Posted on January 27th, 2010

Ole Sorensen Denmark

Looking from the sideline, and especially today when election is over, it is unavoidable to with great surprise reflect the passed and compare it with the electionresults. Some questions arise.
Since when did monkeys get the right to vote in a socalled civilized country?
Could that be a proof of that we are talking about a democratic country.? Must be so?

For about three decades, the people of Sri Lanka have suffered from the sick ideas of a terrorist maniac. Everybody was aware of the daily danger, and so many lost their lives. The first leader of the country, who had the guts and courage to stand up against terrorism was Mahinda Rajapaksha, and he succeded to defeat it. He showed himself as the greatest leader the entire world have ever seen. He did not care what leaders of the western countries said, but was only determined to liberate his country from the ugly face of terrorism, as was those western leaders who wrongly cririzided him.

Was it not the US and UK among others who found it justifiable to invade foreign countries in the name of fighting terrorism?

Mr. Rajapaksha never did that. He just fought terrorism within the country he was in charge of.
He succeded, while the other fools still have not till this date got any results, and they think themselves in a position to critizise a democratic elected leader of a sovereign country, and those who critizised him wasƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ the same countries who earlier supported diktators as Saddam Hussein, in order to punish his neighboring country Iran, and then later again attack his regime which they had financed themselves. There is an old saying: “Dont throw stones if you live in a glasshouse”

Congratulations to a great man and leader, Mr. Rajapaksha. I wish there could have been more people of your kind.
And shame to the 40% of Sri Lankans who cast their votes on Fonseka, a traitor and incompetent fool, did not even know he should be registered to vote—–and he wanted to be a president. Forty percent of a population voting for a man without political experience, a man who recently after declared a warhero got greedy, an tried to cut the hand from which he was eating, in all, a very doubtful character, and so many srilankans never saw it.

Ungrateful people—shame on you. So soon forgotten who liberated the country, and installed peace, which is the way to prosperity. Such a bunch of ungreatful idiots should be preventd to vote forever,—-yes, and that in the name of democracy, because such fools would never know what that means.

We are living in 2010, and Sri Lanka is a quite developed country. Could have been much more if not for tamil tigers and Prabakaran, and now liberated by Mr. Rajapaksa, the road to prosperity open, and 40% dont see that. Ungrateful people.

There was a time, especially in South East Asia, when it was a custom to elect the widows of deseased presidents. women with no knowledge of politics, and Sri Lanka was the first country to do so, which ended in a financial disaster.
Now in 2010, they were just about to bring this kind of misfortune to the surface once more.
I am not aquainted with wildlife in Sri Lanka, but it appears that the majority of monkeys must be residing in north and east, according to electioresults.

Once again, congratulation to Mr. Rajapaksha and the about 60% who saw in him the saviour of the country, which he definitely is———–hopefully, he can find funds to build a majorzoo, because it can quickly be filled up.
Ole Sorensen Denmark

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    What you say is totally correct Ole Sorensen. Appreciated. Now you can see the headache we have with Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu) descendants. Velupillai Prabakaran’s father was born in Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu in South India) and migrated to Sri Lanka. His son wanted 1/3 of Sri Lanka’s land and ¾ of coastal areas for his Tamil Eelam.
    We treat Tamils as our brothers and sisters and they can live anywhere in Sri Lanka. But the problem is they don’t allow Singhalese to come there. Before 1977 there were 10% of north population was Singhalese. Either they killed or chased for ethnic cleansing by Tamil Terrorists. Now not a single Singhalese is living in North of Sri Lanka.
    In Colombo city Tamils/ Muslim are more than 75% and Singhalese are few and nearly 20% of the Colombo population. Look at the election results. Examples Colombo West, Colombo East, Colombo Central and Colombo North all are Tamil and Muslim majority seats. All have won by Fonseka.
    Dear Ole you understand the real injustice we Singhalese faced for decades. Your article is really worth to read by all the Sri Lankans. Good Luck.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    Yes Sir, people in North & East can be are a bunch UNGREATFULL fools.One Raju who himself is a tamil too has expressed the similer remark as they have failed to understand who liberated these Tamils of N & E from clutches of the Terrorists who brought them a misserable life.TNA’s leader has totally misled them. A large number of Tamils are living in peace & harmony among the Majority Sinhalese in Colombo and elsewhere. Thse people have failed to understand what type of a person who Sarath Fonseka is by seing and hearing his illeterate language in speaches.

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