Congratulations Mr President and Many Happy Returns of the Day!
Posted on January 28th, 2010


Congratulations Mr President. You have once again defeated the forces that tried to revive the terrorists and their agenda for dismemberment of Mother Lanka. We wish you All the Very Best for another term as the President of Sri Lanka and wish you many more successes in the future. So it is now the Nations turn to say “”…” Many Happy Returns of the Day to you Mr President!

I also wish Many Happy Returns of the Day to Batalande’ Ranil, Pamankade Ravi, Palliye Jayalath J, Salvation Army “”…” Hora hora Avamangala, Choura Raegina Chadrika K(last minute attempt to get Christian Vimukthi into politics went up in smoke!) and Joker of the Pack “”…” Somawansa A and his band of Paappa Soldaduwo! Being a grateful nation we will not say “Hena Gahapang” to these traitors. A grateful nation delivered a “Hena Gediyak” in the form of a near 2 Million loss to the record serial loser of Sri Lankan politics – Batalande’s Ranil. May they continue to have many more days like 26 Jan 2010! May they live long, for their continued presence in the political arena is bound to bring more and more victories to the Presidnet and his team.

2010 Presidential Election is over with an unprecedented victory for the President. The election results show that the result is not so much a defeat for the Common Candidate “”…” Sarath Fonseka than a clear defeat for the traitorous Christian UNP and the JVP. Sarath Fonseka allowed his name and fame to be used by the Racist Tamils to once again carry their racist agenda forward and he will be remembered henceforth for this traitorous act. On his defence one can only say that he is either not in his proper senses or that he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

It is the UNP and JVP who made use of this hapless hero of the Ealam IV to denigrate the victory over terrorism at Nandi Kadal. They manipulated him to destroy the A-team that made Nanthi Kadal possible. Driven by anger, hatred, a penchant for revenge, so uncharacteristic of a genuine Buddhist Leader, he just showed himself to be a narrow minded, tunnel visioned, pig headed idiot when it came to politics. He misjudged the electorate and the mood of the people. He failed to realize the damage he inflicted on the nation with his divisive politics. In the process he even resorted to denigrate the very soldiers who gave their lives and limbs under his command. In order to exact revenge from the President he initiated a process that would give Oxygen to the Ealamists and destroy and undo all what had been done by patriots of Mother Lanka for nearly 30 years.

The President survived the rumour mills of the UNP, JVP and that of the Avamangala Hora. They tried to sling mud at him but got themselves soiled in the process.

In the South this election victory was a reflection of people’s gratitude to the President for defeating terrorism and for emancipating the nation from fear. It was a reflection for the development work done around the country. It was a reflection for the vision he has for the future of Sri Lanka. Those who walk the length and breadth of the island without fear or hindrance owe a debt of gratitude to the President.

During the elections there were many accusations of corruption, wastage and nepotism in the government ranks. They say there is no smoke without a fire. It is now up to the President to dispel these fears and show that he, his family and his government are blameless and transparent in all their acts. He must get rid of any spoilers in his ranks for they only create bad publicity and ill will towards the government.

A clear and visible attempt to tackle corruption, wastage and nepotism should be high on the agenda of this new presidency. Let this be President’s debt of gratitude to Mother Lanka, to those who voted for him and to the Sri Lankan patriots the world over who supported his candidature while being at the receiving end of the rumour mills of Ealamists and UNP-JVP agents!

May the Triple Gems Bless our Motherland!


28 Jan 2010

5 Responses to “Congratulations Mr President and Many Happy Returns of the Day!”

  1. pam Says:

