War against the terrorist- Keep the memories alive
Posted on February 3rd, 2010

Orpheus Perera

The war is over and people have given a clear mandate to president Rajapaksa to carry out his dreams of a united Sri Lanka, eradicate poverty, crime and corruption.

It is important that people never forget the evils of the war, this include the JVP insurrection which took many young lives, brought misery to all and put the country back by many years.

It is a great quality to forgive, but it is not a wise thing to forget. If we forget, we could allow the same people to make the same mistakes over and over again and let the bad dreams to recur.

While the development work is being carried out, the HR government should allocate a small sum of money to build monuments to keep the memories of the war alive. This is also a part of the gratitude that all present and future generations should show to those who put their lives on line to save the country. Small monuments can be erected in each district with the names of the soldiers who gave their lives etched in. Every year on 19th of May, the district minister can organize a memorial service.

Similarly memorials should be erected to remember the people who were killed by the terrorist, in places such as near Central Bank and Petta bus station so that the families of those who died can visit and pay respect to their loved ones.

There can be a larger monument at Jayawardane Pura mawatha with the names of political leaders who were killed by LTTE. A monument should be built in Jaffna with the names of the Tamil politicians killed by the LTTE.

As for Ex General Sarath Fonseka, I have no idea how we can reward him,ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  for the part he played in liberating the country from the terrorist. Now it is impossible to give him a position of Vice President, which will give him the powers to mobilize the armed forces at some stage and overthrow the democratically elected government. He lost this chance because he believed in the Astrologers in India.

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  1. Siri Says:

    This is a good idea. If possible we should also try to help the families of the fallen heros. The people should show their gratitude and appriciation to the families. The war was won not by Fonseka as he claims, but by our brave soldiers and the whole country pulling it’s weight together. It is unfortunate that Fonseka through greed created all the problems for the country. The sooner we forget him and the sooner he leaves our shores the better for him and for us. Traitors like him should be sent into exile to Australia or Canada where he can be with his LTTE friends. I believe he likes their company better than that of Patriotic Sri Lankans.

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