HRW: another report on Sri Lanka
Posted on February 5th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

Sri Lanka’s 62nd Independence Anniversary

Brad Adams
Executive Director 
  Human Rights Watch  
350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor  
 New York, NY 101183299   US

Dear Brad:

I just read in Australian News that you guys had come out with another Report on Sri Lanka embarking on Round 17 of the fight with Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the squared circle in front of your building with several hundreds of people witnessing this fight.  Many of them were dark skinned Tamils I was told cheering you along to get bashed more.  I thought they were your friends, Brad!  Not nice.

One spectator told me that when one of your women staff members walked around the squared circle in hot pants and stiletto healed shoes carrying the placard with the words Round 17, the announcement that was carried on the PA system was “”…”

“Sri Lanka’s President is leading 16 to 0 against Brad Adams, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Watch and his face seems bloodied and there is a cut under his left eye”¦no, correction”¦ there are cuts under both eyes and he is bleeding.

“Sri Lanka has been accused over and over again by Human Rights Watch with alleged indefinite arbitrary detention of more than 11,000 Tamil people held in “ƒ”¹…”so-called rehabilitation centres’ and Brad Adams, the Human Rights Watch Executive Director has urged the release of those who are not being prosecuted.

“Sri Lanka has rejected this accusation saying that HRW are a bunch of liars.  They have always been a bunch of liars.  The local human rights group said that there is access to detainees for parents and relatives of the detainees.

“Sri Lanka’s rehabilitation spokesperson said that the Tamils who have not been active as hardcore Tamil Tiger terrorists are being rehabilitated and on January 9, we released 712 detainees after rehabilitation. So these HRW wacko’s are down right liars, he said.  Another some 600 child soldiers are housed in two camps in Colombo and northern Vavuniya he said, and they are receiving education and therapy.  Some 80 percent of all the detainees would be rehabilitated to prepare them for their reintegration into society, the spokesperson for Sri Lanka said. The remaining 20 per cent of the detainees are perceived to be hardcore Tamil Tiger terrorists and are the focus of continuing investigations, he said.”

And there you are Brad, what is it that you guys at HRW do not understand in the above explanation?  No wonder why President Rajapaksa wants to bash you into pulp in Round 17 in the squared circle.

I know when it comes to Sri Lanka you guys at HRW are perpetual trouble makers and God damn liars.

Remember, how your crusader Charu Lata Hogg in her exercise of creative writing told the world in compelling detail what she called the scenes of death and destruction in the Vanni.  “Dead bodies of civilians lie strewn along dusty roads.  Hospitals, play grounds and houses stand ravaged by rockets fired from multi-barrel launchers.”

If Lata Hogg had managed to identify the weaponry used and even noted the dirt under her shoed-feet, readers might be forgiven for believing in her in that bit of creative writing, but the only hitch was that she wasn’t even within 50 kilometers of the conflict zone which the readers weren’t told.  That’s what lies you guys at HRW keep spewing out.

  Do I resent you lot for being such God damn liars and hell bent to destroy a puny island democracy?  I would be lying to you if I say, “I don’t”.

I recall, when I was growing up in Sri Lanka, if I was caught lying, my mother would catch me and get me to wash my mouth with Carbolic soap.  Fortunately for you guys at HRW, my Mum is no longer with us or I would had let her loose with a plane ticket to New York and a dozen cakes of Carbolic soap to have you all frog-marched to the washroom by her and force you all to wash your lying mouths with Carbolic soap suds.

Then you at HRW also pretend that you are bunch of powerful Gods who could play Russian roulette with the lives of the most vulnerable Sri Lankans.

Here is a story about you Brad which is worth repeating.

Sometime last May I believe, there was knock on my door.  I opened it and found two smartly dressed ladies hugging several slim publications with two folio cases slung over their shoulders.  They smiled and I greeted them with a smile.

The older one pushed a small brochure at me and said, “We just want to tell you that there is so much suffering in the world, and there is one person who could help all of us.”  “Who is it?” I asked.

Pointing to the sky, she said, “God”.

“Really”¦.” I responded turning my face to the sky to spot this person. “I never met this person may be because I am a Buddhist”, I continued.

After exchanging some God-thoughts, and I holding back my comments of disbelief, she got out the May 2009 issue of AWAKE, opened to page 15 which had a photograph of a Mammoth skeleton with the title “When Giants Roamed Europe”, she asked, “Do you know about Dinosaurs?  Do you know who created these monsters, because they just did not happen?”  I was amused.

