANS ” So why this now? As a Sinhalese I am ashamed because there is no unity in our society and we forget very soon the good work of good peoples.

Our freedom and happiness gone with the wind because of no unity among ourselves. This is the dirtiest,ugliest elections I have ever witnessed in my whole life and I am very very sad when seeing our own Society has divided and fighting each other for power and glory. I thought everything was over and we can live a happy life with our children as free nation but unfortunately it did not happen beacuse of one dirty, ungreatful,wicked Greedy,Sinhala man called SARATH FONSEKA.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ When the heros in the Armed Forces Army,Navy,Air-Force,Police,Civil march forward in the battle field our Commandering Chief was waging another battle with the International Community and our neigbours to stop them from putting their hands to our conflict and jeopardize our mission of FREEDOM. At the same time our Sinhala and Tamil traitors was going around the world and talking against our motherland in world stages and with foreign goverments and trying to save the most ruthless killer Velupillai Prabakaran.

While our Government and the Peace loving citizens fight in all corners as one nation except the TRAITORS our gallant forces were doing a great job by eliminating terrorists one by one and taking our land inch by inch to make our Motherland free of terrorism again. At last the day of FREEDOM was dawn to my homeland.It was May 2010 and the whole country was celebrating irrespective of race,colour or relligion. People were dancing on the streets eating Kiribath,Kevun,Kokis and playing drums and we can hear the bells ringing in Temples,Churches,Kovils etc

Whole country thank the President and the valliant soldiers of the three Armed Forces and Civil Forces and prayed for our FREEDOM. Everyone thought that our country will march forward and will get the opportunity to live a happy life with the families for a better future. We called our great heros WAR HEROS and the Commandering Chief never wasted time but went around the country thanking them and giving accolades for bravery. Our Hero cum Traitor was one of them. We sincerly thanked him for what he did in the battle.

We knew him as the Army Commander only.We civillians dosent know about them much. Even we do sent know his name until he became the Army Commander in 2005. Now only we come to know about this Dirty Harry. My issue is not him contesting the elections, but the way he came forward and telling all bad words in the book to the person who brought him to that place. It’s not a behaviour of a Gentleman and a Hero. He shamed our country and the people in front of the International Community. They maybe thinking right now what kind of people is this Sinhalese fighting each other and disclosing all the secrets and personal things like prostitutes.It’s a shame for our race and I feel very sad when I see the mud throws at each other all because of greedyness for POWER.

We Sinhalese should not think twise to decide whom to vote after all what Our President did to our country. Have you seen any other leader who kissed and worshiped our Motherland in front of millions of viewers in the T.V.? Have you seen in the past thirty years any leader visited KILLINOCHCHI while the fighting is going on? Have you heard any leader who speaks in Sinhalese and TAMIL LANGAUGE in front of the masses? Did any leader spoke to the Tamil people in their own language in their own cities? Can this Hero cum Traitor can do the same as the President with a forty days experience? Think my dear Sinhala nation.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ No need a different wicked,Corrupt, unknown soldier at this time to run our homeland. I am ashamed to be called a Sinhalese because we as a nation cannot be united at this hour of need.We cannot afford to fight each other because the wicked International Community Monster is waiting to grab our tiny nation and to divide in to pieces with the help of Sinhala and Tamil traitors who will give their mothers and children even for their Dollars.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ We need to stop the conspirators inside and outside once and for all. This is the time to decide my dear Sinhala nation.We are all one united country after the murderer Prabakara and his killers gone to hell so there is no need to go back to that dreadful period again so just close your eyes and go and vote with a sincere love for your country SRI LANKA to the man who brought us FREEDOM after thirty long years. There is no other person like him Kind, straight forward, sincere and a leader with Forty long years of experience. Others who are facing him are traitors,wicked,power hungry,slaves of white Masters and puppets who dont have any love to the country or to it’s peoples.

Think of Ranil and what he did to my country? Think of Somawansa,Think of Awamangala, Think of Fonseka Yes he was one actor in the war movie who brought us freedom but see who are the thiefs who are with him at this moment? Dont be misled by lies and rumors think of your future and your children first.You need jobs,Housing,Good education for your children,Roads,Hospitals,Banks,Factoris,Electricity etc and a new SRI LANKA so there is only one gentleman who can deliver a better future is none other thaN our current leader The President of United SRI lANKA.

Pay your gratitude as a human being and as our religion teach us. May we all have the opportunity to live in PEACE and Harmony as one nation and one family.






  1. jayawardena Says:

    you kind of people are real parasites!
    well if lebanon appointed their sitting army chief as president , why it is wrong to do the same here?

    we will form a new government on 27 and all political thug doctors, under world king pings, commission thief’s, abductors, murderers of citizens will be brought to the book.

    We herd from KTK that rats are fleeiship from the maharajas sinking ship.!!!!

    sri lankan diaspora can accommodate those refugees!!!!

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