    Why do you bring the Christian issue into this? I know of so many Christians who love the country more than some of these so called buddists? Who has betrayed the country over and over again? Certainly not the Christians? Can you back up your baseless accusations, please? SWRD was a buddist, JRJ was a buddist, Ranil is a buddist, Chandrika is a buddist, the murderous Wijeweera and most of his murderous group came from buddists familiies (I don’t know whether they were biddists or not). Over and over again it has been these “buddist” leaders and people who have wrought havoc on the country.
    Having seen all that, yet I will never open my mouth and accuse Buddism to be the cause of this selfish and murderous behaviour we have seen of these people. I have way too many decent buddist friends, and I will not be stupid enough to label a religion as being something akin to terrorism and treachery, just because some of its so called adherents are violent and selfish thugs. Have you forgotten the contribution that the “lion of Kotte” E.W. Perera made in the freedom battle. He raised as a Christian. He did nothing to betray the country like SWRD did later. So, next time, think and do some research before you publish this crap. Maybe, now that the Tamil terrorism has been wiped off, seems like some blood thirsty idiots are looking for a religious confrontation in the island. So unless you have solid proof to show how and when Christians betrayed their land, and if they did that it was in higher measure than all the destruction and betrayal caused by “buddists”, shut UP about bringing in “Christian ” into the conversation.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Ref. Comment by pam, the very claim that “I know of so many Christians who love the country more than some of these so called Buddhists?” spills the beans. I am yet to find a single Christian or even a true Buddhist who truly love the country (Sinhale’), its people (Sinhala) or their value system (Sinhalaness). It is tragic to accept that we become belonging to a religious or political faith simply by claim. What about the conduct? It is true that vast majority of so-called Sri Lankans claim to be Buddhist or Christian, simply by association or by birth due to illogical classification. There is a serious misunderstanding about Sinhala people and others. Based on historical facts, vast majority of true Buddhists may be compassionate and suicidal. Likewise devoted Christians may be god fearing thieves and murderers who see non-believers as evil. But, there is a serious lack of what Sinhala people truly believe and your fear is reasonable as they are very intolerant of those who contribute to destroy life by whatever means. Before they realise who are those living among them, why you could not believe in life and living longer, than suicidal murderous belief endangering many other lives.

    Interestingly, we have a lot of donkeys making noises claiming to be lions these days. All the names listed in your comments refer to people who were servants of the English occupation irrespective of their bogus religious or ethnic tags borrowed to deceive the local community. Under the smokescreen of freedom or independence, what we have achieved is the appointment of these local servants to do exactly what their masters were doing before 1948. So, you should judge yourself whether they are patriots or traitors from Sinhala point of view. Let me tell you my opinion. Anyone contributing to alien beliefs or to advance interests of inimical forces are traitors of Sinhala people, who should be eliminated in order to protect and prosper our future generations. We can not change history. But we can change ourselves and contribute to change the next chapters of history. You should choose wisely as you belong to the group who have done the worst possible crime to Sinhala people and your own relatives, friends and fellow community members who died in the hands of those invaders who forced your faith on you. There is no crime worse than following the murderers of your own people. If you do not do the right thing when you know it, you should not blame others for seeking confrontations.

    Whether you like it or not people like JJ and others including NGO animals championing various courses do not bring much good for Christian faith, as they do such things due to their own faith. What they do reflect the true face of your faith. It is true that vast majority of those (speaking Sinhala) claimed to be followers of your faith are pathetic idiots who overnight converted to your faith under the blind loyalty to the scum who ruled during Kotte Raja era. You know very well that believers of your faith are thieves who steal things belonging to others on the misguided belief that every thing is made by god for his children, the believers of your faith. The main cause for Tamil terror also has roots in what some people of your faith did in the northern Lanka. You know better than me. Do you remember the murder of two police officers originally from Kelaniya by LTTE long before the full-blown conflict? What was their faith? What did they do there? How many others of your faith did the same thing? We should not try to hide the truth. Do you know that Tamils blamed Sinhala people for everything. They even blamed your English-built, servant-led government as Sinhala government. Is not it a joke, given their continuation of all English traditions built into the system of governance. Even MR is championing English and IT.

    Obviously, I stand for Sinhala interests and do whatever necessary to promote Sinhala interests and see your faith that thrive on deceit and crime as another threat to our well-being. Being bitten by JVP, LTTE and SF threats to our people, we become more sensitive to other conceivable threats lurking in the dark. As I see the future, it is going to be a time of great change and those who carry guilt will perish. But you have a choice. Give up your pathetic belief that encourage cannibalistic instincts, wild behaviour and self defeat. Jews, the chosen people to rule the world, according to their own claims, have created Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and Christianity. Just compare how these concepts contributed to loss of so many human lives. Do we have to continue this any more. Open your eyes and believe in life, and aspire to live longer. It is the true Sinhala belief, and also the universal belief (religion) that every living being follow. Unless you change your faith soon, you should anticipate such eventualities.