“Have you been to the Museum of Nature, down town?” I asked.   “Yes”, the older one said.

“Have you been the Dinosaur Hall?” I asked.  “Yes”, the older one said again.

“I created that Dinosaur Hall together with two other scientists and a designer.  I know about dinosaurs fairly well, and I believe in evolution,” I said.

The four eyes popped out in disbelief.  “You must be having a lot of credentials!” the older one said in jest.

“I am not sure of that”, I said  “But one thing that I do know for sure is that I do organize Buddhist breathing meditation sessions at the Buddhist Temple on Heron Road.  You should join me for one of those sessions.  It will do you a lot of good”, I said.

The ladies did not accept my invitation and they thanked me for listening to them and they turned around and went their way to knock on the next door.  They were Jehovah Witnesses.

Brad, immediately after meeting with these two ladies I happened to read your letter to the Executive Directors of the IMF on May 13, 2009, telling them “We urge you and other IMF members to delay approval of standby arrangements (of the loan of US1.9 billion emergency support) until the government of Sri Lanka takes the following steps to ease the humanitarian crisis”¦.”

“Oh Man, Oh Man! This man Brad Adams is God”, I thought, who believes he has the power to play Russian roulette with the lives of 280,000 displaced Tamil civilians and other vulnerable Sri Lankans who the Sri Lankan government is trying to do its best to normalize their lives by feeding them, taking care of their health, build shelters to house them, de-mine the surrounding terrain for human safety, build temporary schools for the children, et cetera, and they need funds to do all that..

And along comes God Brad Adam, who thinks he has the power to hold back the normalizing of the lives of the thousands of the vulnerable and suffering Sri Lankan civilians, who fled the clutches of the Tamil Tigers dodging bullets fired at them for abandoning the human shield.  Some were not  so lucky and they caught the bullets and dropped dead.

And I couldn’t see Brad your HRW logic when you all get on your high horses and say to the world that we are Human Rights advocates and at the same time violate the rights of the  most vulnerable with their right to live a decent life.  What you all preach is a crotch full of  crap Brad, and you guys know it too damn well too.

You know Brad, but what I do wish is for those two ladies to turn up and knock at my door, so that I could reveal to them what I discovered.

I would tell them, “Do you know what? You were right.  There is a God, or a pretend God, that I truly met who thinks he has the power to manipulate the lives of 288,000 Tamil civilians and many more other Sri Lankans who are vulnerable and suffering in Sri Lanka.  His name is God Brad Adams and he keeps an eye on humanity from the 34th floor of a building in New York. You should go and meet God, and you can finally say to your congregation that you two finally met God and that he is not in high heaven but on the 34th Floor of 350th Avenue in New York.

But my question to you God Adams is, now that you have been knocked and punched by Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa in that squared circle of yours, when are you going to give up lying about Sri Lanka?  You know you are not going anywhere with your cunning lies to the world to seek more funds for the survival of your HRW and for a pay cheque to put a plate of food in front of your family every day.

Surely, you are not going for a lying Round 17 with another lying 300 page Report on Sri Lanka, with another lying Report and another Lying Round 18 for another fight, are you?  You bet Sri Lanka will take you on, and keep proving that HRW are a bunch of no good primordial liars.

Have a good day God Brad Adams and don’t change the Chanel as you may want to hear from me after the next episode of your next lying Report on Sri Lanka.


Asoka Weerasinghe

3 Responses to “HRW: another report on Sri Lanka”

  1. alpha Says:

    LMAO! You are precious Asoka, keep it up. How do you do it? We have a fearsome warrior in you, an enlightened Buddhist, who never wavers, or flinches.

  2. chand Says:

    [Washington, DC. 06 February (
    National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair The United States has extended its authority beyond its shores to track American citizens and assassinate them, in the official word of U.S. Director of National Intelligence, “whether that American is involved in a group that is trying to attack us, (or) whether that American is a threat to other Americans.”]

    Brad Adams, Where are you?

  3. jay-ran Says:

    Its very heartening to read Asoka’s submissions that come with lot of braveness who expressess feelings loveness for Mother Lanka- a rare breed!!! Next to MR many would like a person like Asoka who can lead the country with a BACKBONE LIKE MR!! May you all be protected by the grace of the Noble Triple Gem!!!

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