Opening a consulate – Tamil Tigers through the back door
Posted on February 6th, 2010

Ben Silva

I am referring to the media report that India is to open a consulate in Jaffna.

Indians are treated with respect and affection by most Sri Lankans. The

Sinhalese are fully aware that their ancestors, religion, language, dress etc came from India.. However the destruction of the Sinhala civilisation is attributed to invasions from South India. We also must never, and I do mean never forget that India, trained, funded and supported the Tamil racist terrorists that caused massive death and destruction in Sri Lanka, which took over 30 years to neutralise. There is absolutely no threat from Sri Lanka to India but there has been death and destructive forces that originated from India

It is generally well known that consulates are used for spying, information gathering and also for creating instability. Already our Government has foolishly allowed Tamil Nadu academics to teach IDPs in the North. Racist comments by Tamil Nadu academics and Politicians, supporting the division of the country have also been reported in the media.

In deed, the permission to open a consulate in Jaffna, is similar to signing of the infamous CFA, a start to the end of Sri Lanka.

This very serious threat from India has to be taken very seriously and the Govt. should be lobbied to stop this madness before it becomes irreversible.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The step to open a consulate looks very innocent. It is a cunning plan to divide and conquer Sri Lanka. It is a very crafty move, to appease the TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST SYMPATHISERS in Tamil Nadu, and create a LITTLE INDIA, in the Jaffna Peninsula (Ack. Susantha Wijesinghe ) I believe the Indian threat is so serious that Tamil Nadu academics should not be allowed to teach the IDPs. If any assistance from India is obtained, it should be for all Sri Lankans and should not be on an ethnic, or racist basis.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ We are to lucky to have citizens such as Susantha who spotted the danger and made comments. We have already lost a large part of our only homeland and most of our coastline to invaders and if we stay idle, then in a matter of time we lose our only homeland. Already signs are there that we are gradually losing our only homeland in the world.

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  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Ben, excellent article, but did you know this? In Kashmire there 500,000 Indian troops fully armed lives there. The population there is less than 200,000. Last week Indian troops shot and killed two teeages waiting by the road side. Why? They were asked to move and befor they could move the troops opend fire. So there was riots. Now they have a curfew. There is an Indian law that allows any solger to shoot and they cannot be brought to justice. There are mass graves but where is the UN and other UN organisations? Ben this is a good subject for you to research and publish. There is a recent book published about this as well. Who started this Tamil only no-go areas in SL? I bet you do not know. Jawaharl Lal Neru, passed on to Indira, then to Rajiv and at last to Priyaka.

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