    Even your criminal faith is built by stealing ancient Sinhala knowledge via Hindu-Buddhist faiths, twisted to suit murderous thoughts of a convicted criminal punished by his own community. How could a criminal today become a saviour tomorrow unless someone else (in fact his family) manipulated the history to turn a disaster into a thriving business in typical Jewish style. Holocaust? Even the words Adam and Eva referring to the funny creative theory are Tamilised Sinhala words. The word Adaa, which became Adam is a very ancient word used by Sinhala people to address males. Ee, Eki, Aa that became Eva are words referred to females. Instead of being deceived by pathetic losers who created concocted stories due to their sheer stupidity, you should seek the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. You may also assume that modern humanity started in Sinhale’ if you wish. Unfortunately, I have limits to my own concerns about your kind to reveal more.

  3. pam Says:

    Mr. Abeywickrama

    No one has forced any faith on me. I’m an adult and have made my own decisions to follow the faith that seems right for me. It is you who is trying to force things on others by saying “you should do this and you should do that, or else there will be consequences”. How tragic is that. The moment we lose our humanity and subjugate it to any high valued “ethnicity”, we are no longer able to be impartial, but become serious bigots.
    I never said that I agreed with the way the invaders brought Christianity to SL. Some conversions were due to force, no argument there. But for you to say that there would not have been any willing conversions shows a very uninformative and prejudiced mind.
    As for you calling these conversions “forced”, what about your own impositions of “you should do this” or “you should do that”? What hypocrisy. Sri Lanka belongs to everyone who was born in that country and no one “should” be made to change their religion (ethnicity cannot be changed) in order to be more “worthy of being a Sri Lankan. We do not choose the race we are born into, but yes, there is ample freedom to choose and change one’s belief system. That is a fundamental human right. If you with you extremely narrow notions try to curtail this, you are no different from some of the worse and mad dictators the world has had.
    It is your kind of bigotry (and of course the LTTE) that has pulled this country down, every time she tried to raise her head up and come out of poverty and underdevelopment.
    Look at countries like Singapore, where multi-culturism is valued but no bigotry is allowed. President Lee Kuan Yew who led Singapore into the 1st world fold has said “Sri Lanka is good model of what not to be”. Enlightened words indeed, and yes, former president Lee was not a “Christian” bigot!!!!!!
    Numerous crimes have been committed by man in the name of religion, and sometimes approved by misguided religious leaders. State and religion should be separate entities to maintain impartiality. When this doesn’t happen there are serious violations of rights. Happened in the UK in their history. Even in our own history one can read the story of monks speaking to King Dutugemunu about how it was ok to kill. There are deep black patches in human history when religion failed to stand apart from the state and be a separate power for good.
    As for NGO’s role in SL. Just because they are western NGO’s doesn’t mean that their are devoutly Christian NGO’s.
    And, if any such NGO’s are trying to convert poor buddists into christianity, they are not following the example of Christ. He never forced anything on anyone. According to scripture Christ never even forced any kind of healing on anyone without first asking that person “what he /she required”.
    And, also, if your priests stop being pandered in temples and dabbling in politics and reach out to the poor villagers and help them to come out of their poverty, then there will be no more opportunities for these dubious NGO’s to convert them to anything.
    I do not wish to drag this discussion with you as I have deep reservations about arguing on something as personal as one’s faith. The moment one stops respecting the freedom of another person to have his or her belief system, that person loses his ability to be a rational human being, let alone a highly civilized SINHALESE.

  4. pam Says:

    Reading Mr. Abeywickrama’s comment on “Obviously, I stand for Sinhala interests and do whatever necessary to promote Sinhala interests and see your faith that thrive on deceit and crime as another threat to our well-being. Being bitten by JVP, LTTE and SF threats to our people, we become more sensitive to other conceivable threats lurking in the dark” give credence to the claim that “the Sinhalese are a majority with a minority complex”. I thought what BS that was, until of course I came across a mind set as that of Mr. Abeywickrama’s.
    If president MR goes after English and IT to develop the country it is because he obviously has more grey cells than you do.
    If SL is to progress in the world and come out of poverty and make a better life for the man on the street and the farmer in the village we have to forge ahead in the world at it’s pace. My Sinhalaness is valued in my heart and in my choices, but for me to impose it on the whole country and pull it back from getting ahead in the world is pure stupidity. I wonder how many Sinhalese would like to be left behind in the world and be a poor country for ever by not learning English and getting on with life. SWRD made a stupid decision to scrap English and the whole country suffered. The JVP was able to recruit young Sinhalese to its violent campaign because these youth were frustrated without jobs. They were without jobs mainly due to their lack of English knowledge. Learning English (IT and whatever there is to learn) and moving on in the world doesn’t mean that one will lose one’s sense of one’s roots. All it means is that one has a secure job, a steady income and then the freedom to think more about one’s roots and how to preserve it.
    Getting into a shell and refusing everything else that is outside one’s ethnicity is pure stupidity. That is the best way to lose everything. Loyalty to one’s roots is not a thing that can be imposed on someone by outside influences like alienating that person from everything else other than one’s “roots”. Loyalty to one’s roots is something that resides deep in a person’s heart and mind, some have it some don’t. Who do you think you are to try to impose this consciousness on any other human being? I see that with all your “fire breathing” dedication to “Sinhalaness” your command of the “alien ” language is pretty much up to standard. Yet you have the audacity to say that “even MR is championing English ….”. Why did you not refuse to learn English and be a pure “swabasha” fellow? At least that would have shown you to be genuine guy and not the hypocrite you seem to be now. Ok, if English was “forced” down your throat at whatever school you went, now perhaps you can shed the alien language and fully embrace the “swabasha” of your land. I don’t think that you will do this. Of course then you won’t be able to propagate your “fancy” ideas on the internet for all to read. Shows what a nincompoop you are Mr A.
    So it is ok for you to know English and write weird stuff, but it not ok for MR to pursue every avenue open to him to teach the young and future generations of Sri Lanka this invaluable tool of communication? How come?
    Let’s not argue about religion (i don’t want to go to that level), but let’s talk about this hypocrisy of yours.
    You are indeed a person “from the majority having a minority mind set”!!!!!

  5. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    This refers to latest comments by Pam.

    You say “No one has forced any faith on me.” Unfortunately you are born into it. Your own claims prove that you do not have much choice to make your own decision. Have you spent a little bit of time to find about other faiths? I can assure that you would definitely fail in your knowledge in Christian Faith if tested.

    You say “I’m an adult and have made my own decisions to follow the faith that seems right for me…” Unfortunately aging does not help that much to improve your decision making ability. Rather it seems to do the opposite. The best example is the retired General.

    Refer – It is you who is trying to force things on others by saying Ref. “you should do this and you should do that, or else there will be consequences” etc.- You seems to have a bit of misunderstanding. The usage of word “should” came with the need to emphasis and was accompanied by if or unless clauses. If you think usage of such language is equal to forcing things on you, you must be really miserable. Every sentence in your holy bible is written with the word “shall”, a must to follow. Alas, you do not know who is forcing things on you.

    Refer your comments about ethnicity, lose of humanity, impartiality and bigotry, you have lost the plot already. Ethnicity is a sub-element of humanity. Belonging to a race is nothing but a natural right. Assuming bigotry means intolerance in a generic sense, you stop being a liar. There is no one who is not a bigot. The worst are Christians and another religious faith that go to the extent to take human life to convert others. Give me a break about your kind of humanity. History speaks thousand time to prove my case. There is no willing conversion as such, if you are made to follow another human, an equal, in human terms. If you know how they make you to follow them, I would like to label these religious leaders as the worst of mass murderers born on this planet. History again is my proof. Whether you like it or not, what you believe must be used to judge as you act according to your beliefs. The real danger is that if you believe in evil, you are a serious threat to others around you. You may not understand the threat posed by you. But imagine the conduct of communists, another version of your breed.

    There are many non-English users of English language who get mixed up with their own ethnic values when speaking English. The words such as shall, should, would are just words used to dilute meaninglessness of very English words and are to erode and confuse the listener. I do not understand how you could become the defender of English usage given English is the language of English, who I know better, because they have paid enormous amounts to my English writings. English is a language of curse that turn you into a possessed soul who become a willing partner of killers propagating death to others. That is one reason why I oppose it with authority.

    You talk about to be more “worthy of being a Sri Lankan…” not knowing that there is no such meaningful word called Sri Lankan. It is stupid to call yourself “Sri Sinhala” in other words. Your kind is a great threat to Sinhala people because you are trying to erase their natural identity and try your best to impose English values, contributing to super-racist agenda propagated by English murderers. When I use the word English, it means Murderer, nothing else, because this is the historical meaning of this word. Even MR has changed the tone recently on usage of the word Sri Lankan.

    It is silly to suggest that you cannot choose race, but religious faith. You are misguided by your belief. By birth we are very close to wild animals. If you want the proof, just let a child grow up in isolation. Only by gaining knowledge (society that you live in is the greatest source of knowledge), we become what we are. In your case, you do not belong to any race because you do not meet the definition of any race as each race got essential attributes to identify people belonging to that group. You are mislead by the entry in your birth certificate. This is one of the greatest achievement of English. They have used knowledge to turn you to anything at their will by paper. What a tragedy. This is where I make my stand to say that I decide what I am, not anybody else, nor gods or devils.

    Refer “fundamental human right, freedom of expression etc.”, anyone who champion such values are bloody criminals, murderers, thieves and unworthy scum to be human. In contrast, natural rights that I champion based on original Sinhala values such as the right to live longer as humans with guarantee of essentials that sustain life are the only principles that have any value. Your adored pathetic criminals in the west use the denial of one or more of these natural rights to enslave humanity. The major pillar of their economic management is the control of the necessity of shelter to sustain humanity, that have been cruelly controlled to steal every extra penny they got in their pockets.

    Refer “It is your kind of bigotry (and of course the LTTE) that has pulled this country down”, please give me a break. You know nothing about Sinhala values. No other nation on this planet would even let Tamils to be within their sight if they did even a fraction of the horrendous crimes committed against Sinhala people during last many thousand years. You know there are many Tamils still living among Sinhala people. Unfortunately, it is a silly thing to let venomous snakes to live inside your home. They belong to the wild and in due time they must be returned to the wild. I said “must” here.

    When you refer to words such as poverty, under-development, Singapore, multiculturalism, 1st world, you prove yourself an enemy of our people and a traitor going shopping for our worst enemies. It is their measures that you apply, not the true measures. Please do not try to show me the leaves as I know the tree as someone with two decades of life in the hell (in their first world). Presumably you have misunderstood the words including the word “first” which should be interpreted as primitive to reflect the true meaning. If you have the ability to break from following others and make up your own measures that contribute to life, Sinhale’ is the richest, the best and the most advanced civilisation on earth that will reach to heavenly heights soon. The current plight is the result of their achievements that led to growth of scum in human shape. In a way we should take the responsibility and offer solutions for giving knowledge that broke natural control over humanity, letting almost every conceivable type of human a life that they never deserve, something that never happened in the nature. To give you more on this, I want you to think about how many humans will survive if left to live in the nature without any support.

    Sorry, I did not refer to INGO who got a much bigger stake than silly religious preachings, but to NGO, the local scum.

    When it is life or death, we must chose life. If your faith brings you death, throw it to dustbin. If your faith brings my death, unfortunately, I must use my natural right to take yours in self defence. Not even you almighty god has the ability to change that if history is anything. You must admire Sinhala people for their forgiveness and hope you would not cross some lines as did by late VP that would certainly justify your fears.

    When you say “the Sinhalese are a majority with a minority complex”, you clearly exhibit your nudity as it is a borrowed view. I have lived in Sinhale and also in an English colony. I know both sides of the coin, I mean what it is to be majority and minority. Here again, you can not stop insulting very people that have done nothing wrong. You should see the difference between Sinhala and English. Only English go about and beat the minority to submit to majority will, but never by Sinhala. Neither they are willing to submit to such hegemony. If you know what is Sinhalaness, you will be ashamed of every word you utter.

    You said “If president MR goes after English and IT to develop the country it is because he obviously has more grey cells than you do.”. In fact, I understood that he does not have grey cells, if he truly believed in this garbage. In fact, it was the idea of an adviser, another Fonseka (a Fernando from US), who created this idea. If you think it is the way, you do not have a future in Sinhale’. The time you enjoyed by being English followers is about to end soon. The benefits you got by becoming English subjects will be your curse that bring your end. Only when it comes to the level that English is the language and value system of the worst enemy of Sinhala people and the worst imaginable way of life, Sinhala people stand up on their feet. If you read some of his recent utterings, you may find that even he has changed. If you are right, we were thousand times better under English before 1948.

    You say “My Sinhalaness is valued in my heart ….”. It sounds more like your Sinhalaness is as good as my Englishness. I hope you understand what it means after reading this comment. I like to remind you that SWRD did not know Sinhala at all and deceived Sinhala people reading Singlish? Do you know why he paid the ultimate price?

    You are a very miserable person to suggest that Sinhala people are poor and left behind in the world. Do you listen to MR? If so, I want you to ask him about who inspired him to utter some unusual claims that he envisions these days.

    Do you know that the 2-digit system used for IT, and computer technology copied from Thoran Technology, have Sinhala origins and are also the most stupid adoption in practical terms. Why you do not try to use 10-digit system, or the ultimate system based on infinite digit system. I know you do not have a clue of what I am telling. You should stop repeating western marketing garbage spread to sell stone age technology as the latest and the best.

    Thank you for assessing my English skills, the real disgrace I carry though I see your arrogance shown for a language belonging to someone else. I wish I could tell the exact origin of English. If I was not a scum of your type in my early life, I would not bother typing this many words to relieve myself from that guilt, but rather I would say in Sinhala (ona ingreesi katha karana ekek mini maruwekya. Un maruwata pav na). Obviously, that will be the future for English speakers. You again fail to understand Sinhalaness. We love learning. English must be learnt by those who consider them as their worst enemies to understand their enemy, but not to be one of them. Likewise, I do follow Tamil, Portuguese, Hindi, Dutch, Japanese, German and many other languages. Imagine what would happen to me if I try to be them. Stop being silly to think that every English speaker is an ardent follower of their values. Even their worst enemies have to learn about them to destroy them. I hope you had time to read one of my previous comments made about a pig theory.

    For the record, I would not bother speaking English if I do not see that there are some people visiting this website, who are of my type with enormous capabilities. It is true that I use people like you to open up their eyes. Some of my earlier comments have contributed to see the truth in its clearest from. If you want to live, I said if, you must, I said “must”, give up your beliefs. You should look around you. Every one is sick and dying who believe in your faith. Do not take my word. You do your own research on how many people died because of their faith. I lost a close relative married to a Christian woman, simply because she fed him pork while he was having chicken pox, something that could have never happened if married to a Sinhala woman. I had a lot of Christian friends. The last dinner I had a few years ago with them was a disaster. It was a cocktail of chemicals, not just food. I vomited everything I ate and that was the end of my association with Christians. Unfortunately, I am duty bound to tell Sinhala people the absolute truth about your faith in the coming years. Very soon, my house and many more Sinhala houses will be no-go zones for scum believing in death and disease with inimical tongues. Be warned of the consequences.

    Obviously, you know very little about people like us. Sinhala people have the knowledge to make what you acclaim as great to look more like poo. That is my own experience contributing to this change. English have done the best thing to the world by destroying every conceivable opportunity to continue life. If Sinhala people do not offer their knowledge, you are now very close to extinction. Your Hindu type insults do not bring me down because I can go even further down to the gutter level. To give some idea about who I am, I would like to tell you that one of the famous native English professors (the best of the best who went on hiding stupidity for so long) took two years of conversation to be humble enough to admit that he was “stupid” while working on a minor task. Instead of sticking to me, my and I like SF, try to change for your own good. Why you had not commented on the last paragraph of my comment? Your belief of final judgement is a borrowed ancient Sinhala prediction. Unfortunately it is a true prediction though abused by misguided outfits. As said before about Buddha in another comment, all the words uttered by Jesus were not his creations, but wholesale copied version of others.

    Sinhale’ belongs to Sinhala people unless you justify killing and grabbing land from others. By birth, you belong to the person who owned the womb. If not, you should do the same when England and its colonies become someone else’s homeland after bringing their version of civilisation to these miserable lands.

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